Indoor and outdoor Cannabis grow. – harvest time soon.

hello everyone welcome back to rolls of green I am back from vacation and I read after my vacation I was sick guys so I'm sorry for the late update I should have had one out there last weekend but I was just way too sick I'm still not feeling very well I'm still pretty upset stomach and whatnot but the show must go on we are currently in week 8 these things should be finished in week 9 but this is where I had some issues I had somebody here watering for me guys and they let them dive and the guy got called into work and he told me gonna get back here and this plant here it was dead it was pretty much dead guys like done done like dinner when I got home I was able to revive it somewhat but we're not gonna get very good growth out of this one I don't think like it's not looking too too bad but it's not as big as I want it to be and but you know stuff happens that's the rule of Skittles it happens anyway yeah I want to thank everybody we have a lot of new subscribers I want to thank all the new and the old subscribers keep sharing guys keep liking the videos please and comment down below I haven't forgotten about to give away I'll mention that later on in the video but for now I'll just give you guys an update what we have going on here so this year is the what are we following it honey can go yeah this one here's the honey cream guys she's looking not too bad we got some crystals going on there the buns are nice and tight we're looking we're looking pretty good there they're coming along pretty good there we have about a week left on them I was checking with the trichomes we're getting a lot certainly bit cloudy trichomes a lot of them are still clear but cloudy as well you know how it goes but yeah we're looking not too bad that's a setup I just watered them no more feed from here on out here's a nice little bud right here I don't know if you guys could see that very well because of the light but it's it's nice that's on the gorilla skittles some of the buds are alright but there's not much trichomes going on there I think that has to do with the death I'm dying they might produce a bit more in the next week or two but this is probably gonna be my last update guys before into harvest there's a nice tight putt for you guys there there there's gonna be a bunch of nice little golf ball buds here that's for sure but we got some other bigger buds like that one there that one's okay there's a couple on the back they're looking all right so that's the honey cream this is the gorilla skittles I don't expect much out of this one as the plant pretty much died it just bounced back I lost all the growth there to it and I know over here we have Green crack thin crack CBD California sweet skunk and she is looking nice and frosty look at her nice tight buds on her as well looking nice looking nice looking nice but I wish I didn't live for a week because I could have corrected what was going on here and we could have had a better a little bit a better girl here but it's not that bad guys it's alright I guess they're looking good let me zoom in a bit a little too much around a little too shaky anyway guys that's the update of the indoor remember guys if subscribe subscribe to my channel leave a comment down below my next row guys I'm gonna be growing blackjack CD and I still haven't decided yet if I want to do I'm gonna do two of those plants and then I believe I'm gonna do an auto flower I'll get the auto flower done in the 18 in the 18 our lights on stage and then I'll be able to pull it out when I go over twelve twelve we've finished the other plants and have enough room here after them so I I'm gonna do an auto hold you guys recommend for an auto why I have a XXL cheese or I have yeah anyways I have oh yeah I have a XXL cheese and then I have a cheese CDD and I also have a gorilla CBD and white widow it's not see the white widow I have a Northern Light and I have a gorilla bomb I'm really thinking I'm gonna do the cheese because I have never grown a cheese plant before guys and I I'm hearing a lot of good things about it so I might do the cheese XXL with the Otto flower or the white widow I'm not too sure yet what do you guys think leave it down comment below what you think I should grow for an auto flower because what I'm gonna do I'm going to do the two black jack CDs in here and and then I'm gonna throw like the auto flower in the corner she will finish well the other ones are still in veg weight linen and then rate when I pull her out she's done I'll flip it to flower in here and we'll be off so we're gonna have two nice big plants that are gonna be full of bugs Blackjacks CBD i think it's got like 14 percent THC and I think it's around 16% CBD I could be wrong it could be a bit lower but I know it's definitely over 10% of each which is perfect I'm gonna try out that strain you're gonna make some oil for my father as he has some issues there with his hips and stuff so make some stuff from bring it over to him yeah we went sit but anyway guys this is the update I'm gonna get one more look the honey cream beautiful beautiful beautiful looking girl one more look of the gorilla skittles she's also a beautiful looking girl she should have more crystals but you never know they might pop up right we still have a week and a half to go and then over here we have the California sweet skunk CBD and she is full of crystals as well one thing I am happy about is all of these buds are nice and they're very tight but today so I'm happy about that they're not all loose fluffy but yeah we're good to go anyway I've been keeping the humidity around 50% in here and then I run it 26 degrees Celsius during the day and then 18 degrees Celsius at night it seems me working Oh perfect but another thing I had guys do you guys prefer longer videos or shorter videos like longer videos would be from like 