i bought this GOAT SQUAD for ONLY 100k mt in NBA 2K19 MyTEAM…

what is going on guys dbg here and this video we are going to be doing a squad builder and it is going to be a 100k squad builder in NBA 2k 19 my team so a lot of you guys been asking for this and since obviously we hit 100k it's only right to do 100k squad builder but for 100,000 subscribers I am actually planning on doing something a little bit different I'm planning on doing a nice Saturday lunch my squad builder I'm talking ranking my top 100 cards in all of em be a 2k a 19 my team so 100 cards 100,000 subscribers which is going to be a lot more time-consuming that video will take me a couple of days to get out probably on Wednesday I'll be able to get it out but that's what I'm planning on doing for 100k and again as I said last few videos big big thank you guys for all the support recently and I finally got some Wi-Fi I finally got usable internet so gameplays will be back well there is a gameplay in this I've seen highlights like I do all my squad builders proper gameplays will be back tomorrow hopefully they release new content thankfully I didn't miss out on anything but yeah so at the point guard position we have got a to guard and it is one of my favorite cards in the game it is the diamond Reggie Lewis again this squad was 100k on Saturday which the last time I checked console I haven't actually been able to set up my xbox or ps4 so I can't be able to check the contract consoles right now but I think the squad is there or there abouts 100k especially if there is another mini market crash which there probably will be next Friday seeing as it's like he does a promo pike this squad will be on JK if you're watching this in two or three days time maybe not today but it will be soon after two we have got I only remember oh I know I have the two if it ain't broke don't fix it on if this hasn't actually know if it is broke and not fixed abuse it adapt or die we're running double heroes like there's no reason there's no reason not to if you can like yes Diamond hero is a little bit more expensive than amethyst heater but double Heroes is godly we've got ready at the one he'd out the two and heater at the three monitors he doesn't the best cheap cards in the game and like I'm not even joking he still is an incredible incredible card nine yeah five offense well we're all six foot ten let's play 35 games to me even though he doesn't have a slab and he still got those glitchy dribble moves he's still just a wide-body and a compton defender I think I've talked enough for this guy and the big difference between this hito and the other hito limitless range is big but more than anything the difficult shocks budge he's got the nicest leaner in the game and limitless range is a huge huge batch to have Hall of Fame because he'd open literally poke from everywhere he can the chute leaning threes from 30 feet and hit them with ease he's still got a really nice release even since they've passed his base 11 great shot made great shot three solid dunker solid defender you can speed boost he just he's a dribble God not even can he speed boost he is legitimately a dribble God so he doe is just insane at the power forward position we have got um I can't even remember her oh I know I ran this guy right here and I'm making a prediction right now so we've got Tom Gugliotta so I'm making a prediction right now that not only are we going to be getting another Tom Gugliotta we are going to be getting a speed boosting diamond googley out in the next couple of weeks yes I have a weird feeling we are if you look at the base 11 players the only ones that haven't gotten any sort of an upgrade are Kiki Vandeweghe who without doubt is gonna get in okay Kiki Vandeweghe is with out they'll get another card and Tom Gugliotta I think that Tom Gugliotta is going to get a diamond carat and maybe or maybe even a pink diamond but that diamond googley out is gonna be unbelievable as you guys see 64 games played for me and if this is me I don't play that much 2k that's a lot for me and considering how many are aged crits on PC that's an awful lot 10 point 7 points he's got 10 gold badges and I have not even put Limulus on him by the looks of it I haven't I have not even put limbless on me shooting that well he's got an 81 over shot 3 he has got an open shot mid range of 90 his donking is insane like he was originally Blake Griffin what a jump shot like that is the way that a lot of people used to describe this guy when he first came out great driving stunning dunk also saw the rebounder and obviously got a great great player at the power forward position I'm sorry at the Santa position we are going to run baby don't that much empty to work with we're gonna put him Obama I don't know how expensive he is he's probably around the 5 km t range a solid solid card there is definitely an alternative the end of and that I did actually swap in for Bamba for a little bit but again really glad you can block shot so you shoot the ball well he can rebound he's just a little bit weak and he's fast as well off the bench at the point guard position we have got Ruby Jonathan Isaac I'm sure he's pushing 10k right now but he's worth it he is worth every bit at Mt he's got four out of Fame badges just a demigod six foot ten solid offensively great dunker solid shooter he can speed boost glitchy removes super good on defense and is legitimately a demigod he's the Annis topper he's like the Yanis equivalent that lower tiers at the two guard position we are going to running with an amethyst that has just come out a couple of days ago and it's going to be the six-foot-four even though