IG vs TL | Semifinals Game 1 | 2019 Mid-Season Invitational | Invictus Gaming vs. Team Liquid

they destroyed TM it's crazy because both of our matches against him we could have easily won like we were so close Deauville lives with a beautiful pipe diving mm the Kunichika for the education telephone channels flamingo into it jakela seems like a really fearless player and that way he gets a ton of damage off if he survives we just have to punish some of the things they're doing Jack you love them isn't even cold before Daisy there now mm Ethan at the shutdown homosocial say tested out a year before certain hop – aha hijikata-san yeah so we have we known each other how much and ruler gentle people think the difference between us and the best team is like huge but I think it's nothing it's a successful game it's like one outplayed it's like one solo kill or dragon or blue pup it could be anything I don't have any fear against IG welcome back to Emma side countdown just under four minutes away from today's semifinals in with Game one right around the corner I want to return to the jungle matchup that we were teasing earlier and how pivotable pivotable know pivotal my goodness agreed third time's the charm that matchup will be 40 L success yeah and we obviously look straight towards someone lightning who's gonna stop teal from succeeding in this game by being the most explosive game player on the rift like he is so insane in the early game and just finding every lane to gank even when you don't expect it and we know he's synergy with his solo laners especially his top notch and one thing he does that I really like I think very few jars can get away with it is he's willing to go in and trade one for one for him as long as his rookie or the shot getting to kill and it's actually worth the despite I wasn't giving a kill over to the team I mean the reality is is that Invictus gaming have changed the way that lethal Legends is played they are the front-runners and setting the agenda for this tournament and so much that starts with a name which is why it is so terrifying for xmithie when you look on the other side you have to hope that they've used these last few days Team Liquid to find a plan to make Xfinity relevant this game there's so many scenarios so many futures where it's just Ning dominating the conversation and the Jarvan game at least gave us one data point of okay yeah this is what it's myth he could be he needs to be that level every game to be competitive against Ning and that's the thing Forex mister there's a high chance he is gonna be you know the bad guy here because people will just blame him at the moment something goes wrong early but Delana also need to be better when they're getting ganked otherwise it's impossible for the jungle right for exam it he's got a tough decision ahead of him where does he go on the map and when to help his team get ahead but I do also want to take a look at the bot lane because interestingly enough we have two world champions going up against each other in Bala and court agent I mean you know that Invictus gaming are going to fight we've seen how bloody these bot lanes can be and so I think one of the avenues of plates are is to try to play through poor and double if these guys were your main carry this was supposed to be the super success for TL jacket with CC get an early game jungler throw everything at the kitchen scene and just hope that Invictus gaming will try to go toe-to-toe and you'll get the better of the day yeah it isn't the button from too many years of experience you know ahead of the IG Portland but that really shouldn't matter because I do Portland over the last year have already become world champions they have now won an LP elsewhere as well Jackie love this tournament has obviously had great team bites and balanced specifically you just saw in this graphic his forward percentage is 42% like that is insane because he knows if he's playing aggressive he has the mechanics to back up these different place he can pull off and the team will follow him and that's why bow LAN is so key as well together with Ning when it comes to setting up place one minute on the clock so now it's time for the most important part of the show the prediction game Pappas medley we're gonna start with you down the line look I definitely I think feel like Team Liquid could be more competitive in this series and some of the voices I've heard around but I think Invictus gaming are the huge overwhelming favorites I have them down as 3/1 I believe that in the second round robin the game style they showed again and again and yes with the pressure off was something that could be targeted but target once not targeted three times we've already seen IG in group stages and regular seasons be a little bit more loose and then in playoffs really turn it on that's happening today IG will 3-0 team liquids frost I got a mini game for you to yell fnatic had the fastest world championship against IG just lasts longer than fnatic 10 you're looking at 89 minutes I think it's gonna be at 300 but just try to hold on alright well so Papa smithy the only one here calling a single game for Team Liquid in this best-of-five iron they can surprise us even more than that as we gear up for this first game of the day our first semi-final here at Emma side 2019 the wait is almost over we're moments away from game one so let's meet the teams hello sir tinkle lighter hope you later bye centralization shop banging Shaka our leader in Estonia monkey Seungyeon 2010 simple experiment allows you to think in a hundred human food sandwiches edit out Rita since Iran we also wrote Sheena Tonto buying team p.m. to 10:30 sided butantã social drama company glanced upon a food commercial side out LPL side cheetah Invictus gaming I cheated [Applause] [Applause] no the shine diet me don't know yoki zhamuhe Jack in love [Applause] do bowel and people don't know you [Applause] so Lynn Kerem oh man thanks to your routine to Tonto playing I teach other [Applause] ginga-dono ma Hawaii homes are for the junkies and top coming to light so you pay me OC excite you come on Tim liquid [Applause] so no impact [Applause] diet at me please [Applause] Donald Jensen [Applause] yeah look double lift [Applause] do card JJ [Applause] people died yet my ki young darlin pen [Applause] no mandate to judge Natasha paying team liquids [Applause] Genta watchin for our limit Oh Antonio monkey jeongyeon she died nineteen knockout stage I'm Clayton captain flowers rains joined by Sam Coby Hartman Kinsler and Jake spawn Tiberi to bring you into this best-of-five between Invictus gaming and Team Liquid and you heard it from the analysts s you heard it from both analyst s actually this is gonna be a difficult best of five for Team Liquid exactly right going up against the current world champions a team that is setting record speed rummy running through the MSI group so far but I feel like liquid has started to rise to the occasion has got a lot of their pick/ban and their strategy together and this is a team that is full of veterans full of a couple of world champions as well I have a lot of faith that they're going to be able to bring something special today I think the hope was breathed back into the nation just in the last day of group stages it was breathe back into major group stages Team Liquid had a rough few days there in the middle but getting that final win against g2 beating the rival in Europe as well as avoiding the tiebreaker situation that often na finds itself in big win for Team Liquid hopefully it also helps them feel more confident coming into today's series and the entire tournament you've heard from double lift that he thinks that they're so close on the precipice of being able to break into what is now the top three in saying that Invictus gaming they dropped one game the entire group stage it looked like at times they were playing with their food they've shown a variety of strategy especially through the jungle roll this is a team that can beat you in two so in many ways it certainly is every member of this team is a threat and they deserved their world championship they deserve the skins that they have put on display at this tournament and let's not forget the difference between this teams group stage performance and brackets to earn not bracket knockout stage performance during worlds this is the team that actually finished second in their group behind fnatic and then well once they had to play fnatic in the finals turns out they had a much different performance so we know IG can flip a switch to go even further beyond once they get to these best of fives we'll see how they do it here up against Team Liquid as we get into champion select for game number it's gonna be Invictus gaming targeting that support pool as we so often see against core JJ Gallio and Tariq banned away with bans from Team Liquid we'll look to the solo lanes and those flex pics Jayce and a colleague remove from the table and this is what we saw from Team Liquid in their