INTING Team vs Challenger Macro

Hey everyone. In the first part of this video, we analyzed
a laning phase from one of own of my own diamond 1 smurf games where im playing irelia vs malzahar. In this part, im going to be going over the
macro decisions I made to close out the game, even though my team was making it really difficult
and threw a ton. While what we’re about to run through may
seem specific, I’ll be explaining what information I’m gathering and how I convert that information
into making the correct decisions as this plays out. So, you’ll be learning different things about
how to macro for any champion. Lets get right into it. Laning phase just ended, and im pretty fed. Im 3-0 on irelia and I just took the first
tower mid after killing malz. Our top laner just got solo killed by the
enemy gnar, and the enemy rengar just ganked bot and killed both of my bot laners. So it’s up to me to make something happen
this game and convert my lane lead. Im sure most of you would think its best to
just recall and use the gold you got from first tower, but since we can see everyone
on the other team on the map, and my jungler is right next to me, the correct play is to
dive the enemy mid laner and kill him again. So, I spam ping my jungler to come with me
and kill malz, and we get a really easy kill. This is a concept called “cross-mapping”. When the enemy jungler makes a play on one
side of the map, you want to go with your jungler to make a play on the other side. So if my top laner didnt just died here, me
and my jungler would have went for a top lane dive instead so we could get that tower. But since our top laner just got solo killed,
mid was the only play to be made. But remember you dont go for a dive like this
when you dont know where the other members are, because if they are around this is probably
a huge throw. Moving on, Im looking to recall, but I see
my enemy jungler wanting to take their blue. So I have to decide whether to stay or spam
ping him back and just leave. To decide this I need to see where everyone
is on the map first. I see Rakan, Gnar and Rengar around the blue
buff and Missfortune’s bot lane. I have 2k gold right now as well. I could either get the honey fruit and help
out my jungler, or recall. If you were me, what would you do? Alright, so when I was playing this game,
I didn’t actually see the Rakan. So I made my decision based off just knowing
it’ll likely be Gnar and Rengar here and I decided to go for the fruit into helping my
jungler take this blue. These decisions are always really tricky to
make because you don’t want to let your teammates down when they’re already engaged in a play. But in hindsight, I should’ve just recalled. I have 2k gold to spend and this is just overstaying. The risk of giving away my shut down gold
for a blue buff while I have so much gold is not even close to worth it. But let’s see what happens. My jungler kills Rakan and gets killed by
rengar. But rengar is really low, also I see my bot
lane kill the enemy misfortune. I go ahead and get the kill onto Rengar. This is an overstay, but it’s paid off. I should just back off now. But because I’m NA, I stay to take the blue. I did this because I see malz bot, meaning
I shouldn’t have any threats near me besides Gnar.. Gnar tries to stop us so I ult him and try
to chase. This is a big misplay because I didn’t take
into consideration how low the death timer was on Rakan and Miss Fortune. So I overchase really hard and end up giving
away shutdown gold. Now I’ve died, it makes the game harder. I’m still strong enough to carry, but I’ve
just feld Malzahar a big boost in gold which will make my job much harder. Anyways, since im still a fed irelia, I have
to look at how strong my team is before deciding if I should split or group and teamfight. Since my whole team is behind I ideally don’t
want to make plays with them. My champion is a really strong 1v1 champion
so while I have the most gold on the map with my item spike of trinity force, I want to
split push to solo pressure. You should want to be split pushing on champions
that can easily 1v1 anyone and take towers fast, like zed, ekko ect. Its not good to split on champions like syndra
because bruisers can easily 1v1 here so you want to group and carry teamfights. Okay, so I tell my team to not fight while
I go down bot and get pressure. I’m sure you’re thinking ‘my teammates won’t
listen to me’ when you say you’re going to push. Don’t worry, they dont listen to me either
as you will see soon. And remember this is diamond 1 and masters
elo. Alright. So I decide to split push in the bottom lane
instead of mid or top. Take a look at the minimap and try to identify,
why would I go bot here? Bot is best because mid lane sucks for split
pushing, as it’s a central area where you’re most likely to encounter teamfighting. Top lane right now is the incorrect choice,
because rift herald is up. If I went top lane and there’s a fight around
