Oh I’m gonna throw up i’m gonna throw up wake up Oh my god. Oh hey, yo,oh my God chill NEVER Good morning Jake Paul. Why does everyone say both my first and last name I hear that Are you playing – Jerika song? My boy is playing the song in the shower its broken,my drone is broken,it won’t come down I think I broke it, go little drone go go yeah One last flight finish him! What am I doing, alone in the team 10 house fighting an inanimate objects good morning? good morning Everybody if you’re new here, i’m jake paul, and it is lit every single day bro. Make sure you’re working hard Make sure you’re dabbing on them haters Dab Dab Dab Dab Dab and make sure that you guys are smiling today is about to be extra lit lets Let’s do that thing thing Under arrest triple digit x yeah my phone is back. You still have my back, okay? We’re on set of bizzardvark. What are you guys doing nothing? Which I couldn’t leave your camera in your room So why’d you why’d you why you guys acting weird? were just being good friends Nothing is going over. Well before we start doing anything. Yeah, could you not afford the wireless ones? Oh, these arn’t my anyways. I was going on guys. Hey Why is everyone following this? I think they’re gonna try and prank me nothing’s up okay? Oh Yeah, nothing’s up. Oh yeah. Happy day your couch. Oh Yeah, what is going on your chairs in my bathroom? What are you doing? Hey? I give my stuff back. It’s not just a bag Hey, what is this Jake paul? Yo, you guys turn my room to a girl’s room. Oh Justin Bieber not Justin Beiber’s what it is? She’s kind of cute. I can’t say or spell bizardvark. I can’t pronounce the word bullet you your, I kind of like it better like this. not gonna lie,it’s lowkey lit I feel like this should be your room though. You like my logang sign. We know you love him you little shit we’re Gonna cut their commercial break ahhh All right, so we are on set funny prank funny prank, bro. Haha anyways. Yo check out this green screen watch I’m gonna go to Africa or something dope ready cool hmM. No just kidding write it. Go now. You’re flying Yeah, Welco google, so I’m here all the time guys And I wanted to show you kind of like sup one scene that we’re working on for this week’s episode Which is coming out on Friday at 9 o’clock on Disney Channel? So here’s a little sneak preview of it roll the clip! I emailed the entire school and guaranteed you’d win ah geez Also, I told brick you insulted his mom oh geez sorry Mrs.brick Yeah, teaching this little guy how to wrestle and he gets beat up or usual. It’s real life It’s on the vlogs, and it’s on bazardvark. I don’t even real. Yeah. No it is let’s go back to the team 10 Okay, guys back at the Team ten house and has already Given Scheme 10 picture objects I have such good news type em the good news chet Yeah, you want to hear this new just one so I got nominated for two teen choice awards No, no, take one of you, okay? No, but guys guys no that’s not the thing I sell to win it guys we need torn up Don’t you make polly doesn’t even like you know now. I’m going up against Logan Paul No, no, no, we’re trying to figure out like what we want to do, so I think I’m gonna meet up with him later But like we might have to declare war on my brother and go fool out and beat him in this voting process Are you guys testing what I’m sensing? Adjusting tournament that was completely irrelevant Has nothing to do with it and that we’re talking about bring all team ten together on one and make sure jake wins okay? But here’s the thing here’s the thing we’re gonna figure it out. I got nominated for a choice Web star music Devoman haters. That’s why I say that everyone to dabble in haters, baby I got nominated for music like I don’t even do music But when we win that award, and that’s the other thing too Is that Jerika is number 13 on itunes WHAT? can we get the number one? link in the description! Oh my God, and I’ll see you guys later. I got a do something a few moments later So we are about prank. They simply is out of team 10. I got one of you. They don’t know it’s common They don’t know it’s comin bro. He’s got the whole dead makeup on and we’re Gonna pull a dead body prank We’re cutting up his shirt, and it’s some jake Palmer so we’re going to make it look like he’s like a dead fan somehow snuck inside the house and like jump scare everyone all the Nation is going to be involved Uncle’s are so helpful *Uncle Nathan Theme Plays* So just blood a little poor blood all over him and hopefully when people walk in they’re going to be like you oh oh oh my girls calling 911 I hate you so much very funny with that I don’t know How you did that, but like your eyes will go ahead no life, and then I’m not even kidding I look at your eyes, and I was like what the heck is going on J. Follows worse a mystery basket That would have left a crompton in England isn’t his city oh yours trigger. Huh hmm All the dogs eat them of what okay actually yeah, that’s even creepier. You want to get oh my God. I’ll go get right oh Hey, what holy what do we do? Yeah We do well then my eye the ward you just didn’t even do anything. It’s a prank. Yeah Why you sure by? You understand what? You don’t understand what just happened what happened so much, so we’re going from my head, okay, Erika Say I love you look how clean her room is so clean compared to like everything else Yeah, who’s just gonna Destroy it because that’s more fun. I think in the shower, okay? I get unless you guys can count them convinced Erica. I’m hiding it here What? Desert Camp right here. Oh my God, oh So real I just see me a pretty good huh? Yeah who did your makeup sorry? She’s like out of breath? You actually would have actually I’m terrified Wow I was amazing so anything you believe it right I would learn around the side We’re putting him in the pool next the classic dead body in a pool prank. Oh, my gosh still look so oh My God, I saw you go in and get everyone else in the office You’re just restating at your desk, baby, and just be like y’all do that No No, why is he wearing merch? Why doing her her up throughout the body Yeah guys. He’s actually dad wait All of La please coming right now Dead body laid out In our pool. He just threw you and I didn’t know he was going to do that my dad I legit thought like you were a fan like all the blood make looks pretty robot right ecstasy in the pool. Oh Wait your phone was in your pocket. Yeah. I pushed you to the point even