last couple of games just get rid of three flex packs don't allow the shy and rookie to get the best champions and be able to move them around the map I feel like impact and Jensen need to know what they're playing against if they have a shot in this game definitely agree there X meet auch tall' ittle bit about it in his interview after the last day of groups part of their success at the end there is for picking more aggressive Lane matchups and a more aggressive jungle matchup for him to go to those Lane matchups and help out all right solution banned away the Recon band away IG what is gonna be that first pick the rise that we so often saw be the first pick for blue side over the course of groups is up and locked in now for Mikey and I feel like so far this big ban is gone pretty much is expected for Invictus gaming because we've heard from the analysts s that the lane that they want to get ahead is doublelift Inc or JJ well already you see so many bands towards that Lane then the fact that tal actually have to take the Recon off the board this hints it may be a Tom Canberra's Lane coming out and that's not a lane that you necessarily necessarily want to play through if you are smithy even if he has grabbed himself a good early game jungler I would like to point out though as much criticism of Team Liquid solo laners have gotten for not playing all of the Flex picks Silas is one that both impact and Jensen have had successful games on still very much open here with the first two picks Alex can go either Lane and they've gotten the Jarvan a key champion here for X myth he one of the two champions that he has found wins here and MSI with already also his most played so far here at MSI a lot of fans probably happy to see him on that one but across the table I'm sure I G fans like to see Ning on an aggressive play making type of jungler with a lot of early control Lee sin really fits that bill and this is a thing about man you know we keep talking about rek sai and Java but he's also got the Elise and the Lee sin so more early game junglers at his disposal the early priority in the draw from Team Liquid doesn't affect ming in the same way it might affect other players and we saw also a brown flash out of Ning there potentially something that now teamliquid can look towards because it has been one of co JJ's better champions this year definitely well could be I really do like Ning oddly sin because of the extra mobility of this champion really like allows a player like that more flexibility and trying to get over you know more interesting gank paths to really help out those solo lanes yeah it's something that we've talked about a lot his ability to dodge our vision has been great so far you know chlid has certainly led the charge for jungle is at this tournament but on his de Ming has shown that he is up there with the best junglers in the world well as the first half the draft gets wrapped up here it's gonna be Kaiser for IG Brom for Team Liquid that means neither side has both components of its bottom lane drafted both sides also still looking for a solo laner but it could be either solo lane considering the Flex strength of what we've seen so far team lick we're gonna target the mid lane there ban out the LeBlanc from rookie as Invictus gaming says hey we don't want della left on the ad carry that he's played the most so far in the tournament will ban the varus yep they steal away the Caixa they banned the varus I think they'll continue to target double lift I think it is also good for Team Liquid though that they did get that Brahmi are talking about spawn before the second round of bans come in the reason they opted for the problem over something like the tahm Kench Brom brings so much to a teamfight and they have settled on trying to winning those team fights through the mid games also a very good champion of punishing Jackie love Jackie love has had questionable positioning if you dive into the backline too early as a casa you get tagged yet knocked off you immediately will fall down I feel like coach AJ is one of those cerebral supports that reads the play nicely responsible for so much of the cleanliness of teen liquids games domestically that's why he landed himself the MVP and I love him on this pick up all right we're gonna see Nautilus and Ashe band away as the final two bands here of this draft we'll see what Team Liquid wants to go with here whether they want to pick up that ad carry for doublelift which is what you would expect and there you go Sivir the lock-in for DL and so much of tiel's narrative has been built around get a better team fight on already if you got Brahman sever I don't know what bottom lane kind of does that better you can also pass them mid for the one free one pretty versatile I'd also say Brom and ever is one of the bottom lane duo's that controls minion waves the easiest Sivir can annihilate a minion wave very very quickly with the AoE braum can even shield and push up offensively at turrets or defensively at your own turret Invictus gaming gonna respond by picking their support in the Alistar so plenty of engaged there a lot of tower diving potential as well if I 2 wants to get scrappy and the mid lane pick is going to be syndra that means it'll be the shy up in the top lane they're on the rise we've only seen it from him once so far this tournament yeah and when you're looking at it maybe you know something like the Nico can go up and trade quite well we've already seen impact have a pretty impressive performance on it this is why I like the early job and it gives you some legitimate ad carry a tee threat on the top side of the map and it allows impact to play something like a mate's it has more teamfight impact this would be a difficult matchup for a gangplank but now that he has that Nico of pected he showed during the group stage the flexibility of the comps have improved here for liquid and remember impact was one of the few for ap Nico's did not go with the on hit build this is not the split push on hit attack speed Nico build last time we saw it at least went for the AP comes in with a big flank for the rest of the team you can see very clearly what Team Liquid strategy is but IG here with the rise on top for the shy that is always a scary point Leeson and Ryze can combine for early kills and then rise turns into an unstoppable split pusher right you look at the side of Team Liquid who could you possibly send to answer the rise the only one would really be the Silas and that means Jensen's gonna have to have a good game if it gets to that point we know Team Liquid likes to play the early game a little bit slow IG doesn't like the same thing I'll go ahead just go on record putting it that way this team likes to get very very scrappy very very quickly and we'll see if Team Liquid is prepared to go up against the reigning world champions in a best-of-five the trophy on your screen right now what's in everybody's minds semi finals into finals you only got two series maximum left to play separating you separating between you and that trophy and ends tire springs worth of play for both of these teams to get here now last chance to move on ladies and gentlemen welcome on to summoners rift for the first semi-final match of MSI 2019 Team Liquid vs. Invictus gaming IG in the blue tal in the red you can see the champions making their way out onto the rift right now as they run out of the summoners platform we'll see how they decide to start off this best-of-five and Team Liquid is immediately going into enemy territory yep going for the invade here because they have the Brom one of the strongest level 1 players in the game with the Q he can shove them off meanwhile as you see on the mini-map there was a counter invade from Invictus gaming excessive empath in and they're getting vision on the Team Liquid red buff as you can see Team Liquid trying to counter this counter invade one thing I also want to point out before we get any further look at impacts items and his Keystone it's press the attack and Dorian's blade is not the team fighting ap Nico this is a split pusher the teamliquid will have to make sure can succeed and look whilst it might not have been our first choice you can certainly understand the process here because it is going to have to be very different it's so it's gonna have to be a very different style here you need to be able to shut down the shy and keep him away from those late-game cards alright starting out on the bottom side we can see double if the core JJ trying to shove the minion wave as quickly as possible check 11 battle and also trying to push back now one thing I want to go ahead and set the stage for a little interesting stat for Team Liquid so far over their course of group stage play during main MSI group stage Team Liquid is the only one of the six teams to have a 100% win rate with a lead at fifteen and a 100% loss rate with a deficit at fifteen the early game will tell so much for this squad well sir part of the effect of that stat was that they