Indian Athlete Fails Gender Test

in indianapolis who won a silver medal in
the woman’s eight hundred meters of the asian games for the spots has instructed her medal you wonder why she failed agenda attached all damn although you didn’t says she’s a he raffle i guess %uh this some people but i don’t buy the way she quote does not possess the sexual characteristics
of a woman men i_t_n_ i hope to god this is not bad for your home with about fifteen point lead assistance in any of these stories in this
year and her mother dying end as she chose the alone and that she’s
gonna happen half of these here probably go through here pretty and that’s it is his that’s actually or whenever bowman and that’s that’s silly he does not have the sexual characteristics of a woman but as the was like a girl the genesis what do you think faces says no this is maybe just hodson market
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accident mellon well not so much telemedicine asin offensive okay still has the right side of
the guys it’s a really really found that effect but apparently a really fast one as
well but so %uh they had a medical value evaluation
panel which include gynecologist i’m going to be psychologist endocrinologist and internal medicine specialist i think internal medicine due to someone really
applied you know we got it %uh students say they can cause this is for
the one i think that is a woman it’s not working this year you first of all the facts are in
their faces a woman do when somebody acetate it in the past you
know you there’s not going right i wonder why they brought it and i wonder
why i got brought up to that hyatt hope they got the sense to me believe this story like that at the campus
of the fact that understands the reporting innocents you’d get indian committed its wide and she was even has to take the test what happened what was
left to right and what are some of the reasons people got
suspicious after the test of whether some of the dick complete invaders executive staff
member slipped out of the shorts unjust and that’s not a story in all as also reporting affair no no i thought that the actors i don’t know what
they found out about our but nobody’s rubenstein is the story if you’re not gonna finish in
that they think back the visit a good point already %uh nobody’s ever mirchi is on the run if you will it but that’s an away spirit that i guess you you know about sister of he’s did not deter her from that look how would you be ever either it’s a dude posing
as a azad any filled with gender test and that investor
because that was incredibly embarrassing or it’s a woman who fill the gender test that that would be the single most about this
story ever if it turns out is actually a woman so that’s why either way you’re never hear from
her again she’s got season awaited sin