Joy Fawcett and Amy Griffin on Coaching the US Deaf Soccer WNT | USDWNT

Megan Maiwald, our goalkeeper, wanted to ask what is your perspective as a player and as a coach from this team different from a team that is hearing? Being a player and a quiet person, I was very talkative on the field and it helped me a lot. And it helps keepers a lot to communicate and organize. It just makes everything easier as a defender if you can organize your midfielders organize your forwards to help you out. And they don’t have that. Its very hard. I think time is huge so that they get used to playing next to each other and having that instinct as to what your teammate is going to do. When you have 8 days it makes it tough. Yeah, I would say that it is dramatically much harder than I anticipated that it would be. When you see all of the problems that they run into from not hearing the footsteps running up your back behind you. To coaches as hearing teams we are always says “If you guys would communicate it would eliminate all of these problems.” And we are communicating a lot but just not enough and if you are watching someones hands then you can’t watch the play and you’ve missed it. You really can’t be afforded that opportunity that much so you have to be super smart and extremely aware. Not only that but you can’t get into your hotel room! Yeah! Haha! When they are kicking on the door… Yeah! There are many things that we take for grated. That is a funny story from one of the camps where somebody lost their room key and they were knocking on the door yet their roommate couldn’t hear because they were either asleep or they had to take their ears off! We would come back from a meeting and there would be people sitting in the hallways waiting for someone to come out. Every night! Its like they are used to it. They expect it. Its like “Oh they will figure it out eventually.” Hey soccer fans! Thanks for your support and thanks for hanging out and looking forward to the next year! Subscribe, stay tuned, see you next week! That was really good! Joy is a one hit wonder. But if we ask her to do it a second time… forget it. No way! The microphone has been passed.