didn't have very many winning early games four of them that's actually exactly correct sir I don't know how you managed to predict that that's amazing and Wow oh this is been happening you saw the good early game vision for the liquid lineup secure bottom line scuttle crab and also a lot of security for this push IG meanwhile fought back quite hard on the early game but that has opened up an avenue potentially for their smithy to either go for an invade or look for a gank bot yeah X Missy with double buffs has his eyes on mid lane already rookies push pretty far up Ricky could be very vulnerable here on this Sentra a champion without a inbuilt escape mechanisms a nice splash away from the combo leathersmith e means rookies going to stay safe that is a successful gank by expect aching the flash away from the syndra will make her play much more respectfully for Jensen in this mid lane and we do get a first pause here to take a deep breath and it's not only just about burning the flash you know for a future kill setup here but it's also the ability to unlock Jensen around the map we know about Silas is pushing ability and then if Jensen can get into the top lane impact the Shia you know better yet four-man rotate down into that bottom line with that Sivir all of a sudden if you control the middle portion of the map you can start attacking IGS aggressive side lane and just looking at the matchups this is a very good choice for X mithi silas does have his own gap closer as well as Jarvan having one built in so taking the flash away from syndra who has no escapes without the summoner spells it has a huge effect this is at the very least going to draw Ning's attention to bring vision and to bring some presence from the Invictus gaming side around mid lane as well and that's what you want to see from Team Liquid is just expected getting involved no matter where it's me has had a pretty low jungle proximity overall this tournament he hasn't been a lowest isn't it yeah it is actually the lowest all of the main 16s in groups and so people want to see him get more involved whether it's mid or whether it's from the side lanes expect these early jungle pressure will mean a lot for this team it was the exact pathway to success for Team Liquid on the last day of groups versus g2 where x myth he goes mid lane for Jensen repeatedly and they're able to get some mid lane control in the game to actually open up their options towards the mid game that being said you know this is only the three minutes into the game here and things are just getting started quick update for everybody at home it appears Ming's client alt tabbed out so we're investigating what caused that to happen to be able to get back into the game here in just a moment and get things rolling this shouldn't be too extended of a break in the action which I'm very thankful for as you can tell by the dismay of the crowd when the pause happened everybody's been excited for this series people want to see what Knockouts has to bring this is our first chance to really see how these teams adapt and improvise over the course of the best-of-five as well groups has that whole aspect of anything can happen it's best of one somebody can always take a game off of anybody but a best-of-five is the true test of your ability to really overcome and prove your superiority to your opponent yeah I completely agree and I think the major factor here was it it was TL that we were looking towards to change something because obviously IG very successful group stage you can just continue what you're doing and pop pop bottom bottom side foul I'm gonna go ahead go in on two double if there gets knocked down below 300 HP takes a bite out of the biscuit and he'll be feeling up yeah oh sorry and I was gonna say and the adaptation does seem to be that gets maybe a lot more priority in the drop and then get him on the map early Jensen repaid a lot of what Smithy's work was in that game so I like the fact that it's Jensen that in this matchup even though he's going into rookie may be the best player in the world that gets the early photos and now we're looking at the bottom lane good trade there from Bala lon they are a little bit ahead in the sustain game with the potion bottom line has also been an area that has performed a little bit under expectations for Team Liquid at this tournament so see if they can hold on here so far so good topside actually we have a recall from X mithi and I really love when jungling through this recalling it close enough to make something happen exactly Lane starting to push back into impact that would be a great guy time for a gank deny a lot of that experience you know we've already closed about it snare interlacing is probably a free kill at this stage even with flash have a noun in bottomland really good ward there by court JJ up into this forward brush that Ning was about to head into that being said Alistar can still force engages there we go again double if I can find himself jumped on by bow on gets Stern stunned in return plenty of damage being put down on the Invictus gaming bottom side but his Ning walks into the brush the ward will spot him out and teamliquid will not go any further forward and I loved how Col JJ played that he played off double if double if doesn't try and spell shield ahead by pole that does not work instead now mid lane again Benson not quite finding these stuns with Silas means he can't get the lock down on the rookie that he needs to really make these ganks sing and ningke's still just waiting in that brush smithy knows exactly where he is right now interested that he didn't try and get a third person down in this line maybe wave too big yeah and now they're actually both going for the scuttle crab but that is 100% Invictus gaming territory yeah because their bottom Lane pushes up already allowing three members to come take this annex mithi not catching up on camps actually just sticking around and watching this happen yeah there's no way Forex Mitte to ever even dream of contesting that not against an Alistair on Kasich coming up there right with the Lisa yeah I think with the communication there you should know definitely that the bottom lane you're pushing up the waves should have full autonomy from the Invictus gaming side to go help out with that and this is the other half of X mythic going for that successful gank in mid lane burning the flash Ning hard farm he cleared all of those camps you can see 32 CS for him to the 24 now of xmithie and then he did waste a bit of time down there on the ward trying to camp bottom and whilst Lee sin is known for this early game pressure he is a jungler spiked very hard at level 6 and is a great warrior encampment as well so there's nothing wrong with hard farming with the W stud he also clears really really quickly at the moment and quite healthily so try and repel a lot of counter engage a counter invasive not much smithy can do to really pressure Ning right now have a would have liked to seen all that time that Ning wasted bottom Lane utilized for xfinity to go back to spar me and as we hit level 6 for the solo laners and take a look at the state of the teleports everybody who has won has used it now after going back to base for the first time and shopping up so with Ultimates online with those teleports down this is a good time for junglers to get involved in the sole away but now we're gonna see a 2v2 here in the middle a rookie could be in some trouble gonna be dodging away from the stun here yet Jennsen taken very low did he happen to back himself out for us to flash away and Team Liquid will be on the losing end of that one yes they try and repeat gank they're on the flash lists Indra but Ning is there in time with the counter gank here and they end up burning expense flash now a little bit vulnerable Jensen 0 for 3 on these Silas stuns Winnick Smith he comes to his Lane we're gonna have to tighten that up land those skill shots if they want these ganks to work out could be different if they're able to get the lock down onto that value target buttock smithy now you're not the red buff will smite it justice being places the ward over the wall means no chance to steal and you can see the shy ducking into fog award does have a level 6 in the ultimate available so smoothly has to be very careful top side of the jungle right now invades can come from anywhere call however now playing the counter gank you roll things still camping around mid for a fitness gaming though or JJ steps up makes his presence known so Ming's not gonna come out here and try to do anything until core JJ goes away at least Ming's still wanting to make this happen but no kick available but it's been very obvious so far the TL think that mid game mid lane is success here so much attention already from both smithy and core JJ into this area of the map critical now that Jensen not going up for these minions thinking back to past under to the kick and there's your first blood and victus dave and get themselves on the board and whilst