herald, I’d have to teamfight. Whereas if I go bot lane and pull pressure
towards me, my team can get herald. If the enemy team goes for herald, they won’t
have enough players to deal with me bot lane and I can look for towers and solo kills. Now the most important thing when splitting
is to wait until you know where everyone is on the map, so you dont get 2v1ed and die. And make sure your team is actually on the
map and not in base shopping or something, so if they send multiple people to kill you,
your team can get other objectives. Thats why I sit in this brush, I need to see
where rengar is first. Then once malz clears the wave I go back to
pushing it in again. As im pushing in this wave, my gragas gets
caught. So the correct play here is to just trade
towers. If I recall, the enemy team will already have
the tower before I get there. So I can just take this tower and recall before
they get the next one. This is where my team throws really hard though. My lucian is top and just used rift herald,
so the enemy team will 100% have to respond to that after they take this first tower,
so my braum and xin just have to give the tower and defend the next one with me when
I recall, while lucian and the herald take 2 towers. Sadly braum and xin wouldn’t listen to my
pings, and stay and die. Since they died, they get 2 towers and an
inhibitor. This would have been a really good objective
trade for us and my team threw it really hard. But since we just got 2 towers, and the enemy
team is going to reset I do the same. Their is nothing left for me to do down here. Just like before I head down to split bot
to get bot pressure, the goal is to get one of them to come down here and either kill
them, or flank the rest of their team if they are out of position. It’s still really hard for us to win a straight
up 5v5. You may be wondering why I’m heading bot lane,
when there’s still an outer turret up in the top lane. The main reason why bot is still better here,
is because there’s more for me to get by splitting. This is an aggressive choice by me, because
if they don’t answer my split, I could get an inhibitor, instead of 1 or maybe 2 more
towers top side. With another minimap check, I only see gnar
on the map, Im just going to take krugs while I wait for more to show. As im doing that, malz tries to come poke
me a bit, and my gragas catches the enemy rengar in the jungle. To decide if I can take this fight I just
need to look at the map. Rakan is in mid and gnar is top, those are
my 2 biggest CC threats since I have QSS for malzahar ult. And since im so far ahead of malz, if miss
fortune shows up we will still easily win 3v2 So I ult rengar over the wall so I can dash
to him without my Q going on cooldown, then land a stun on miss fortune and rengar as
he tries to run away. I QSS malz ult, and easily kill him and miss
fortune. To main takeaway from this, is you have to
always know your biggest threat on the other team, if rakan was there, he would just ult
me and knock me up, making it really hard to win that fight. But since I saw him way outta position in
mid, I knew this was an easy fight to take. Now that they have 3 dead, we want to try
and get some objectives, so me and gragas head down bot and push the wave in then try
to get the tower. My xin should have came bot as well so we
could easily get the tower and open an inhub up for my split push, but he ignores my pings
and stays mid for the tier 2 tower. Which lets rakan and gnar stop us from getting
it by killing our gragas. This is a tricky situation for us because
since one of us died, and the enemy team knows we want to reset to spend our gold, this is
a really good chance for them to start baron. Knowing this, I don’t recall and head straight
to baron. The correct play for the enemy team is to
see if we come and try to stop them, and if we do they need to back off since its really
hard for a team to win a teamfight when baron is doing damage to everyone and reducing their
resistances. But the enemy rengar overextends for a control
ward and we engage a fight. This Is near impossible for them to win because
of baron so we clean this up easy. Now that we killed 4 of them, my team can
do baron while I recall and clear the super minions in mid. Now that we have baron, I want to do the same
thing as before: split bot and wait for the enemy team to make a mistake. But as I start to push bot, our gragas gets
caught wandering around in mid doing who knows what. And since we lost an inhib and I wasn’t sure
if they were going to keep pushing, im forced to recall just incase. At this point, Im getting annoyed with my
team getting caught, so I just run down mid, push the wave, then ping them to come top
and just group while we have baron. Splitting is the better option but with baron
grouping is also viable. We see gnar bot, so this tower is free to
take. And since the enemy team decided not to defend,
we get this tower and and inhib for free. We should just back off and go do the same
