Okay, guys like you know put ammonia to make different water get us some water huh We made up from our fight last night She takes up the whole bed Wake up! We’re gonna do stuff today Its soooo early, I know! You mad at me still? no. No. What do we have to do? we have to go to the gym. I just gonna be like four min. Oh. Oh, she’s fierce. Good morning Jake Paulers were gonna wake up lesssss doo this thanggg Whoa, we are here at the gym squad squad squad Couples that fit together stay together right? I think so right yeah. Yeah, you know fathers my boy don Can you like do some squats to tone the booty or something I got you. Let me work on his arms. Yeah I love squats I like that Yeah, great form honey great form love the sweatshirt to love the sweatshirt. You’re killing it hey. Oh yeah, that’s it Do you like that? Yeah? I’m toning it up for you, baby. I? Do you wanna touch it. Yeah That’s it lower lower are you mad at me. Yes, lower lower Yeah, oh Oh yeah, yeah, hey matty don’t be mad at me. I’m just a kid. Let me set you all this so it’s good right it you gotta get a little bit closer to get deeper. Yeah, oh Is that it possessed me different there you go? That’s it. It’s a stretch. This is how you stretch it Yeah, I did work out big Okay, let’s go do some other stuff. Oh, whoo. Yo, what’s good yo yo yo you Wanna? Just do it on the skateboard, okay. Good morning, both. Oh oh Okay, we’re how much would you do this time stuff? You want to go again? Yeah? I should try to get complicated on one this morning is early. Yeah, you feelin okay? I’m trying to watch my vlog wow okay. I like your shirt though Thank you virtually a mile chromo 20% off summer sale uncle Nathan You want to hit a wheelie? Oh, there’s uncle agents. Oh yeah, all night to get them. Okay, you gotta go ah? Kids, it’s dangerous world up hold on his arm third down is Elmore. Oh okay, a Little bit kids. I’m sorry that might have been my fault uncle cable pay for it. Oh. God. He is on one today Yeah, I’ve never had uncle like that He’s the best damn uncle Aerozine uncle think of me is like a third brother. Go like call me Jesse right, right? Why not you can be my own joke eh? Yo? What’s wrong with you guys you guys saw me this morning Yeah, no, you look dope right now. You like your typical La boy okay, yeah, player, but cracker what y’all your yeezys are Disgusting like this is what they’re supposed to look like and you’re just ratchet bro. Y’all me jesus. It’s okay, though that Mia Martinez Twin Developers any espana oh Yes rutger yeah Yo, if you need to stop yo I mean, I respect your vlog game, but you’re just jacking all my stuff What’s yours is hers, right? Yeah, I got her life. What was yours is hers yours is Everything Lambo, Ya know I really made a commitment to beat a girl you killer if we’re going that room how much we’re going that route I need your help too, bro voice helping feet So you guys went to Vidcon headed out? We’re just some other round things what else We gotta go there’s a hole. We were going that’s terrible why didn’t you jump in the pool? Oh? Erica it’s me second. You should have just jumped in them anyway. That’s why we your blog We shouldn’t jump in the pool That’s what I told you I wouldn’t I would have jumped in the pool instead If I said you’re not established enough if you were jake, I’ll think if I was jake I’m doing it. We don’t have enough food ah That’s really dumb Yeah, yeah Yeah, so I waited for you for a little bit there. Wow you guys you got it driving. Yeah, okay? It was all right. Yeah. I know yeah. I’m good. What are you doing? Yeah, anyways anyways ah sorry for yelling your name earlier, Erica guys right now We are going to the store because we’re getting a pregnancy test And we’re gonna prank everyone on team ten and make them think that Erica is Pregnant Uncle Kate is Gonna Lose Gotta be so excited. You know what I just said yeah, I know I know what I say That’s me guys plus five points. I’m gonna scare her so bad why hey? She was so innocent Oh, we’re going the wrong way What do you expect why? Do you know where the pregnancy tests are I know where the aisles are yeah? Why does she know where the pregnancy tests are as we? Erica Can read sign Don’t hit on my wife Don’t hit on her Did you see that? I’m excuse me. Don’t hit on my wife talking about don’t hit on my wife Which one can we like morph to say positive or you – thank you because you are actually better Are you serious bro? Don’t hit on my wife hey? How you doing man? Don’t hit on my wife. I with that did you see that yeah, so and you see that Oh yeah, as you know as you know that’s my girl. That’s my girl. That’s my girl. She knows he watches Bizarre Mike What’s the catch phrase you know here? We go. That’s mark What did you just hit on my wife? Oh? Don’t ever do that really dude your son just hit on my wife. Oh yeah That’s not okay. I saw that bro. I see you looking I mean I know she’s got the bond but don’t hit on my wife catch a body and now Erica’s taking it seriously Hey, is it you taking out you get don’t worry baby. It’s Just a prank Erica. I’m trying to make it believable Hold the camera I can hold the camera okay. Yeah, not good place for that. Yo guys guys Okay Yes, no, thank you, man. I’m happy. I’m getting into my wife. Oh My God we are doing well. Thank you. He said do you think yeah yeah, come on? Top is it good place for them go in Gigi? Okay? I’m lying. I’m dying I’m really I’m not I know you’re a fireman the house fire is my wife on a scale of one to ten very looking Yeah It’s actually still in here like we’re