being wasted a lot of time bottom lane this time the patience pays off no eyes on pal and leaves up with hold that they get the flash out of Jack you love cop side impact in the Shire going at it got impact looking to find himself the solo kill here but as the shy runs down into the brush impact is not comfortable chasing forward he has no idea where the mid and jungler are for IG and he's not gonna take that fight and it's amazing what vision gives you you can see that control Ward as soon as the shy ran back towards the lane brush so you don't want anything to do with the impact and as low as the Hellfire look the passive you have to worry about here comes Ning topside making this fight unfair rather quickly impact forced to flash away yep ning here making some moves in the mid-game to show top side though so expand and answer back with the infernal drink on the other half of the map this should work seeing as how team liquids bottom line is the one puts up now gold slightly in favor of Invictus gaming but dragon at 2k health yeah priority on two lanes mid as well as bottom just main z2 on lost control of this area I like the vision the bang for another thing go in the way of Invictus gaming that's summoner spell expended for it he did have to use the flash but getting the kill especially against a Nico that's on hit that's gonna be split pushing is so work you have two kills for the two solo lanes now with Ning and Bao law and both visiting smithy gonna continue to try and punish for the top side focus that did cost impact his flash and his life by stilling away this red buff to take another look at it because the flash was burned earlier from impact by Jing the shy goes in nose is gonna be able to get that route falls it up with Q yeah very simple kill coming in there for the shy however I do like the fact that while smithy didn't head tough to try and ward that off did get a big objective in the eternal and the right pop on the opposite side of the map so you have to say this early game whilst that solar kill is a little bit ugly is very good so far for Team Lakewood would say from the side of Invictus gaming as far as their game plan though getting the early money onto the rise to fund the mana multiplier bills here is gonna be huge the shy we have not seen the shy really flex is muscles during this tournament with how much people look up to this player it is extremely scary to get some early gold on him and especially with how scrappy IG like to get once they have that little bit of a lead this is the team that leads in total number of kills and kills per minute over the course of MSI every other teams rate of kills drops if you remove their games against IG from their average everything's bloody once this team gets going and the more of a lead they have the scarier and the more confident they're going to be but that's a play style that lends some hope towards North American because we've also seen teams take double Nexus turrets away from them in the form of foam glue possible we've seen them drop that game against SKT in very quick fashion after they actually world record it the Korean lineup so this is a team that certainly still is showing holes within their gameplay meanwhile xmithie tries to get around the scuttle crab and around all of this vision for the shy to get back up here and answer but unable to do it and the shy is going to back right off I would say another good thing about the on hit Niko into a double ap solo Lane team of course you can go for that wit's end very early on looks like that's what impact is going to try for maybe got the Megatron cloak early on to try and deal with some of those hard-hitting cues for those who aren't aware of the Wade's new wits and scales the item has its minimum possible stats levels one through nine so it doesn't matter that he's still not completed it yet it will start scaling after nine to be more powerful on hit with both the damage and the healing we'll see if Ning can make another play happen here in the topside is on top of a war there's no reason impact should die to this gang he'll be hanging back and waiting for Ning to leave before he try anything expand eight is coming up they could try and be here with the ultimate impacts gets himself away Ning going in though jumping the safety TP coming in from TL they really wanna make a play out of this one Jensen showing up brown dwarfs gonna be coming out Jensen going right back in they're gonna be using the rail board to get behind them Invictus gaming trying to get Ning away he's going to be taken down this shine out could be the next target impact side stepping away from the over 0:40 l rookie makes his way up into the top side to get one back for the side of I G Jen she goes into the stopwatch giving himself in good enough shape now chasing further after rookie to Kingsley look at them healthy but Jensen's unable to find again core JJ rotates up and that's gonna make it a three kill play for Team Liquid he the Lakewood CO two kills on top side on the bottom side jakela and Balan are pushing mm in the meanwhile has rotated towards mid lane and that Sivir should be able to clear the minions just as quickly and I love that play from double if because he can't stay on that terrify himself however with this they should be able a a positioning over the rift Herald as well Coby turret bottom should not fall liquid come out so far ahead Team Liquid looking for proactive plays now turning their sights towards this rift out with a teleport mid and Ning showing it could get a little bit dicey but Jensen cancels the recall it comes Dell Jensen at half HP low mana here on the Silas thing of a shine not willing to give this one away but Team Liquid will not be scared off either expenses able to secure the roof tailed niggas gonna be caught on and burst it down that's Jensen gold on a rampage with this one impact now had to find his way into the fight felon could easily be the target get stunned uprooted Alfea yeah it looks like he will ntl rap the world champion state kind of drum print oh this is a target this is a huge swing in momentum for Team Liquid top side to successful plays gonna result in the complete destruction of the mid lane turret IG did get first turret first importantly that bonus gold will go over to Jackie Love who had so much free fighting time in the bottom lane but let's take another look at how all this happened I was trying to say that Ward saves lives they can set up a counter gank here with the teleport knowing that Ning was slipping into the brush this side amazing ultimate here from Jensen to be able to steal the rise ultimate get on the other side and as you can see on the mini-map right now core JJ that Brahm heading over for the long row is gonna be able to find him the extra kill brookie does flash in to get the Q and kill impact and that will be Invictus gaming only kill off of that play and off the back into the fight IG has the reset as you mentioned flowers say we're going to be able to get the bottom lane turret but they overcome it here this should have been liquid they should have been uncontested but IG never leave a man behind and they continue to fight but this time they lose if there was one thing that we were criticizing of Invictus gaming in the group stage it was their willingness to all-in on losing plays once someone has gone down they always feel the need to try and defend it this one ends up costing them a huge amount and this is why I brought up the stat about the IG kills this team always wants to fight as we cross the 15 minute mark I also want to bring it up that all don't they average the highest kills they average more deaths than kills in most of their games at 15 minutes that means they are going to get bloody early even if those fights go bloody the wrong way Team Liquid you can see they took more plates they have themselves to drakes and they've got the kill lead right now this is state of the game that you wanted to see Team Liquid in if you're a North American fan coming into this game this is where they have a chance now to make something happen in the mid game but in saying that I think it is important to check out where the gold leads are because a lot of it is centered around Smithee and Jensen both double lift and impact a behind the Shayan Jackie lobster side lanes still could potentially be an issue right now at the TL they need to make sure that while said reading these plays and not falling behind in things like CES and the bigger objectives on the map I will refer you to never mind there we go things start things off jackets way it's gonna be knocking Jensen back as battle on shows up and it's gonna be a three versus two the shia continue providing the damage over a sustained period of time things gonna be taken down almost dead shy still looking to find the king james life Kenton's best efforts that's how IG makes it work and you can see that now liquid getting sucked into the play maybe multiple members heading out they want to go look like