I SPENT Exactly $0 On This Pack And Play … Madden 20 Ultimate Team

you know what before we even get started with the video yeah Dody don't ever say I didn't do nothing for y'all now that Co could be free access or the full game type it in to find out I just not on ps4 so I don't really need it real quick I'm giving away a couple copies of Madden the full game on my Instagram and Twitter so make sure you go follow that show us some love and reply in the comments I do want to give a special shout out to gamestop response to this video as you guys know the mad season it's pretty much here if you guys have any access but if you don't the game comes out officially on the 2nd of august for $59.99 you can't use Kovac but there's a link in the description if you want to preorder now hey Vic thank you for partnering with us on the launch of man 20 and 30 accessing these additional goodies I got Madden here – this is the pre-order thing you get 3 Dallas Cowboys legends urban eight-minute Emma Smith I don't know what to expect so yeah we got a Cowboys mini helmet but it matches the theme of the pre-order so now it makes sense anybody's a Cowboys fan I'll sign it and kiss it and send it to you know almost leave it I got a mouthpiece I really thought man 20 was gonna be in here what back to the ultimate team added 20 is finally here but you guys know the first thing I had to do on this game is the pack and play I had to do a packet play now today if everything goes as planned honest I don't have a plan I just want to spend money today yeah that's it I just want to spend money I'm gonna be doing a $0 pack and play zero dollars will be spent in this video five thousand likes I upped the price to $100 pack employment and I will upload that immediately look look at here who's the face of Ultimate Team a real-life go welcome to ultimate team without Kemara start your ultimate team what's that a new currency has been added too much trophies do we not have trophies last year first pack what is oh you shut up I have now watched any mad at videos I'm not watching any manage streams I don't know what stuff looks like shut up oh that will look crazy what is that what is those another silver car that's a crazy animation for silver car this is this oh it was just a gold car it was just a gold card what at the bottom babbler gas up literally every single pack opening animation everything in a month I'm a hated this menu is true just mean you as ass there's like five collections and that's it we got back speed selector get a gold and level up I'm going to level up at what is this oh that's like this never mind Oh get a player's probably a silver it's a goal 74 I'm gonna get a gold player back is another gold 72 I don't know what this is but apparently you can get packs from me in this video I'm not spending no money on a pack of player so I need to get 200 stars I don't even I don't even know how to get one star alright so I just got a pass of 14 yours look at them sookie powder blues baby why is down a pin it tight in this is not good help me or that's that's stupid we got Baker so anything is possible anything is possible babe triangle please please call them that's it maximum stars let's go to the next one then I'm about to be rich rich and I'm planning it's the weak jets bread this is easy go ahead get open again trying get open again baby okay black like y'all block the very very first time um oh yeah that's me that's the cat no it's not we got to start over I just need triangle to get open thank you you got it that's up appreciate that alright same thing he put it yeah they put a linebacker on you again that's disrespectful I know you Mike how'd he do that the second time but he can't guard me the first time what type of four particles is this okay please please please get down get that far down alright save me we just need like seven yards right just seven seven running back you right there right there right there thank you maximum do not throw an incomplete pass and score a touchdown pass for 56 plus yards we got Baker so we got no worries about a bad pass just guessed this check down that's all I need you to do though X I see you whoa they put Tommy Bowen oh my god get a yard get a yard get a yard get a yard nope alright so I'm ending it right back in the same scenario now I just got a score uh touchdown Sam thank you Mac stars again baby could please six masses for a tidy and pass for 60 Wow how many turnovers that's crazy Rob Baker oh please beat him please beat him he caught it are we it so now you're on line I need Teddy that's a 34 verts all the way down alright so I finished playing some more solos and all I got 2000 coins team captain fantasy pack oh my god she's here I feel like we gotta go with jay-z he already 82 this is our first pad so three times gold net another gold really I can't it be magically mean quarterback and then another goal yeah hey Pat summers back but I need six or more stars I'm gonna lose two more I bet all right so I went up a level I got more coins I finished solos oh yeah so this is gonna be our first official patch slimy one of them elites that's the silver silver again let go yo silver okay what is this oh we got another gold in that bag we're doing it Lisa what about William trash first to leave with the smoke it's uncle ain't magic I met a man better than I can eighty imaginary best lineup I went from a 64 to 68 I think Maddon knows that I know that offensive linemen don't matter so they didn't give me any all right I'm a 68 over I'm gonna go it's a head-to-head hopefully I'll get bee sting because if I get beeston I must spend money and go destroy somebody first head-to-head game first packet playing video let's get it done what I am back to the front threes that's mine what'd you get oh that crazy are our beats who are aggressive I got AC I'm happy I went again she's you tell me dopey make me look real good in my first game sir check down are you I got five yards hitting with the four verticals yep yep perfect perfect get down I'm not even taking it just fall Oh X I see you boy that's right that's not a teddy I hand the ball off Kirk don't mess this up thank you thank you whoa all right so we got a what elite on our team I think it's a mango Sanders we gotta get him at UH D right then right there right there right there we got it – I'm not that blow – just do it out we hear with all of that baby somebody get back there oh my god give me no hit me though this might be a Teddy if he leaves them alone oh never mind I'll take them this is a Teddy sit turtle this might be a teddy like for real fruit I'm not talking about it a lot this is Teddy when I tell you told you Teddy I'm busting your ass wavy surge oh right here throw you know get a safety bra I'm the GU I got a go photo fourth down right all right there right there nope okay you're not scoring though you're not scoring though you gonna throw right back okay now this dude thinks he has a chance so I don't even know how worried this do this week he's just running the ball now since it worked one time he's just he's just running the ball and of course you say there's three I want to throw a strict Emmanuel but just do won't like Preston Oh triangle help Oh bitch though we had a pic right there a just missed it oh my it's shaky what do you say sir just fell and I guess another photo because I throw another pitch why am i selling so hard this play looks stupid that's why I'm gonna run it you know he's not ready for this he is not ready for this oh wow I noticed the stupid shut up oh no it wasn't Manuel that was supposed to be a long Teddy you know what we still running right down this pro pro ain't know if there's a bunch about it we coming right at you my team is better contains help me give me the baton of a little baby she said no okay okay that works too that works whoo why are you run like that bro you gotta take a I mean new year same result rage quits what'd I do hopefully I was gonna do if he didn't make sure to drop a like and subscribe if you knew this was a $0 packing plane just to let you guys know I don't have to pay to win to win games I could just you know grind solos get players and still get dubs but it's your boy Vic it's it's Elia near so that's why I could do hi in China's two months later or maybe I will I don't know but is your boy big hopefully enjoy it makes us jump like NASA stop if you knew