getting kicked out with making out on the floors were getting pregnancies test watching it He was like no, I don’t speak English. I was like I’m speaking. I don’t know what you say What you look like? You’re gonna look like you know I mean this is the reality I’m Dedicated to you until we die so like I’m here for you like that But even when you’re looking like Santa Claus and hunched over like the guy from 300. I’m gonna be here I’m still teaching like it’s the first day catch a body Don’t want one all right guys. We have to make the pregnancy test read positive now. You know how to do this No, I know but we can learn together. Just take it. Just take this test. Just me trusting done. Low really low to you How do you pee on it you can be out it? Let’s go say not pregnant no You’re just a baby. They want to be up to people will be do it Jimmy there. We go. Leave me alone. Oh, God Yeah, yeah You can’t look I don’t want to do this upstairs. Do you guys go away? again, oh oh, oh So Erica’s getting a sharpie so we could draw on it. I don’t know what Is not working and she was actually pregnant I’d be like this Most all right. I got this it’s going to stay pregnant I think it looks pretty legit Especially like they’re not even going to know how to read it like that takes like five seconds to read and a closer Oh, what got a little blogs go on. What’s this? What is that? Yeah? What’s in your hand, bro? Oh? Geez no, I’m going to see that it wait. Don’t touch that bro Wait, wait wait hold on wait you’re pregnant. No you’re not yeah. Yeah, you’re joking oh Yeah Yeah, you’re not joking at all bro. I’m speechless. I’m literally speechless you’re in mesh. Well, you’re not Well if you’re gonna, do it like I did like wow no, I said what? You know no, no it all happened so quick from the merits to the sex to that I want to be surprised But like we always just do the craziest thing and I feel like you like you being views views views if you like That’s all I think about 50% of its 50% be honest. I like you don’t drop it. I want a baby Oh, just like you yeah, don’t you all right? There? Yeah? Yeah? Cuz no baby. No, I told you that oh absolutely Completely fake I mean, how do ya know it’s real the drill. He said happy to disappoint hit this editor you happy Well, we got vlog I don’t know which one to look at anymore. No. It’s actually a fake. That’s a thing bro I don’t know what’s real and fake anymore these days you’re joking or not. I still feel like no. It’s not true. Well It’s like we’re not Gonna know until nine months Ralph If you look closer, you can see that. There’s a marker Yeah, it looks like it’s all yeah, you messed up and you oh, I hope not Erica’s to be it’s mine So oh great go down there sand with your brother, and we’re gonna prank your brother And you’re gonna Act like you don’t know either, okay? Diapers now too just so much more unbelievable yeah so deal Is Super cameras usual look it well, so we have something to show you This how do you say pregnant in Spanish Lord knows Daniela good, nada Yeah No, no, that’s not real. How old are you you’re joining a northerner? I mean these I mean yeah views but men you’re gone I’m gone Virginia Babies all the familiar still can be real you can babysit the baby bro for you’re vlogging get a lot of views, bro Come on. Think about it. I’m always with twins like twins are my thing like it’s like I know that Erica’s gonna push out a set of twins out of her little little body She’s Gonna put out a nice little set of twins for the views how your hopper its views not use you’re like babies Are they dreams you see tatum in Oakley’s instagram look closer. Look closer. It’s sharpie. The I peed on that, too Then he was in on it, too. I thought it was me. I’m down My tee time you know he’s an actor bro. I understand that well Why are there cameras on Here Guys guys chill America right howdy Sam? How do you know when I’m auditioning for it you got to give me more notice for my doctor’s appointment my poor, baby How you know this? Does how does about it you’re lying? Yeah, I don’t know if this is real or fake. I just want to smile and be sad all at the same time oh Wait, wait you’re keeping it. I mean mit nah. Yeah. Yeah, I’ll wiki yeah really for you’re gonna be an uncle bro Can I beat the golf father no no everyone already asked that? There’s too many dudes in this out. You can be the godmother, okay? I’ll be the godmother I mean no, it’ll be okay wait wait wait Congratulations if you’re keeping it. Have you guys are like down for this? I’m like really excited for this yeah, I’m latino That’s like nine of us I just look at it and see how pretty this is yo my boy broke that me up, you know But also is it a sec. I’ll take what I knew it come on guys Excited it’s sharpie in there, you got mean. I’m not the I’ll fall for anything mmM Haha, yeah Heidi. Hey, how are you? Something really clearly tell you something oh, no, oh No It’s not my gadget vintage jokes, not funny. Where did I be positive which would be positive hold it, bro Now remember to hold it keep pDp on that. Yeah, wait isn’t that a positive, or is it negative? I don’t know how to bree one of each. Well, you should learn cuz your neck Oh, you’re not I broke hold it all the condos know. What is a joke. This is a joke How to feel like I don’t know how to feel right now it already mad Why would I be mad as I do it’s lit right no wait think about it like this I hit a million on YouTube in my 48 hours this guy this little pooper He’s gonna have like two mil in like an hour. Wow. Yeah, you can already have to