an IG now the ones on the backfoot Jensen going in able to buy some time xfinity into the backline foul on going after the turret staying underneath they're not gonna be able to find the damage and he'll be brought down Jensen goes up stop Bullock Smith these swoops in Flash out for the shot keeping himself alive against the Cataclysm has Jackie and rookie make their way – man stun from rookie double if taken out expect es as well jeez strike rookie splits the corners there to Central Falls – stuns in different directions and they clean them both up what a room and cap OData there from rookie and the game she's pain so fast an idea the kings of playing a boss game as soon as T L stop buying into this play style everything can go wrong look they want in on this fight I think this is the way you have to go about it though Gentry's gonna start this one off they do get the ultimate out of a lightning flashes try and finish it up fix mid the ends on to try and take the red other two while this happens though so it allows mm get that that double kill with the nice cue through both members not keep an eye on the rest of the room so as rookie comes up with Jackie love beautiful double stun there and ultimate to finish off set the second kill under turret as well and the thing is is that they just couldn't get impact to the play everything there looked perfect if the flush I didn't have flash if maybe you know a stopwatch wasn't available but they're able to get five members of a g2 that play and only four members of TL that being said you saw on your screen their impact took the bottom turret during that mid rotation and now Jensen back out the topside will claim the third outer turret here for Team Liquid getting that single turret advantage this is the underdogs from North America going right at Invictus gaming the defending world champions Team Liquid having all three of the outer turrets down on the side of I G now means it's easier to move across the river into that IG jungle sit down some wards as you can see it's myth II and core JJ doing right now on your screen getting those on the backside of the red buff as well as into the pit to see if there's ever an opportunity to make a play and find a pick on to these IG members who often are going for smaller skirmishes they're not always grouped up at ba as v jackie level continued farming up there in the mid lane remember this Caixa once he does have this two item power spike of the rageblade in the storm rays are very scary and they couldn't have got to this part of the game in any better shape you know we mention the side length will folk Jensen and impact right now can actually match the shy they're very similar in golden items both of them about to have the teleport available whilst rookie who's on the ignites Indra not going to like this one three one style as much and I think we would really highlight that point by highlighting the vision if we toggle vision from Invictus gaming point of view right now the entire team liquid side of the map is dark to them so they have to reactively deal with the split push here at the same time Invictus gaming are world champions for a reason when this team gets into fights they are also individually talented and mechanically skilled they can outplay almost anyone and Team Liquid have to respect the skill of their opponents here pushing up into enemy territory looking at red buff away Jackie love will secure it with the occasion rain getting himself back towards mid things staying right next to him just in case team liquid spilling fights and I have to say that I would have loved Jensen's to stay in the top lane keep rookie away from the play they have a teleport advantage right now that could have been a fight the T L look for but because Jensen left first rookie Abril also creepies way down they don't want that fight dragon about to spawn here and Jensen does have teleport but like that he's pushing topside preparing for this Drake if they can get that moving first the bigness gave me go right at mid though double if the next 50 the two here to try to defend this core JJ coming around from the side is impacting the Shai finding themselves on a1 b1 here in the bottom side and impact is just too no way to make that one work as Belle laughs taking down there in the mid lane it's one for one across the map Jenson's coming into five kill Silas working his way into the teamfight forces the flash at a rookie but that's all she wrote is support for top lane or kill you know the only saving grace their top laners take teleport so impact even though twenty seconds left in the death chamber here can teleport back out and because they got the mid way of pushing they can take another dragon teamliquid will manage to secure themselves that third elemental drake of the game second cloud means plenty more rotational speed as they're trying to switch back and forth through these lanes but the state of impact versus the shy right now load is insane Invictus gaming gonna start up the bear and we've seen them do this before they're gonna try and burn straight through this thing 8,000 health and Counting can Team Liquid get there to Cadets like that makes almost gone team look what's coming over but IG is already secured in TL of sleep the wheel and Invictus gaming make the call that could very well turn this game right back around what a play from the World Championship team taking that Baron let's look at the replay one more time as they goofed up on the mid turret yeah go take a look for an ambitious blanket however the fact that PAL land steps a little bit too far boys maincity you'll ultimately fall down and I like this play because whilst impact is dead I think Balan is more important for the teamfight oh the Invictus gaming line up but then the Barons are followed this is why people credit not just the playing bottom land rife Jensen's in some trouble too shy closing in 15 Ryze is very scary yeah that's not exactly what you wanted to see there is explodes down to make sure Jensen gets away okay that will cost the flash of the team liquid mid lane and I was gonna say that Baron highlights something about Invictus gaming that LPL fans have not been able to get excited about the brain as double lift also takes some damage of this lineup to be able to sneak objectives like that and it's something that Invictus gaming have done at this tournament already now mid turret is going to melt here with the Baron buff they're charging forward 2,000 gold power play and we know that IG is one of those teams that will explode with bear and we compared this to the slower style of the traditional teams like what you would see from SKT back during groups I is the kind that's really just gonna want to send it home as for JJ eats a little damage there in the midlane teamliquid just bracing for impact here trying to weather the storm or may take you back dude champion select the scariest part about the Invictus gaming the first pic tries the shy now huge in this side land can not be dealt with we just saw impact try and go toe-to-toe and it wasn't even close I mean these two levels down there's so much gold difference between them now not to mention the field is a little bit hard Ilan forced to ulti there on the Alice star in the mid lane he'll be safe but not having that Alice our Ultimates pretty big really gonna hand for your team fight ability especially turret dive capabilities without that being around the Baron buff really empowering that rise that we're talking about though Invictus gaming can easily slip into there one for right now get most of this top lane turrets but they actually pull back off of the mid lane it might call it there and this is the danger of the on hit Nico build if you fall behind the curve if you're not able to deal with your opponent and that 1v1 what you're offering to the teamfight is very little compared to most other champions in the game so impacts got a long road ahead of them in this game to being able to really make something happen the man on your screen right now Jensen this is the key player for Team Liquid in this game five one and two on the Silas seven and a nine kill participation he has the Luden's he has the thought about working on that Sonja's next he's gonna need to make some big plays in these fights and with all the praise you just heaped on Jensen I still don't think you can split foot push versus a shy so they don't have either of this all the lanes remember when TL we're in control of this game they would be able to match both now with I keep grouping out they might have a way in it's like I G's on the retreat as SS going on to hunt team liquid going in Bella's gonna be the target here at the starving ultimate is gonna be a rather easy target not stunned up though means he is gonna be kept alive rookies grabbing this done down onto to the shy gets himself away off the side able to find the Cataclysm is Xfinity on that Invictus gaming solo laner to yell getting themselves away now for JJ gonna be taken very