I FINALLY GOT HIM, I'VE DONE IT!!! – FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Pack Opening

so this is one of the most bizarre videos I've ever recorded you're probably looking at me thinking Chris you look like an absolute mess sort yourself out calm down before you attack me it's free o'clock in the morning I can't sleep so I fall I'm gonna do a video the free o'clock in the morning let's try to it five thousand likes for this very special video I've never done this before free o'clock what what am i doing this feels really weird so I told you what yeah let's do this I can't play foots because it's free o'clock in the morning so I was gonna do some foot jumps in this video yeah look like a right mess so I was gonna put the cap on that's normally what I do it'll look like a message of Park upon book sorry man sod it this is who I am personality this is who I am so yeah I've not really got a plan for this video I'm just gonna open some 100k packs let's see how good packs are at 3 o'clock in the morning I've never done this before so let's see if the packs are better at this time probably not alright I'm doing it today is the day you've probably guessed by the title that I am finally revealing this secret icon a specie that I've been doing for a while alright now every icon a specie begins with humble beginnings right so that's the first one so that's the one that we completed as you can see on the screen right now and you know what bronze players are something that I never have so I always have to purchase this and that's a buy a few players and the leading cheap man you know you talking at least like a thousand coins per player I had quite a few already though but yeah just had to purchase probably about six K's worth of players there that's pretty much the only SBC that gotta be spending on no I will need to buy some informs but anyway that's for a later time in this video but yeah humble beginnings now I'm not gonna show you or tell you who he needs that I'm completing I'm saving the suspense for you guys to watch the play a walk out and for you to see together who it's gonna be so I've kept it a little bit down under I have seen some comments of people guessing some people have added they've got it they've cracked it they know some people havin all right so yeah let's say let's start the journey today and complete this icon SVC yeah first squad humble beginnings let's submit this and let's get this Rocking we're currently half way through June and the channels do it really well so yeah I think I said it yesterday this has been one of our best FIFA's so far FIFA 19 a fee for 17 FIFA 15 got a walkout we've got an inform here Italian yeah I think they were the free best FIFA so far so thanks a lot for all the support so far on FIFA 19 it's been really good thanks so let's see we've got 88 in sin year as well so pretty good pack here Matuidi Anderson Center Club keep the inform keep 80 fries keep 84 s there was a lot of comments actually saying Chris whitey discard them sometimes I do sometimes I don't remember I open a lot of packs so my transfer list gets full really quickly so I do sometimes just discard them it's pretty weird really because we've got people watching all over the world and the time is different for everyone like right now in Australia it's 12 o'clock in the afternoon as I'm recording this at 3 o'clock in the morning so what's the time in Los Angeles I think Los Angeles is like is it nine hours behind let's see it's 7 o'clock in the evening in Los Angeles that's crazy I can't believe that honestly that really fascinates me to think that right now wasn't recorded in this video in Los Angeles that's the time and Australia it's weird it's really weird you can't really imagine it so also obviously I'll be getting packs from submitting a few of these squads I've not got a lot of squads to do I've already opened a lot of the packs and completed a lot of the squads already but I will be opening those packs at the end in this video so there's the next one rising talent boring stuff I know but they just put them in an econ SPC's don't need so world class obviously again another requirement in pretty much every icon SBC in fact he leaves and I have every acre SBC I don't know why they do that it's really annoying it's just like yeah it's just really and I it doesn't say who I'm in there does it know okay so they'll get a rare electron pack for that one so not bad alright then so the first biggest squad that we're gonna be submitting today right now is this squad here so this is an 86 rated squad I've got to do three of these this is the first one and then that's all I need to do then I've done all the other squads but I just need to do 386 rated squads hopefully I've got just about enough to do this without spending too much money I am gonna have to purchase some in foreign players but I will do my homework and get the cheapest as possible there's the 86 rated squad and everyone has been packed in that squad right there so yeah that serve that's alright not completed with that so let's submit that one that's showy we get a jumbo cream and gold pack for that so yeah not bad okay there so the jumbo premium gold players pack this was from the 86 rated squad that we just put forward and we don't see the walkout unfortunately do we see a decent rated board no we do not so let's get on to the next 86 rated squad can we get the walkout yes we can not a blue one walkouts gold who is it brasil goalkeeper yeah okay so yeah I don't really know what to say so I've opened all of the hundreds let's try the rare Megas here we go first one we get the gold I really don't care about gold war cows Brazil left wing Neymar we've got neighbor yes no we've not we've got Coutinho Neymar plays for PSG it's free o'clock in the morning forgive me before I got Neymar I told you what they were Coutinho and racket it check it out to walk out with guys decent alright then so the next squad are needed to do a little bit of purchasing and I didn't like it and I've got a pot of some really irate players here and I don't like it but I've got to at the end of the day so there's the next squad that we're putting forward 86 rated team is sad because I wanted to try out this career but we'll get a pack from this as we can see we get premium gold players pack alright then so here's the pack that we've got from it we've just submitted it it wasn't gonna happen we don't even get board wow these packs are bad so on the screw right now I'm gonna hide like who this player actually is and but here's the squats that we've done towards getting this SVC complete and as you can see it's some big stuff here we've got an 89 rated squad a taa ta 87 87 86 86 86 85 84 83 blah blah blah and then obviously the icon as well and all of these required to team the weak players to which they're not cheap we've got a walkout here we've got an in-form again don't really care I don't care we keep getting the same informs so I just want to say this as well through this fee for I've used the 4-2-3-1 formation like all the time have been obsessed with it but this weekend I might try something different I think it's time to try something different I don't really know though what formation to try leave it in the comments what formation do you think I should try I've tried for two to two as well which is pretty similar really let's be honest pretty similar we've got a walkout so yeah leave it in the comments what formation should I try hurricane sterling we've got sterling so what I'm gonna do right now is put Sancho up for sale he's selling for 1.5 mil I paid 1.4 mil so let's get him up for sale if he sells our profit and as four-foot champs what I'll do I will buy a cheap right mid to play the first load of games I should be okay the team is more than good enough to handle you know the first 10 games so there we go Sancho is going up for sale and once he does sell we're gonna be on nearly 6 million coins so yeah I've done a how much my pay is gonna be like I say so I can't say if we'll be able to get him straight away but like I say well wait a few days I think or at least 24 hours so what I've got to do 4 foot champs today is just buy a cheap right mid alright then so the next squad has been complete so yeah we'll submit that one so we get another jumbo prima gold pack so our player is about to walk out guys we're about to lease to you well I'm about to release to you the player the icon that we have got brand-new in the squad from the icon SBC who's it gonna be boom come on who's it gonna be he's firm the Netherlands that took a while CF and it is guys you know it now it's Cruyff Prime moments Cruyff oh it's not a bad super sub is it it's not a bad super sub at all basically um try Cruyff where you say Bo usually is and cell you say Bo because we can get like I mean he cost me five point five mil but he's not gonna be worth that now my god yes he is he's actually worth more Wow you know well put it this way I've got five million coins sat there what should i do guys what should I do I'm kind of tempted to do that you know I could say you know what I probably start Pele although I try Cruyff see what he's like but I want you guys to give me your opinions on this would you sell you say Bo