Jack Griffo Joins the Knighthood in Astoria as Sir Swayze 🀩 | Knight Squad

[music playing] This is so awesome! Sir Swayze is actually coming here! To Astoria!
Where we live! [laughing] Oh! But he’s coming all the way
from the Kingdom of Inwood. Oh, I hope he doesn’t get attacked
by a monkey worm. Please, he’s the greatest knight
in all of Astoria. He’d just punch that monkey worm
right in the mouth. [laughing] We’re excited for Sir Swayze too! Look at Sage!
She’s smiling like a chuckle head. I am! I am!
I’m a happy chuckle head. [giggling] I know we’re all fans of Sir Swayze. But when he arrives,
let’s have a little self-control. [music playing] He’s coming! He’s coming! [cheering] Who’s crazy for Swayze? [cheering] As a gift to Astoria, I will show you my legendary
pinky power punch. [gasping] Swayze! [punching] [crashing] He destroyed my favorite cart and I don’t even care! Woo! Sir Swayze! [cheering] [blowing kiss] [laughing] I heard Sir Swayze has his own
battle unicorn. I heard he survived a face-to-face battle
against Ryker. I heard Sir Gareth kicked him out
of knight school, because I did. [laughing] Did you kick him out
for being too awesome? Because I’m worried
I might have that same problem. [laughing] I kicked him out
because he never wanted to do the work. He only wanted to take shortcuts. So how did he become a knight
of the Inwood? Inwood lets anyone become a knight. They even knighted a dog. They call him Sir Barks-A-Lot. [laughing] Can’t wait until Sir Swayze leaves. Great news!
Sir Swayze’s not leaving! [cheering] It’s true! I’m staying to open
The Sir Swayze Knight Academy. [gasping] Swayze, this kingdom already has
a knight school! Oh, unclench your metal butt, Sir G. [laughing] Anyone interested
should meet me here tonight. The first students to sign up
get their very own Swayze clip-on tail! Trademark Swayze Enterprises. [laughing] If we train with Sir Gareth
and Sir Swayze, we’ll be doubley amazing! [gasping] Wouldn’t it be so great! Except it’s never gonna happen. [laughing] My students are forbidden
to attend his school. But, can we go to his academy? [laughing] I withdraw my question. [laughing] [music playing] Like a momma bird, I chewed up
the awesomest worm and spat it. [spitting] Into your mouths. [laughing] Making you awesome too. [laughing] You know what? Sir Gareth never
spits awesomeness into our mouths. [laughing] Now… You all know how to take down a mummy
using the pinky power punch. Unleash your pinkies. [laughing] – Swayze!
– Swayze! [punching] Yes, I am such a good teacher! [laughing] You guys stay here. I have something very special for you. Please be a bunny!
Please be a bunny! [laughing] Now, I will give you
the most handsome shield in all the five kingdoms. [gasping] [laughing] They’re to let everyone know
you’re my students. Well, everyone except Sir Gareth. If he finds out we’re here
it’s not going to be pretty. So I shouldn’t have called him down here to see how much better my academy is
than his school? – What?
– What? Swayze! [laughing] – He’s coming!
– Hide! [laughing] So you call this sad display an academy? It has no heart! It has no guts! It has no–
Oh, spa water! [laughing] That’s nice.
Mm. As I was saying! This academy is a joke! My star students don’t seem to think so. [laughing] Who would be dumb enough
to train under you? Definitely not Buttercup, Sage,
Arc and Ciara, right guys? [laughing] Hey, G Diddy! [laughing] I can’t believe you went
behind my back like this, after I specifically told you not to! Sir Gareth… We’re just trying to become great knights. And you thought disobeying me
was the way to achieve that? I’ve never been more disappointed. All of you to the training yard
for your punishment right now! [moaning] Not you! [music playing]