10 to 15 minutes or shorter videos would be like 4 to 7 minutes let me know in the comments below of what you want sorry if I'm sounding a little rough today there I barely talk at times I have the sheets and everything else I'm just getting over I don't know what I had but it was terrible I didn't write a flu like that before in my life I'm kind of just rambling on about nothing now but anyway guys I'm gonna go uh I'll bring you guys outside now so follow me on outside and I'll show you so here we are back and these are the outdoor girls as you can see we have the critical rate here the Girl Scout cookies over here and over there hiding back there is the g13 blueberry headband so if you guys are wondering why they haven't really grown all that much well they actually have since you've seen them as you can see they're pretty much monsters I went away on vacation and I had somebody watering them for me and that did not work out too well they thought they were getting enough water and they weren't when I arrived guys these plants were dead literally dead they were like hanging all down and all droopy I could see right through each and every one of them how I was so worried there I thought they were gonna be dead there was so much yellow in here we had so many dead leaves guys but I pulled most of them out but see a couple dead ones down there now like half of these plants would like that they were all real real bad but we ended up pulling through man oh we're looking a little better there now I want to give you guys a little shot here this is just a mutation but this plants always had I will tear that off and it will come back I will come right back what check this out guys these stalks these stalks are literally monsters yeah our monster stalks so anyway guys I thought I'd just give you a quick update on the outdoors I appreciate all the new subscribers that we got here we've got quite a few new subscribers which I'm very happy about thanks for sharing guys and thanks for letting others know about the channel I appreciate it I'm trying to grow this channel as big as I can please don't forget to like the video but anyway guys I'm about to do another topdressing I'm using a bunch of organic stuff now I need to pick up some more backbone Oh tonight but and then I'm gonna clean out all of the bottom of leaves for you guys too and then I will get back to you guys and show you the end results not gonna do the top dressing today because I need to get the back one first but I'm gonna do the cleaning up of the bottoms and then I will show you guys the end results and no I did not forget about the giveaway I'm going to be doing the giveaway around August 3rd or 4th for the termination clone light it's not all grow late guys it's not it's not from vegetable and grow late it's just for clones and seedlings and but it's a it's an all right little light there it's probably worth about 80 bucks or so but yeah anyway I'll have some other giveaways to giveaway as well but now we'll just start with this one for now and you must be subscribed and you must pick a number between one and two thousand leave it in the comments not on this one on my other one on the other video go back to the other video and leave your number in that one for the giveaway anyway let me get busy here I can finish some things up here and I will show you the end results I thought I would turn this back on just for a couple things to show you guys what I meant by cleaning up the bottom so all this small stuff here like this that off sorry I turn that into a clone if I want to but some of this stuff's just not gonna grow up see just cleaning up stuff like that all the small stuff that's not gonna grow anywhere I've just stuff like that all the small stuff so I'll show you guys when I'm done I just wanted to give you an example of what I was taking off late so just the small stuff that's not gonna grow up in time and we could get more growth to the top instead of trying to produce this stuff okay guys so now you can see we're all cleaned up she's looking up I left a couple small ones over on the other side because I might want to cut a couple clones but I thought we took off of her and then I'll even clean out a little bit in the center's but for now that's fine anyway guys that's this week's update do you have any questions on anything feel free to ask in the comments below please remember to like the video subscribe share this remember we're having in the giveaway guys you'll have to go back to the other video well you'll know which one it says that it's a giveaway so go back to that one if you want to get into the giveaway don't forget to share this and guys I now have an Instagram account I will put it in the description below it is rows of green for 20 Instagram account is now fired up and again it's what was of green for 20 and yeah I'll be posting stuff over there as well guys just quick pictures and whatnot of little updates stuff that I don't do on YouTube I might do my concentrates and stuff on that channel instead of YouTube because YouTube it's been given a lot of strikes lately a few a few hire well I don't know what hired but a few bigger youtube channels have already been getting warn warnings and strikes and everything else they really hate us for some reason I don't know why this is perfectly legal in Canada I don't know when YouTube is gonna catch on the states is pretty much starting to legalize everything there as well like I don't know guys it's just the plant there if you ask me out the hall is way worse I actually lost my father at alcohol and I haven't lost anyone to weed so anyway guys I don't really think weeds that big of a deal but you know in the comments below if you think YouTube should ease up on us all and let us produce videos the way we want anyway we'll see you guys next week don't forget to like the video subscribe see you later