this invisibility composition what if I'm sitting me out for five minutes straight to be pissed I'm curious if you'd actually be pissed hmm give it to Daddy baby let's go all right what is up guys professor color here bringing you a new video of the poll holy shit they're evading anyways we're doing the full invisibility team come we are joined by a glacier and a bunny foo foo okay anyways guys we are going to five men in visit gang then visit gang dude I like that all their butts off so hope you guys enjoy the video without further ado let's get right into this wait guys also comment down below which team comp we should do next thank you bye I'm feeling M Rio nothing mr. Kevin are you viewers aware of the recruiting process we're gonna go through right now what does that mean that we're looking for two highly classified qualified classified people to join us on the risk guys if you would like to join us in these videos we're recruiting two people comment down below your server and your in-game name we're looking for pro bronze iron the legends professionals anywhere from iron to challenger we're looking for that range of player base except for platinum that's sneaky sneaky crappy okay fellas please hopefully you play a to carry I'm looking for a partner also guys if you like girls girlfriend reveal links in the description if you don't like girls boyfriend reveal buddy fufu calm or /youtube can we talk about how glaciers literally play 200 games of rengar and he's still boosted at him rengar one trick now dude I've dropped everything for this champion and look what he's doing to me he's doing nothing don't include that please editor okay wait wait yes so dead easy money if a cat roamed amid could be diving potentially it essentially possibly if I'd say all right well you I go for it after you pushing yes shoot your laser as he won't be lying right now if I told you I was dead sued oh you're dead you're gonna die I hate well how is it even what I was wondering I wasn't taking damage take a septic is out to get us dude that's what I get for trying to make plays we're still the shit dude I am a god at this champion it's eight minutes in you get a quad Jesus know what though oh wait oh my god I'm gonna live you're fighting fire you're trash therefore this one be to check it out I got this I'm ready going no I'm just kidding wait you guys ready for this one t1 and sit watch that nuclear one-shot pike 100% this guy's gonna die and taste like I don't aureoles were dead yeah your boss your boss let's go higher levels oh my god you guys are Dennis we're gonna make it out alive okay you need to follow my exact move go that way good call thank you where are you at where you at stacks on wreck it's all good details there I met a man I'm officially I literally have my hands off my keyboard I'm so sorry I move I have to play League of Legends no I swear to God I swear yeah big yikes dude Oh huge queue the jaws music now okay I'm so gonna lose that no bro God imagine if I knew what I was going to be over so wait what I'm here when pressed w guys I press w cy super damaged image no I know don't stop dad do what your friend died I swear to God out of gas if you lose this to my to you honestly deserve to lose it you actually did a negative damage hahaha yes Adam one more more Oh slow on day oh oh my god did you look so sick Oh My Jesus I got your bag we got this help me no screw you all right what do we think about this nice dude I've never killed a lizard before wait I'm gonna dust bleep rock him just for the fun of it I deserve it dude you suck so many bald guys invisible everyone jump in Delta Megatron oblivion obelisk squad Delta yeah oh maybe I'm going totally kill this guy guys I'm just so follow me jump on me I'm better than him No why watch us if I get this deal money [Applause] we're doing this a little slow oh no we got this idea back we got this never leave a kitty behind wait actually don't get no Lisa help me up you sir old looser old damn it you're all oh my god funds are boosted I could have sworn a jig was on you I got one be won by a bard Elsie you guys do this and gain invisibility team composition Oh you bet how is that way why I got I'm following the bar I guess yeah what they see they do that's right I thought I started in bins dude holy son I don't have my old my GA so my genius oh my god oh my god holy crap we've got we can barely get by yo check this out oh we're dead buddy you played yourself hey God boys how did you get that no can you drop me off in the Nexus and have me take down just nudge me and lesbian this ideas going great no no no no no do expect talk take this up alright guys thank you so much for watching comment down below which comp we should do next and comment down your IGN server if you want to play with us we need we need two more players thank you so much for watching [Applause]