I Drew 10 League Champions from Memory in MS Paint Because My Internet Died

September 18 2017 my internet went out for over six six hours spit of confusion and boredom I turned to Twitter because my phone still lived um help me help me I asked what shall I do and the answer was given to mediate it was someone said to me give me good idea and so I opened up mspaint and began the journey of a lifetime and made some wonderful art it's so it's so pretty oh my so I present to you ten League of Legends champions drawn and mspaint cillian so he's got it he's got a big ol wheel behind him if I recall for a clock maybe he's got some wavy hair and this is starting to look like a blue dark mane Oh No very very good luck in zillion already he sees definitely he's definitely got some big ol sleeves help let's just give him a big old Z cuz I have no fucking idea uh you know I'm a master of art if you didn't know does he even have hair is it is it wavy let's give him a little feet there you go I can't draw hands are you kidding me it doesn't don't don't even don't even expect this and he's gonna have some Lowell little glowy a little glowing this is these are the particle effects alright and he's clearly got it he's got a lit Spain he's a zillion you know he'd build blow everyone builds a would spin fuck it uh maybe I should put the like why like ten o'clock he's gotta have some bombs to obviously what is this not a blue hamburger not one of those macaroons it's a blue bomb then just giving it more line they're not volleyballs shut up perhaps the most impressive zilean I've ever seen beautiful well that's a that's a good zillion that's put a checkmark on that one in it we're done here all right next up we got barred the best boy excellent looking good so what we're gonna do is we're gonna go oh he's a big out oh oh boy big arm boy and these kind of awkward he's like wow well he's a little chubby well chubby boy excellent luck and beautiful Martin looking like a good boy this is the best bar right here ah she look at this stunning beard he's got a little jingle boys little little chimes that hang hang around that's called perspective boys all right you see this that's chimes behind other chimes I like he's looking he's looking pretty good gotta give him he's golden he's beautiful he's a beautiful boy all right Louis the Lich Bane crack that lets brain crack I think that is a dang good looking bharden damn I'm sexy as fuck Martin yes pardon it's gonna be hard to top all right next up we got toad who you know is not a champion but he is in the game if you look closely right here there he is all right toad now this one's gonna be interesting that's looking just just dandy ah right and now we got some progress he's toad you can see his face coming out already you know he's you know that the average toad would you know you'd have a shape kind of like this and then he'd have a little tiny feet here and then you'd have low arms yeah you know that'd be kind of what it looks like but now no no oh we're going for big boy all right looks beautiful what do I got next we got o ramus ramus alright now this is actually one of the more hard champions to dry you know you just look at him I can't look at him I don't have a picture of him but I remember him don't worry there we go we're basically done and now he's going very fast let's give him some little eyes perfect there is he's he's so fast he's moving so goddamn fast look at look at it look at how fast he is look at that boy all right cinched science boy oh God oh yeah he's got some thick thighs look at him them thick thighs I feel like there's some spikes you know maybe some on this side too who knows fuck it Spike's all around he's drunk off poison I guess the hell's going on here don't worry I think everything's looking quite good keep in mind I haven't seen the real singed in a long time I just see Pepsi May let's whip out the cool brush Boosh fuck oh no this is becoming a travesty sir all that have seen it it's all about the texturing all right he's got a big shoe he's gonna have big shoes now really big shoes you know what we've already butchered it let's make sure we butcher it to the point where it looks intentional oh yeah looks looks good I've got the concepts I've got the principles I lack the skill nor them at the tools or the memory oh god I don't remember what he looks like at all excellent okay oh no all right now the next champion is Luigi and Peach doing the dirty while Mario watches from a closet now if you're wondering Mario is in fact a Champions no worries here okay now this I can do I think I think I can do this one from memory I've seen a lot of this excellent this is looking good already I've got high hopes for this piece of art okay we've got we've got the scene we don't want to we don't want to show any lewd content am i right because this is an advertiser friendly chance she's a princess all right well the dirty parts done that's good I don't whatever look at that again oh yeah oh ye he's very sad it's not just angry you know he's a sad Mario Oh God beautiful overalls beautiful Mario beautiful art and they go and there you have it this is uh this is some art this is some serious art hi dr. mundo back to basics and mundo hey hello it's a big boy he's a big fat boy perfect is he blue or is he purple a big ol needle and it's got green juice in it yeah he's back the boy he does have hair doesn't he sure we'll give him we'll give him some purple haired uh who knows I forget that his doctor boy oh I see very it's a very dark picture now let's give him some nice particle effects he said he's got this swirling orange shit don't get hit by the danger balls no fuck you up and there's dr. mundo excellent all right here's a talent pick this one ought to be good I could picture him in my mind he's got this big hood and it's got a big ol spike in it kind of anime alright swap hey wow this is an arm and then the other arm is gonna go about eight feet longer because you know when it he's flowing he's a very flowy but it's very he's got knives all right he's got one he's got two he's got three he's got perhaps even more Wow amazing art spikes everywhere you know what his hands they're just made of spikes he doesn't even have it he had more spikes excellent spikes he's got more spikes he's got claws for feet he got spikes here Wow Wow oh yeah Oh Talan oh one mark Oh ash Mike Oh cuz he's like wow I sure do love knives Oh me I'm Talan I'm a good that really is doing good stuff in League of Legends I'm so good at the video game map and that they're just flying out of him they're just booking it they're going to Fez he's throwing him out he doesn't give a care in the world there's blades everywhere there's blades in the distance what there's a box I think that I think you anyone would be like that's Talon next-step sejuani i forgot to hit record until just now but we're gonna stick with it so I've drawn the dog in the saddle and I've gotten the helmet done but what we're doing I don't remember what it looks like so we're just gonna roll with it kind of looks like Azrael on a dog with horns phileo loose with a squiggle squiggle uh squiggle squiggle squiggle squiggle excellent oh but it's it's not just any flail it's an icy flash whoosh whoosh she iced oh it's so cold all right bores are good I feel like it's something said to Annie might say maybe she's wearing jeans I mean I would wear jeans if I was riding a board I bet you she got changed recently she's no now she throws out like a weird ice dagger doesn't she so let's give her one fine looking dagger let's give it to fine looking daggers ice cold this is the roblox version of sad whining bores are good Oh a fix you can't handle all these effects it's a swirling ice sport that's why everything is so cold good-looking that's a good look inside Ronnie all right for our final piece of art we got Tarek and rekon plus our wait it's Tarek X rock on okay Tarek's gonna be very astute luscious golden brown and laughs and it's flowing it's flowing here and it will get one one little anime lock in the front mmm this is a solid tarik nose oh yes gems gems gems gems oh yeah I think it's a good looking man writing and let's move on to recon yeah real quick fuck what the hell is your what what did what at what I can picture in my head is he's got just this massive nose as well like yeah oh yeah oh he's good he's good yeah you like this module he's like hey oh you're ready to get this action on it you know he's just made of feathers screw it I don't know I don't know this works he's a bird does he have hair or feathers Jesus Christ what does we're kind of look like it's like a Simpsons character what the hell let's just give these leaves are the feathers you know no one knows that's part of the mystery remember what kind of looks like this is terrible and they go and now you know immediately like that's that's clearly recon tarik x4 Khan so yeah mr. craft hmm tarik X my car [Applause]