In Just One Breath! This Athlete Won a Championship in a Pool Because of His Dolphin Skills

hello everyone for many professional athletes winning a competition is their highest priority especially when it comes to something like the Olympics or the World Championships winning would be a major career achievement and sometimes the desire to win is so great that athletes are willing to do anything to get a medal in today's video we're gonna tell you about athletes who made really unusual decisions to finish first let's get it on he'll Taylor he'll Taylor is a swimmer known as the dolphin man but not because he couldn't throw water out of his nose Taylor earned his unusual nickname during a university backstroke swimming competition while all his rivals rose to the surface after the start and started swimming Taylor decided he could just swim underwater the guy swam the whole race underwater setting a new record finishing the 50 metre race in 20 3.1 seconds neither the referees nor his rivals were ready for this but Taylor's phenomenal results was not valid anyway according to the rules he had to come up after overcoming the first 15 meters and says the athlete didn't do so he couldn't win Wow we wonder if Taylor himself realized it or hope that everything would be fine anyway maybe it was just so excited that he couldn't even stick his head out the water Infinite's Tucker winning at any cost is apparently the principle that American athlete infinite Tucker follows passionately he won the 400 meter hurdle race in a very peculiar way this happened at the SEC Outdoor Track and Field Championships infinite held the lead nearly the entire lap but his teammate Robert grants began to catch up with him near the finish line victory was slipping away from the Tucker so he took a desperate move before the finish line he suddenly stretched out his hands and dived over the line as if he would try to fly away to save the planet but what's really fascinating is that it actually helped Tucker didn't violate the rules in any way because in running the finish is determined by the shoulders or the torso so he really did win Internet users named this jump the Superman dive and Tucker even came up with a cute explanation look I closed my eyes over hurdle ten hopen dit saw my mar at the finish and I jumped to give her a hug that's all it is Tucker told ESPN after the race by the way Robert Grant who nearly won wasn't that upset he said smiling if I say what I thought coach would probably kick me off the team Antonio Margarito in 2008 the promising box and Miguel and Gayle Cotto was in perfect shape and had won one fight after another until he faced Antonio Margarito in the ring for some reason Casso was hit again and again and by the middle of the fights he was completely exhausted Tasos face was swollen and in the end the boxer lost the fight by technical knockout it was a stunning victory Franz Honea but before Margarito's next fight against shane mosley Cotto's trainer who was present when Margarito's hands were wrapped noticed a strange powder on the fighters armbands of course the commission seized the substance Antonia's hands were wrapped again and the fight still took place soon it was discovered that the fighter had gypsum on his hand wraps more precisely calcium sulfate this material in contact with air and moisture which forms in access during any fight turns into a plaster powder on the boxers fist can you guess where this can lead to basically Margarito who was a pretty good fighter was using plaster knuckles of course when this news broke outs there was a huge scandal the boxer was even suspected of using gypsum in other fights in the end the commission suspended Margarito for at least a year despite him insisting on being innocent the athlete claimed he had no idea what the substance in his hands was and then he had nothing to do with this assault after all Margarito didn't wrap his own hands did a Boras onishchenko Soviet pentathlete Boras onishchenko came to Montreal in 1976 with one purpose to win two gold medals he already had a team prize but he wanted his own triumphs so bad that he became obsessed with it so honest chenko decided to win in a very peculiar way the first strange signs were seen at the pre-olympic tournament in London then the Soviet pentathlete easily won the competition which was kind of expected but still the rivals decided to review the footage of the fencing event and they saw something odd the fa of boris honest chenko clearly missed his opponent but the light indicator still went off they kept replaying the video over and over again but it was clear that the Soviet athlete didn't hit his rival at all they decided it was some technical malfunctioning but at the Olympics it happened again the referees decided to examine on his chenko sat pay and found a secret button hidden in the handle the athlete would press it closing the circuit it registers the contact and change the scoreboard in his favor it turned out that the skillful fencer was also a brilliant physicist the sword was replaced and even without cheating on his chenko once several times unfortunately this didn't prevent him from being disqualified for life Vittorio Bram Bela it's highly in pilot Vittorio Brambilla competed in the Formula one from 1974 to 1980 during his career he only one pole position once but did it in a very peculiar way he ran his fastest lap at one minute 24 seconds and 630 milliseconds with an average lap speed of 170 point nine one eight km/h for all spectators and judges this result was a real surprise and many Formula One officials tried to find the reason for the sudden acceleration at the car but couldn't find an explanation Brambilla just did it you know anything can happen many years later though the mystery of such a brilliant result was revealed by Robin hurt one of the founders of the team March 4 which Brambilla competed heard confessed that in those days the organisers of the races recorded the time of the lap with a special light beam someone in the team figured out that this beam can be blocked not only by the car crossing the finish line but also by any other object as a result whenever one of the teams cars was at a distance of about 45 meters someone from the team started waving the pit board across the timing line that's how Brambilla got his awesome result diego maradona many people know about famous Maradona 'he's hand of God goal in the quarterfinal match between Argentina and England in 1986 Maradona reached the opposing team's penalty area beating several opponents and then sent the ball to the goal with his hand it looks like an obvious violation because in soccer only the goalkeeper can touch the ball with his hands however the referee didn't notice anything and counted the goal anyway after the match Maradona said that the ball was sent to the goal partly by his head and partly by the hand of God I refused to admit that it was a violation Argentina then ended up winning the World Cup would it have been possible without the controversial hand of God who knows Tom Brady if you know anything about American football you probably know it's played with an oval-shaped ball this ball has strictly defined parameters like the pressure inside it's at the weight the balls are checked by the referees a couple of hours before the match and then place behind each team's touch lines you would think it's impossible to do something to the balls to secure your victory right actually it is when it comes to American football New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has always been an amazing player but during a match the referees thought that there was something wrong with the balls Brady threw dashingly to his teammates the examination showed that 11 out of 12 balls were slightly deflated they were brought back to normal but in the second half Brady kept cheating by playing with spare deflated balls Brady's opponents were playing with normal balls and the game ended with a crushing victory for the New England Patriots with a score of 45 to 7 an outsider though might think that a deflated ball isn't that bad in fact it is easy as a grip and twist the ball if it's deflated which is especially important in humid weather after the investigation a major scandal broke out but it is still unknown whether Brady knew about the deflated balls and was trying to cheat or if he was just a victim Vanessa may hold on hold on Vanessa may is a famous violinist what does she have to do with sports but this isn't a mistake Vanessa always had a dream to compete at the Olympics this opportunity was granted to her by the National Olympic Committee of Thailand especially since May claimed that she'd been skiing since she was 4 years old but the International Olympic Committee has set standards for those who want to compete at the Olympics without completing them you can't even dream about going to the Olympics however by some miracle May met the standards and got the right to compete in Sochi at the Olympics Vanessa vana corn tree competed under that name of the Olympics finished last in the 67th place in the giant slalom almost a minute behind her closest rival it's aroused suspicion because may had performed better before how come she ended up doing so badly at the Olympics the International Ski Federation conducted an investigation and it soon became clear that the violinist had indeed faked her way into the games all those involved were disqualified for 4 years except May herself to be more precise the court canceled a disqualification although it admitted that the violinist had no right to participate in the Olympics we are complying with the standards well that's fair but it looks like May wanted to go to the Olympics so badly that she was ready to do anything dude are you looking for new technologies and great gadgets are your thoughts focused on the future deal off huge vehicles and can't imagine your life without robots around here and visit tech zone and you'll find all this and more the link 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