Olten we're going in this is the suicide Delta negatron ultra-mega squad fellas we are playing the zoo zone you want to hear my depression did I took the worst science did all right you cappuccinos we got five suicidal monkeys in the top lane let's do this I stopped stealing my thumbnails wait what the hell most they would scream aoao aoao II Adam I made a juicy play baby kilobyte this today all right I need a dime I need to die I need to die this is a plan of this whole team you [Applause] actually just flash under the turret to die so you get be a passive fellas we are cappuccino in you stop talking like this no you guys do you know why the steam club is absolutely broken if you only don't die we win but if we die we also would that's so true like actually true one second we're in a little bit of a situation you're Anthony oh my god play aggressive what's happening I know what I'm doing I know what I'm doing I know I'm doing Oh daddy's own baby die bitch oh my god this champion is so aids help get them get them help up oh yes wait you die wait you oh you executed this fun wait push to push the creep push creeps now anyways guys if you didn't know what we're doing we have 5 suicidal champions so basically we're just gonna run into them and kill ourselves I am going to commit suicide but then we're gonna come back to life get this guy get this guy we're doing this they're poking – hold on hold on man this is good baby that was suicidal [Laughter] this team cup is broken because hey did I already say ladies we win is it like when did you start the video yeah retarded because sometimes I don't know if I have to say things twice or not but in the end no one cares about me it's generally about you right but that's not true you're everyone's favorite supporting casts merch guy going is suicide this is this is what the comp is meant to do by advice there by Steph watch this one wait what I altered for no reason yes let's go we're a good team and I'm out of here you cannot you can was the worst pleasure I've ever seen in my entire league of Legends Korean director said accel flee or guys you know every death just makes us stronger get unplug I mean Marsh guy what you suck so much bit of course god this god damn chicken please good luck give up give up give up fuck the combo which got a job but I want to test something if I can hold you as a clone it doesn't work it doesn't work it doesn't work it doesn't work oh great okay now I know yeah watch this watch this watch this what sit down you got that you got this in and out and now for the finale yes let's go be sure all merch guy you want your farm top with Oh baby let's play food you want some fun all right here's the place yes you fight mid and then once awesome oh I got him peace out afk IRL bow what up is there someone I don't have flesh there is no one he's 17 and five dude I'm totally play the best with my death with my death I will try hard from now on boys I'm out of the conversations I'll carry your ass no it's merch guy even in this game I forgot we had like a player I'm coming up oh oh oh show you a deep cup go on suicide everyone get that blue buff by the way I got him I got him baby it's working it's working we're good we're good juicer let's Ben I got you I got you I got you are you blind go and go and go and go and go initiate Six Sigma Alpha Megatron Alpha Delta go go yo guys don't be worried to die because you just become stronger how often do you want to say that to make this trash yes team come below JIT shut up that's the clickbait that's like the second line of the title sucks if you don't die but if you died this means you lost the fight this is the most Opie video I've ever done this team comp is the most paradox thing I've ever seen in League of Legends funny I think it means that this is not working even though it's working I believe we don't grew up it's not a cute dude gimme spit give me speed give me a bomb to give me speaking me a speed give me a pop give up I got slaughter gang dude they're so fucking love Devin get ready to press hard oh my god Quadra kill just kidding I got one though guys this is now the bachelor comment down below who I should marry bunny pleb or glacier or merch guys whoever gets the most comments so the most votes I will marry them on video it my partner's better vote for me I swear to God I swear oh my god oh my god oh my god Rilla yeah it worth the beige teryn if I make this to your dead body you have to marry me wait are you pleading to get it did it broke up is where they are I think I think oh this guy's oh my god I mean you died 16 times II died 17 times merge got right 50 times I think we played this team come just right a hundred and thirty deaths this game yeah they had 71 cubes with other what was that language shows German we're going in this is the suicide Delta negatron ultra mega squad libido big libido dubidouxs oh my god but guys who actually playing this wrong we should all take the turret and just die for it dude fucking Murch guys alt is still up yo no balls last one we press is gay but I clicked on yes blame it on merch guy he could have clicked no that is true all right guys not the ideal way to end it video obviously rolls 10000 likes I smash Bunny's computer 15,000 likes I kidnapped LED from Germany and 20,000 likes I killed both of them including merch guy and I eat them alive thanks for watching the video guys and have a good one peace [Applause]