know before calm down Okay, promise is not great. I promise that it’s fake yeah Yeah, I don’t know if you want to talk everything has happened either prager really a virgin is the moment of truth cooking mode is about a food I Think you get it more. He’s gonna cry. I kind of feel like she’s gonna be soaked to mike. Oh your eyes are beautiful Oh, thanks. Dane. I just got like a really good focus point on it. Yeah, okay Uncle cato I’m also over actually down to get pregnant, okay? what ah Yeah What’s Bobbin? Okay My gosh, I mean I know we’re getting prepared and everything. We’re gonna need these one day the glazes I’m glad you guys are on my train of thought fitting it with some space Yeah, we have to talk to ya, and so we have some news teams come on. All right ready Are you go hard you don’t think I’m ready as I’ve ever been What’s that saying that? This is our thing. She odd you’re kidding right? It says pregnant No He’s not recognized at all honestly. This is like such a big moment for us We wanted to tell you laughs because like we already told all them I know you’re the one wine is the most yeah that you’re pregnant. You’re pregnant You’re pregnant. You’re right. Don’t throw it. Well, right? Oh my God Okay, yeah Okay, yes. Yes, okay. Oh my God. Where are you going? Okay, get it guys Are you gonna bail the emotions to got to me? I didn’t read about having the students You just broke your computer how to do what I would I’m a lot happy. No. We did it. Yeah We’re good. Hey sure she’s all got a Real Green slow breath breathe hug amazing. How do you feel pretty good? Yeah yeah p Yes, good, or anything like that all the stuff. I have to get and all you know how we tell you it’s a prank ha ha ha ha Funny no nothing I got a lot of stuff idiot like baby clothes more diapers when Jury tell them that it’s a prank Maybe now you’re Gonna tell me well you gotta buy diapers What are we going to tell you that that you need to buy all this stuff out was just yeah? We’re gonna tell you what the prank yeah No, you know marker. It’s funny She’s not pregnant no no no. I’m allergic. Okay. I was just up here and now I’m kind of out here It’s that a prank that it’s a prank, er. We’re done. It’s real. It’s real It feels cuz it sounded like drills right? It’s a real deliberate real prank. It’s a prank real. It’s a prank Okay Come on. Yeah, come I give us water get up some water It’s real right just put water on Okay, stop God, there’s so much today. Well. It’s a fact if there is a person Why do we have a special water bottle? I don’t know these are my tears. I don’t know. I’m happier Dad is the peg ropes are real pregnant. I don’t know what the water was for but is it so it is a place It’s 100 percent of brain okay, so you can’t see the tears coming out of my eyes No, just water out of the water with four Yeah, I didn’t watch out the tears check someone hopefully just go in the back enjoy He knows it’s the frank doesn’t know yeah. We didn’t mean to mess with your emotions like that. Are you good? I think we have to have a crap Okay Yeah, I think we need a pause we got a commercial break So we’re back from the commercial breaks cage broke this that’s broken a floor is swamped his computer still works though The only problem is that’s like yeah, it’s a little bit, but at least it still works. The only thing is like He’s just having a really hard Oh, man subdued Hey, you’re doing good room yeah. Yeah, we feel really bad about really really really sorry There’s that just the train yeah no, it’s just you know it’s a setup hi hi, and yeah Just a few little figures build it up All you’ve ever done waited no the other way yeah, no I get that I’ve been there butdo time one time I made this music video, and I was really proud of it. I was so I was proud of it everyone just They just were just roasted. Yeah, really hard to say. I know what you’re going through right now Yeah, there’s at this time there is hot you know what I’m gonna get her pregnant just for you. Yeah That’s a nude, and you know what you got to do while you’re at this low You gotta focus take yourself, and you got to pick yourself up, and we can have a baby kid one day came I believe can you go through you and us as a Trio or even four people if you count the baby? It’s us four together together and as a big half and it’s functional slightly family slightly slightly it is a little Hanger C’mon spectrum again get Together okay, we’re gonna. We’re gonna let you mentally get there. We’ll let you sit out here. You could do this cage You could do it on prepaid bring in I’m Gonna Okay, my boy my boy. I’m gonna go put clothes on in the meantime look no No, you don’t even need to get them in the shed Okay, what? Nothing. I didn’t see anything haven’t see you in the shed with Minors he’s better. I’m kidding there yes by the way what you look really hot hey jer khmers. It’s a joke abortion Do you want to make out? Do you want to make out? I do okay? mmm Like to lay down okay? I guess so can’t even comprehend What just happened guy’s dick polish as always check out the hot new March That’s available right now the Ex sweatshirts guys are going to be a limited edition So you make sure you get them right now easily my favorite piece of Merced’s the Jericho Merch So I check that stuff out guys. We’re gonna hang out my camera’s still heavy. I’m work out. Oh, yeah, you like those arms. Oh Yeah, we’re going to just chill over here and Jake Polish I will see you tomorrow because it’s everyday bro. Peace tick collars. 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