low x50 also now gonna be killed will he even escape the pop blossom keeps him alive but Jackie seals his fate Invictus gaming have to and they're looking for number three Invictus gaming avoid the initiation there turn around Sun Chips it's going right back in but it's only into his death he is shut down by Ning and with him out of the picture IG is free to continue pushing up poor JJ's been I'm gonna find himself caught out double a kick back in the team and Team Liquid is he Visser rated and it can Team Liquid look for the fight without members available and they fall now with 36 seconds on double it they might push for the ends this is what Invictus gaming matches look like it's very even they don't build themselves up dramatic leads early on its scrappy it's messy but once they get ahead the lead explodes as the team homes in on the Nexus and an ending uncharacteristic show of patience now I cheat back the way out of the face this looks like a great fight but once again Jensen misses to change Sistani they're going in he's gonna steal away the Alistar and then Team Liquid feel like they've committed here walking around the shy actually for so much damage there on the back line and after the commitment from x50 going in they just don't have the health to continue for JJ on ten percent for the entire team fight as soon as you split you're just playing into the havoc style of IG they have the tools to case with the Kaiser Altman and it looked okay at this point not the best team fight but then to continue to turn onto members you just see they're playing right into I see well they just don't have any damage left at this point as they do that why you going it they do land the Sun but nothing to follow it up and that allows bow on to get in they're continuing to dive diving between two turrets here Invictus gaming don't lose a champion and they've taken full control going entity in there Jensen returning to the fight as well as double if two more JJ both sticking around afterwards when there's literally nothing they could do to save that turret it felt like Team Liquid wasn't really sure what they should be doing at that point communication wasn't all there they've definitely have themselves in a really bad spot now and they're going to have to work really hard to defend this down 4,000 gold Invictus gaming grabbing their first Drake of the game pushing down in the bottom lane now Baron buff has expired baron is going to be live here in about 15 more seconds we'll see if GL can make a team fight half and nice stun comes through from rookie Jensen's gonna be hurt by that one battle on with a hex flash doesn't take anywhere but just look at the shy in the mid lane you know with the ultimate with the teleport going to be able to join this he's just shepherding super creeps in Team Liquid can't defend both points at the same time so IG slowly starting to pull the map apart and they're doing a good job of it leaving Jackie they're in the bottom lane waiting on the creeps to show up so he can continue to push into the tier 2 the shy could probably one beat you almost anyone at this point so he's not too worried about hanging out by himself does have the realm warp to get close to the fights as long as they're not super far away and even if they are he's got the TP to make his way in there through that Avenue to Baron is live you can see some wards from Team Liquid around that top part of the jungle but it's still a pretty big ask to go into that fog of war and facecheck Invictus gaming I think the Invictus gaming have plenty of time to reset here after all the gold that they have earned taking that tower now they can get their recalls off to buy more control wards and then head out to the bear and still with half of the duration left on this downed inhibitor through mid lane they have all the pressure and you can see that they feel like they have the superior put split pusher so they can send the shy bottom line with teleport if they want to play this one slowly they can just group around Baron Vickers have already shown they can win the teamfight really Team Liquid playing multiple facets of this now on the back foot and I want to see whether once again is justified he's getting himself caught out though it's mithya Jensen finding quite a lot of damage down on to the IG jungler taking it down to about 25% impact gets disengaged on Jensen goes into a very early hourglass as double it pops on the hunt but won't find much from it IG easily disengaged there yep Ning's able to get a recall off heels in base and it's the five before but without the Sivir Altima speed the threat really isn't there the guaranteed engaged only gonna come from X myth e-liquid venturing out into their own jungle but IG has set up shop rookie with these stuns just does it all the time again and again in the fights foul on starting things off going into the Alistar alternate give himself alive for now expending continue in the chain CC and the IG support is good gear it's a 1 for 0 for Team Liquid but is IG gonna look to take this any further they still have full health on the remaining four members and they're going into the Baron pit we've seen this before rise Altima from IG into the Baron pit they're trying to burn it down expense these in some trouble gets himself away from Ming wants to take the blast Cohen over the wall to stay alive keep the possibility of the spite seal intact if Ning goes down it could be very good here for Team Liquid impacts able to find that shut down Jensen now looking a 1v2 against the cheyenne jackie love rookie keep herself alive off to the side they submit the escapes and everybody on team liquid still alive and baron is stopped five members still alive for Team Liquid they actually surgically remove the jungler here and that should put a stop to the threat xmithie though sticking around but we're not done yet Jackie loving the SH I can see them in for removing swords the shy of the wallet the flash and Jensen is destroyed the shy is on a rampage and once again the aggression of IG catch TL on OS now with the mid laner not available one of the most been members of the Tijuana they can just go back towards its baron as soon as that jungler comes alive here in about four seconds IG is in a really good spot there is no teleport on Jensen when he revives as well so Invictus gaming know at Ning heading straight back out there exceed be the one man to try to change things here for Team Liquid but now that he's caught out Jackie love and bow on will continue looking for the Jays the shiz also here except if he gets himself away he's alive but damn is he injured and red buff stolen away by Jackie love is Invictus gaming gets themselves out of Team Liquid territory they don't want to risk anything here nice stuff from rookie now he finds himself separated from the rest of the team impact coming around from the side they're Team Liquid Ward's disabled in the fair and pin it's fit the core JJ and devil at the all coming from behind singing baby this is stoppable it does not look like annexing over the wall in the pit but Barrett is secured by Jackie love as Team Liquid now has to disengage they've already lost its Miffy and it's 4v5 against a baron Duff IG and IG will be able to secure it it's Smith he gets into the pit he turns it into what was at 5050 but not able to outsmart me and look risky therefore IG with how many tools they had to actually allow the jungler to approach and then enter the pit and die after the Baron goes down little bit close for comfort here Kobe and Nick this game he showed no fear let's take another look at it here and a little bit of slow bow 15k Smith he gets in does go for these dings mic so they burned Azolla they bursted it with Ming and rookie and Jackie love is the one who actually got the last hit on to Baron that was in smite territory there's no suppression there's 500 health on the parent that was 100% stealable but not able to do so so in bad hypothetical here's not going to help the liquid line up they need to be able to win a teamfight and they're gonna have to do so from significantly far behind they find themselves 6,000 gold in the hole now as IG marches up the top lane mid lane inhibitor has respawn but still exposed means IG can also force a fight on that if need be Val on over the wall looking for an opportunity to go in if you find it the shy is grouped up with the rest of Invictus gaming as they push up into this remaining tier 3 turret seeing if maybe there's a bush to be made with these Baron up cannon minions teamliquid holds the line for now and I'm so surprised at IG at consistently grouping as five it seems like they do have a way to play the sidelines but they're disregarding bottom which is currently pushing into them they don't care about the mid lane inhibitor well I only just showing now yeah this guy going to that open lane they're still right at the gates here on the topside teamliquid how the Sivir ultimate could pop that Go button they would then need a smoothie