resistant. I was just like no I wasn’t really thinking about it. I got it. Well. We might as well just I’ll buy you a new one if not with jake. That’s nice what? You ready what we’re about to work out. Yeah, we always were now with an NFL player I’m lucky scare similar No, they’re not cute if you use the Washington Redskin Safety. Yo Yo, what’s good? What’s up, Jake? Oh? man, oh All right, she’ll tell ya Thank you. Thank you. Oh, you got tattoos everywhere. You’re ten. Just to bail bro. Yeah Yeah, cool. We’ll just call it. We’ll call it even stay on your side of the gym Yeah, yeah, our side. Which side is ours again over there Yeah, we’ll be over yeah. We were gonna work out over here. Anyways. I mean we can work out together I Mean I’m down. I’m down that out wasn’t worth a tear because if or you’re working over here And he just left on a small time before working out together, then we’re not really valid Oh, okay, okay? Don’t whip brennan I can tell the puppies alternate outfit. I’ve got a better place on that regicides We can opt for the rest. I window tenant their draw and a human the bro I got Ohio music dude. You got represent A Bounce Pass You jassim the race hey, I beat him wrong. Don’t Wanna die Okay, yeah, you want your eyes What you wanna? race What do it no they said say we suggest with my chest, okay? How do I say with my chest my mother’s here okay? Not what you want to do man. Do you want to race mmM? Yeah, we go Right okay three two one oh, man. Oh oh My God oh my God yo, I don’t know one young camera. I’m granting no. I don’t know who is yeah, and I don’t know Why oh? Yeah, no girl. You good. Yeah my loss. That’s pretty good. Huh really yeah, I do like 20 of those every morning I wake up, okay Cool. Oh another one another one. Yeah, let’s go. Yeah Yeah Still the first quarter thing Well yeah, no yeah, yeah, I just don’t know one sec. Don’t know a lot more seconds than one daddy. Good dog dude I’m just gonna act like I’m still hurt that I don’t have the racing it hi I don’t think I can race again. All right? We’ll call it a tie That’s a time, okay It was good hanging out. Bye Hmm Just got back from the gym and logan texted me and Riyals like yo, bro I’m going to come over but I think he’s up to something and so we have the security cameras pulled up to make sure that When he walks up that he’s not like pranking me or something I think he wants to like declare war because we both got nominated for the same teen choice romanick But yesterday came in he was neutral yeah, but I don’t know but he might you know well. We’re crazy. We’re good You get I got my merch gun ready to fire These are the school where you got that okay get ready? I Mean I can’t stop them in today down. Oh, yo. Yo just shoot it. Just shoot it. Just Kill my brother oh I’m good Oh good only be one choice youtubers from teen choice award oh both in the same cat or you want to go down you want to go up the escalator to the Floor no, bro. You’re thinking about it all wrong. We’re talking about your nominated for three teen choice awards. It’s true. I’m nominated for two go Okay, go girl. Well. I knew this is what you’re gonna Do you’re gonna be like we’re competing against each other die no, we need a clean sweep win all of them What’s stronger than the low gang the low game pollers? Yes? What’s wrong another J. Follows the low Gang Paula. Oh Well under with your defect bro. I know what? I’m gonna say right you win – and then I win – the jake callers vote for you Yeah, your choice male web star and choice Male comedy website yep, yep yep And the low gang votes for jake for choice music star and Joyce YouTuber you can have this that’s why we get a clean sweep previously So jake potter sounds of discovery the jake callers vote for me and the low gang votes for me for choice YouTuber they don’t vote for you they over me, and then the choice music web star. They vote for me same with your audience They look over you and the choice male web star you guys vote for Logan and choice male comedy web star you vote for logo Yo the paul bros. Take home before us. Let’s just clean up teen choice. I’m not even happy. I’m 22. He’s not a team I’m not even 15 And we’re about to get four of them awards plaques will actual you can vote ten times a day every day for the next seven Days in each Category, let me Clarify low gang and Jake colors you’re voting for me for choice YouTuber and Choice music Web star You’re voting for logan for choice male web star fall through and choice male your Midi comedy What’s in it for you guys guys let me just spawn an iPhone You guys get a chance to win this iphone seven hundred and Thirty two gigabytes Yes All you have to do is prove to me that you voted any which way if it’s a really twitter doesn’t matter we’ll find it Email me. You don’t do that. Don’t do it, but that’s not all guys you want an iphone cool. That’s great. Well I’m also going to be giving out some of my jerry Polymers to people at Random who vote I’m going to be giving away a ton of pieces guys – all you have to do is Vote the links are in the description. Go there or teen choice calm. Yeah, either way guys listen the point is it’s sway Go fit spray. Go you’re going to be getting merch. You’re going to be getting an iPhone seven days guys We have to go now let’s show them how Now what do we do a few moments later? Alrighty guys that is it for today’s vlog if you’re not already repping the Jake Paul family copy yourself some merch link is in the description and don’t forget about the team choice awards guys it’ll mean the World to me if we could bring home these awards together as a family and you’re gonna have the chance to get some free merch And an iphone so all you have to do is go to the link in the description and vote as many times as you can for each category or Keep on dabbing on them haters keep on smiling keep on working hard seriously guys and jake pollard’s I will see you guys tomorrow Because it’s everyday rope Jake Pollard’s what stop and check out this new March, ooh? That March is hot boy new items of Merchandise limited time Click the link make sure you’re subscribe to keep up with my life on a daily basis And you want to see more content check out yesterday’s vlog because it is super lit plus I have a second channel Jake Paul to which you guys can subscribe to right now And if you want to see more content from everyone in the house our group Channel is called team 10 church bye guys