Increase POWER in the HIGH BACKHAND, Badminton Tutorial

in this video we’re gonna talk about the
high backhand clear and this might be the most difficult shot to master except
the backhand smash and we’re gonna talk about four key points to executing this
shot to perfection so the first key point and maybe one of the main key
points is to use the elbow to generate power and together with the second key
point the supination movement the forearm rotation we’re gonna generate
the power this is only the arm the third key point would be to also
utilize the body so as I’m moving to watch my backhand corner I want to
rotate my upper body separately so my shoulders and my hip doesn’t move at
that same time so I’m not moving like this I want to rotate my upper body like
this so when I’m hitting the shuttle my upper body is gonna turn the other way
around the last key point would be to actually
lunch before we hit the shuttle so as I’m stepping I’m gonna use that step to
extend my hip and use that power to further generate power up through my
upper body elbow and fingers if I’m stepping and hitting the shaft at the
same time I’m basically only using my upper body maybe only my arm to generate
the power so it is just like a whip movement looks like this these two steps
are right after each other so is foot hit thanks guys for watching if you have any
comments or questions leave them below and we’ll try to reply you guys as fast
as possible the elbow is what gin