to charge right in liquid are losing this turret pretty rapidly down to 130 HP the shy allowing the minions to just chunk away at this inhibitor piece by piece Invictus gaming still staying very far pushed up they want to be as forward as possible clear these minion waves out instantly give there's as much time as possible to provide them firing time onto the inhibitor itself steam if it goes in down the time the wall on the back line is providing some opportunity there the rats of Phoenix busy now having to get himself away Jensen on the front line also injured nobody dead on the side of teamliquid but your engage is spent your health bars are Spitz and IG are still looking pretty strong that's definitely going to be at least mid lane inhibitor everyone from Team Liquid going back to heel in the fountain but a business gaming with the Baron buff should get it it looked like such a close start to the fight but the rookie just says nor the scatter of the weak stopping any form of engaging now without Smithy's ultimen have become so much harder catch it Contessa start IG continuing this push they've got 30 seconds left on Baron teamliquid without their big engage mechanisms gonna have a very difficult time to video that here we go double kill over the impact politics 50 will to high G now in full retreat the shines gonna be caught I shut down for jet said that Team Liquid go four for one and it is impact with the route on the side finding three members falling up with its own ultimate and this is a huge play let's take another look how he lines it up Jackie love and mink and rookie in fast hitting it for JJ flashing to follow up they instantly pop things and this is all wow critically the shy was pushing mid lane so the rise damage wasn't there for the initial fight Jensen did Falls it up does land that chain and Team Liquid I bought themselves some life and Kobe you mentioning maybe the reason that note splitting is because of all the hot engage tools while the shy finally felt safe to leave because that wasn't available but it is impact the top laner of liquid that was so doubted coming into this tournament once again coming up clutch freeze team impact now having that Ginsu rageblade wits and blade of the ruined King on hit trifecta completed for these next fights if he doesn't get blown up instantly by the shy he can put up quite a lot of damage with this machine gun Nico but look across the board for 0 and for Kai stuff from Jackie love six items fully completed this is a very scary Kaiser in saying that I mean the Simba also looking pretty good against this squishy lineup being able to pick up the five damage items for doublelift and now they're confident off the stream down mid lane we are getting to that late-game stage right here 35 minutes into the game doublelift only has to upgrade his quicksilver sash me to will be at a full build so much sawing has gone on at this point does that seem liquid with the elemental Drake's that are also giving them a boost Sathya Invictus gaming can take advantage of the mid inhibitor pressure being down though and once again aggressive posturing but Ning is in base if any CC tags Bal and there you feel like tal can run over that teamfight IG are playing so aggressive without five members you want to talk about a grasp here goes Team Liquid fell on the target at the start of the Alice does not really the guy you can engage on and try to burst down he will be taking about half HP Asterix spin the ultimate as well means he will be vulnerable here in the next fight rookie looking for maybe a counter engage there finds himself the stun Jensen not gonna get the stun back on to Jacky love fights still gonna be continuing for now impact throwing the clone forward he comes out looking to save control over mid lane to they're shoving the minions trying to protect their impact cordage and double if they're all trying to protect the red minions so that they can take the tower and actually push inside the base that's the name of the game as long as you keep at least one minion alive the backdoor protection is not going to kick in devil is what the Sivir is able to put so much damage on to these structures top lane that Tier three will finally fall on the side of team liquid the minions make sure of that but liquid will take down and in him of their own from Invictus game and they still have time for bear and 25 seconds left on the shine he does have teleport so Ning may try and delay them will Invictus gaming actually go for this the timings actually going to sync up 15 seconds now on the shy with teleport this is where games are made and broken gentlemen this Baron could determine so much of what's about to happen team lit but already starting things up and going for it you can see pings from TL on their own base recognizing the status of the minion wave they're in the top lane baron taken very low taken down haiji are already channeling the teleport they don't want to allow Team Liquid to walk away from this one battle on snot made his way into the fight just yet being top blind themself a kick but it's not gonna do too much just yet double it's not kicked over the wall which means down things gonna be isolated beaten down drop is the Guardian aim fine he'll be knocked around it hurt to hear a little bit but similar so to go below rampage I'm gonna find the killer if you picked this game each other for real battle on it's now the target neck and back taken very low-key from set of wine Smith the devil of silver find some damage but the shine strikes back Jackie shy and rookie all still alive Oh still running got it that teamliquid look disengage they walk away with the Baron but IG chase teamliquid away it look like double if had them all lined up but multiple songs from rookie make that teamfight even and the shy and Jackie loved on the top side are able to fend them off what a flank let's take another look at it you mean get find that finds that kick on the double but there's nobody there to fought up so initially it's the guardian angel that he pays to force disengage and teamliquid stick around after that bow on then initiate on bottom side impact goes on their top side strike at the to be one but this looks like the drain stone are you you'll finding a front to back in it chose with so much CC and it was really rookie that held the line here if that stun doesn't hurt his stuff they just catch a spoon critically in this fight as well Jackie love dropped down to about 100 HP never lost his guardian angel that is still up for the next teamfight what a game for watching everyone because this is just game number one night now Team Liquid returning to the mid lane they're the ones with baron buff now big stun could come through keep your eyes on the syndra from rookie also keep your eyes on the elder Drake remember team liquid has baron they control the map they're stronger along with the fact that those four elemental Drake's you mentioned earlier means if they secure the elder they are a force of nature and they're just starting to look like they're winning out on these teamfights Smithy's build lube Allen is starting to really out scale anything that means going to be able to bring he's gone himself that Knights valve for double live to be able to stay alive take a look at the mini-map here they have impact pushing on the topside well they're setting up around the elder dragon with their control ward they're starting to burn it down and they should get this objective remember outer track is not like a bear and this is one big loop pinata with wings he goes down really rapidly he'll be taken pretty low teamliquid securing this one IG no contest MTL have double uber buffs seem liquid with a successful split push the Behrend of impact on the attack speed Niko has teleport and can now join the rest of the team as they seek bottom and I just don't know whether IG now have the tools they don't have the flash on the other side they don't have it on this I know teleports available this is going to come down to a teamfight but with double buffs how do they win impacts not here we know IG is an explosive team they've got an itchy trigger finger for these kinds of fights we'll see if they're able to engage before the Team Liquid top laners are able to make his way towards this fight bout a lot over the wall still gonna be staying safe for now Kanon minions doing the work under the tier 3 gonna be taking every ball gonna be taking it down there it goes you're on the hunt I cheat on the retreat rookies already gonna be killing Team Liquid has found the IG mid later jetsons of the killing spree Till's got blood in their eyes if they can in the game right here fell off the next target Jensen takes him down as well double the pump the class give himself a live now to hear Alex Wente will continue pushing forward one nexus turn is gone like what strike first and look at that the Team Liquid fans in the crowd in Taipei traveled so far and are rewarded Team Liquid the underdogs the upstarts from North