he's a little bit small I think Cuttino Mobley's a beast Tino mo buddy has got the Joel J or Schmitt jump shot from previous years and it's actually so so easy to green 95 offense a 93 defense well we're all everything 11 and a half points per game for me he's got four all fame bites Catholic you corn as fast as difficult shots made I'm deep brain dead I a super nice leaner as well as goal in was range he's got a great shot three of ninety-six great shot made as well he's a solid enough dunker can speed boost and is also a really nice defender on relatively fast so a great great guy to use after three we are going to go at a two guard and I actually swapped this guy on another I am guy into squad around but I think that you're on a budget squad consider in fact this guy's less than 2 km see you kind of need Eddie Jones like 6 699 defense but we're all too often by his pick pocket and catch and shoot as well as 12 gold badges he's got a really nice shot made hurry and I shot three with a really good release great dunker he's got great ball control he's also redefined or he's also relatively fast with really good lateral quickness and he's a beast on defense so a really great three and D guy who can go to the bass can do a bit everything a guy do you kind of need to have somewhere in your squad as our power forward off the bench I actually went with this guy and he definitely earned his spot on the team anyway om with thorough I haven't used her in a while thoroughly is just he's just an all-around beast he's got five girl badges sure it's not the best in the world in terms of like nowadays but he's still got a really good mid-range read he got three ball solid post he's got a good dunk yeah just an overall really good card and what actually things I haven't mentioned is it's a big one here then he's at 88 lateral quickness for a 611 player so if you're going to be as iana's you're gonna be as anyone he is going to be able to play solid defense on them and again he's six seven or so he's nuts example SiC 11 so he's got length at the center position we are going to go it dawn maker there's no point not having this guy in the squad a speed boosting seven-foot one player who we have not seen since on maker himself the last speed boosting guy and that was at this height that we saw was literally the a marathon maker actually know maybe yogic I'm not sure what your name came out later I think it actually was yogic he was only six foot ten to guy seventeen where's he's seven foot now and fun makers get a three ball control it doesn't even matter he's at the Yanis cross we can speed boost even without eighty six ball control he's an eighty seven block he's got really good defense and offensive rebounding we're really solid not good solid offense defense rebounding he's unbelievably fast for center now create our quickness but he's gotta go block Strang these a bit to be desired he has a wide body which is good then we are on to the last three off the bench first of all is just a really versatile defender and this guy's so like for two and a half three K and not Luol Deng knew all things about not that by now chinks at these betas this guy is not Bruce Bowen pre-spawn still super cheap three humbled is all defensive ones he's also got an 88 open shot mid he's an open shot three of 94 which is ready to go at eighty six ball control which obviously means again speed boost he's got a ninety HDL 97 shot contested 90 speed the acceleration 90 of our quaintness he's won the best defensive card in the game and he most most pickup for most players we also have got a center and this guy is like three KMC he may have gone up but last time I checked he was like two and a half or three KMT Patrick Ewing because the locker goes Ewing is solid not gonna say he's anything spectacular he's solid no all the fame buys this becomes a fifteen gold he's got an open shop made of 95 open shop 371 which is not terrible he knit them he's wide open visible mid-range shooter fadeaway animations really nice with 95 rating but the difference is that these two guys left strength the guys were running at the standard position whereas Ewing is big enough he's seven foot tall he's gonna be a solid dunker he's got a decent block rating good shot can't ask good rebounding he's moderately fast and he's also been ninety-five strength so if you are struggling kind of strength wise and getting bullied you've got Ewing there for Reta cheaper to have in the end of your bench and if you're not worried but getting your overall below 99 there's no point not throwing Ewing at the end of your bench on any budget squad even if you don't like Ewing you might as well have them in there it's better to have them than not up and last up we have got a small forward and it is just a really good offensive player he's a little bit inconsistent Kevin Knox so Kevin Knox has got four Hall of Fame badges including will my pass break he's got gold limitless range I think he doesn't actually I thought he did he's got almost every other shooting about gold got a great shot mate great shot three he's long he can speed boost as a really solid defender even though starts to show it on his fast so reading okay so anyway yep that's the team now let's get out the toilets so anyway yep that is the team this is the 100k specialty you guys wanted but I'm gonna do an actual one of ranking my top 100 carats in NBA 2k 90 my team which could take quite a while so I'm gonna wait till they draft the I'm probably gonna spend all day Wednesday making that video to be completely honest but anyway yep that is the video thank you guys for watching please like comment and subscribe