Jousting: The Ultimate Sport

Today we’ve been at the physio and sports
science centre at the University of Bath to access the physical characteristics of a jousting
athlete or a knight. We’ve been measuring endurance, strength,
agility and core stability. But there’s other factors that come into this that make it much
harder. So once the armour goes on, then your balance is much harder. Its also going to
constrict the movement more, and it traps in the heat so you build up heat quicker,
you tire out more quickly. So my armour weighs about 90 pounds which
is about twice the weight of a soldiers pack. SO what we’e seeing is a real rounded picture
of strength, endurance, power and ability to resist fatigue. A common athlete we might
compare him to is, we’ve done testing with motor racing drivers, and motor cross riders.
and it’s similar to that in that they’re very fit across the range of targets. It takes a lot of training to be able to do
this. Its more than simply putting the armour on, we need to condition our bodies to be
able to cope with this and be able to move how we want to move. I’d like to think that jousters have shown
scientifically now that we can hold our own against other athletes.