Join The Team – Detective

Madison Police Department Join the Team with Detective Denise Armstrong I’m currently a sensitive crimes detective. So the cases that I get are sexual assaults, stalkings, domestics. I wanted to become a cop to help people. I felt like it was a really good way to get involved in people’s lives and help them. So a lot of the victims that I deal with are people who have experienced significant trauma, and it can be very taxing, although it is a necessary component of my job. I have to get the details of what happened to them in order to hold somebody accountable. And so treating people decently and trying to help them the best that I can helps them get through the trauma. If someone is interested in being a detective I think they have to be empathetic toward victims. They would need to be organized. Detectives need to be very detail oriented. They need to be persistent in working their cases. The most fulfilling part of my job, for me, is when I have victims that will say thank you. I know the difference that I have made in individual victims’ lives, and there is really nothing more rewarding than that.