America will strike first and I just cannot believe that we're talking about a team that came into this tournament with a top laner that couldn't go against the likes of the shy with a Rasta that just was so you know so many question marks and to come out in game number one resist the storm that is a cheese early game and then out teamfight the world champions that's impressive it has been said so many times that you cannot conform to the styles of the other teams at the tournament and it was shocking to hear Team Liquid repeat that at this tournament but in the nick of time they do it they draft it once again and they're able to find success IG zexis Falls for the second time this tournament and here's the State Farm analyst desk for a breakdown of Game one Thank You captain flowers CL has done it they took their first game here against IG Papa smithy you're the only one to call a victory for TL in your predictions but it went late here for both these multiple Baron's going down and ultimately the double buffs elder + Baron 40 L is what they needed to close and we've all been through a lot of rodeos and this one was a super impactful one there was so much going on but the game ending right right here everyone around the world clenching yeah it was we were watching this game we were on our feet or jumping up and down we thought half we think like okay this is Invictus gaming again they got the barons probably gonna close out but props to Jensen props to impact pots to double if every single remember aunty L had their moment to shine in this game where they had the ball they stepped up and they dunked it and they got to late-game teamfights right maybe not hundreds in the way we expected it well it there was the IG got slightly ahead then IG obviously lost a couple of big fights tilcara had me like wow this is looking really good now they're just gonna keep like slowly go brush baron from IG multiple times like it kept bouncing back and forth in that way which is really interesting but also when you look at the drafts right you know tl with severe with the job and pick as well they want a late-game teamfight but they still had that Nikko which was this split pusher until guess what yeah yeah well hold on let's let's say let's roll back here for a second and let's really dive into this draft because we spent a lot of time focusing on on what a good or successful draft for TL might look like here at the top of the show and you mentioned that Sivir you kind of threw that name out nonchalantly hadn't seen it just yet so what I want to understand how we got to where we were first before we take a look at the endgame I mean it has all of the elements that you want which is this idea that it's going to be a team fighting draft because you do have the likes of like the Jarvan you put them in the Cataclysm and you're just rolling silver on top of them I do like some of the extra cherries or flourishes on top or you have the Niko who didn't go the AP team fight Niko Niko but went for the split push Niko now that said I think it is ingenious that IG if they knew that that was going to be a Sivir band the Lucian and then had the Alice star ready to counter it unfortunately for IG and good news for our tale fans that that didn't mean anything in the long run Balan had an awful Alistar game he wasn't able to impact the lane and eventually the teamfights took over if we're gonna grade it based on kind of the three drafts we saw in the countdown segment too now this to me is a b-plus cuz I like that they empowered Jensen with the pick champ is not LeBlanc but Silas does a pretty good impersonation there we wanted ex myth the on job and didn't think he could get it they had playmakers I said that bottom ok that makes sense it does fall back into the late game team fighting style but the second round I think fell apart a little bit because like you say the free counter pick meant a lot with the alley versus oh yeah and that's kind of thing we want to highlight with with the driver– we're not sure an order Silas Jarvan and Brahm in your first face very very good if you are Team Liquid and I think it's messy also had a good job in game it's really been his best chairman by far you know there's actually not even a second and right now it's just the job and sitting there but he managed to get it and and he did a lot of work on it obviously second face I think the ad Nico was extremely risky against Ryze then also late-game inside lane you just get you know killed in in split push but sometimes in these schemes you know it the first game of a series the ad Nico is the one who ends up having insane teamfight impact but not because of you know the damage but the CC you're providing right we saw that CC coming in in the top play and a three-man route into the ultimate for impact absolutely massive the damage wasn't necessarily there but it is where the CC came from but I want to roll back through the early game because it was a little bit back and forth the TL made some really moves and it's right there as well you know it's the fact that ming is looking for you insects he comes in he doesn't expect to be rude enough and it completely turns this lopsided where then TL start punching back and this is the thing about Invictus gaming they feed impact they are a choose your own adventure book and they just constantly make you make those choices repeatedly and consecutively you have to make the right choice and TL stood up to that today and that's the impressive in this game was super chaotic right it was going forwards and backwards was seeing kind of see-sawing lead and that's the sort of game where in previous games just until I know rollover they were up and ready for a fight day and that to me speaks to that mountain of experience to line up a stack to try to find international success standing up under a lot of pressure I gotta say overall looking at IG I'm actually very surprised it played exactly like they didn't do I really expected IG to come into this game and remove their let's go random 4v5 Ning is killing a wolf camp power line engages anyway these kind of things that they kept doing where there was a lot of openings given over that TL took advantage of I actually thought playoffs IG just like an appeal and the world would remove that part of the game you have to understand Invictus gaming had the greatest performance of their life at that World Championship so if you think that that is Invictus gaming all the time it is not since 305 they have cleaned up their final I will give you that but not to the same level of what we saw at Worlds this to me this is exactly what I expect it from Invictus gaming it's always gonna be scrappy it's always gonna be I'm gonna say arrogant at times I think that draft was really arrogant I think the place that they went for was very arrogant and they got a reality check here that's why I wanted to push back on this like Universal decision that 3-0 IG will be the result here is in the past when we had kind of the Korean super favorite that went very dominantly against one of these kind of outside contenders you kind of thought they would I'm out of the game IG give you chances why I said they'll always give you 1/3 so IG didn't play that best game TL was up for it and actually seized the day and won the game an incredible first victory here for Team Liquid but I think we have to highlight while looking at that gold graph there at the end of it that IG was still in control in terms of a gold perspective for a majority of the game and so if they can clean up some of those mistakes near the end game maybe close it out and take it from there so now looking forward real quickly to game 2 TL has elected to stay on red I think that is a crucial bit of knowledge or information that at least the team is giving us around their preference but winning from red they decide to stay on it the physio I think a big one is trading an sto pick for joven I've give over things like again the rise or one of these flex picks get a job and plus another flex figure on your side like the guy with Silas here that's the best opening part of a draft you can get and that's one advantage also you do remove a counter pick by being on red side from IG well I think some people a little worried we were gonna get the three out to kick off the LTL or knockout stage doesn't look like that'll be the case unless it is d liquid but they got in that surprising win we'll see if they can take us to match point when we return Wow I do it what did you say impact after game to us picture freeze What did he say Oh see 40 L give themselves away now for Jin Jin it can be taken very low Xfinity also now to be killed strike a great product can define the present but it takes the unprecedented to define the future to go beyond what's next and change the world of game to make history break ground can force the universe to take notice world's most powerful and most of gradable gaming laptop with Intel Core processors the area 51 M defines the future of gaming