thing mid or bot, but my xin zhao randomly goes in. Its really important to know when your team
is picking a really bad fight like this. They have 2 nexus towers so its impossible
to fight them here. So I take the easy kill right in front of
me and stay out of the fight pinging my team to leave. Then I head towards mid since we have a wave
coming and we can just take it for free. But as I do that my team decides to fight
again and trades 1 for 1. This is just wasting time for pointless kills
when we can get free towers. I try to take the tower but they end up collapsing
on me and killing me. This was my fault but I didn’t think my braum
and lucian would just leave me, because if we look at their health after that 1v4, they
are pretty low, so if they stayed we would easily win it. After I die, they come back and take the mid
inhib. At this point, the game is basically over,
all we have to do is go down bot as 5, and let the mid and top minions pressure the nexus
towers, then when they go to clear it we can take the bot tower and inhib. But my team has other plans and overstay and
2 of them end up dying. Luckily we dont get punished for this since
we had minions in their base. Now that im alive I just need to wait untill
the rest of my team is up so we can group for bot tower. So i just farm the jungle while waiting, its
really important I dont get caught here and stagger our deaths even more. Everyone is alive now, so I ping them to come
for bot tower, and tell them to just come through lane with me so nboody get s picked. Because think about it, the enemy team knows
all we need to do is group as 5 bot and let the minions push in, so right now is their
window to try and get a pick, Thats why its best to just come through lane as 5. Of course my team yet again had other plans,
and walk through the enemy jungle. Where 2 of them get picked. I try and salvage the fight but I couldnt,
so we end up getting aced 5 for 1. Im obviously super annoyed at this point because
im literally standning in bot lane waiting for them, so we can just end the game. But they constantly throw. And sadly, baron was coming up so the enemy
team gets it before we respawn. Since the enemy team just got baron and should
be recalling, we head over and take dragon real fast. Since the enemy team has baron, and their
inhibs are coming up, this next fight could be the game for both teams. Knowing this, we decide to look for a pick
instead of just running down mid. We catch gnar facechecking the brush, and
I stun him and go all in, we should win the fight really hard at this point and just instantly
kill him, but as im chasing him my team runs away for whatever reason, and leaves me to
fight alone. Rengar ults me, and the rest of their team
converges on me as well, while my team is full health on the other side of the wall. They pop my GA, and as its coming back up
my team finally decides to help, which buys me time to land a stun and kill 3 of them. We shouldn’t have won this fight because of
how hard my team misplayed but I popped off and got a quadra kill. Since we have no minion wave for mid, we can’t
end, but they should be able to get 2 inhibitors. Of course instead of just taking the inhibs
they try to fight and my bot lane ends up dying. This is really bad because now the enemy team
can counter push and try to end with these long death timers. The enemy team is trying to end, so malz flashes
in and ults gragas. I know if I go in right away, rakan will ult
me with miss fortune ult on top and they will kill me fast. so I want to play this slowly, and go in after
they use their big cooldowns. After rakan ult and Missfortune ult are used,
I use my ult and go in, making my way back to malz first, then killing rengar as well. Luckily this buys enough time for my braum
and lucian to respawn, and they end up getting missfortune then lucian teleports bot, and
gets the last inhib and aces them. My team tries to end the game but they die
to miss fortune and rengar. Then I try to end and cant seem to get close
enough. And our braum and gragas end up dying. This is really bad because baron is coming
up and we have 2 members dead, so we could potentially just lose here if they get it. Since I know their going to come to baron.
and I know if they have 5 peple together we cant stop them, I go towards their blue to
try to catch them and get a pick before they do it. As excpected, malzahar runs straight into
me and I kill him then bait the other 2 into my team. Then, just when you think the game is over,
since all we need to do is run together and end as 5, lucian and xin get caught again
and die to miss fortune. But since we have 3 waves of super minions,
we run in and end the game. So, as you can see even in higher elo players
still make games really difficult through really poor macro decisions, and you have
to constantly be tracking where they are on the minimap, so you know what plays you can
make. Thats gonna be all for this video, see you
next time.