How to Teach Your 2-yr Old Tennis (funny)

MEGAN: Andre Agassi’s father taped ping pong paddles to his hands when he was a baby in the crib. ANTHONY: (indistinguishable) MEGAN: There is no age that’s too young to start teaching your little one tennis. So today… Today, I am going to teach my two-year old how to play tennis. MEGAN: Let’s stand still for a second and we’re going to do a forehand, buddy. I know you can do this. ANTHONY: (squeals) MEGAN: And drop and hit!
ANTHONY: I no want hit. MEGAN: Drop and hit! MEGAN: Drop and hit! MEGAN: Let’s not worry about the seed right now, okay? ANTHONY: Wanna eat the tennis balls? MEGAN: No, I don’t wanna eat the tennis balls. ANTHONY; I put under my butt MEGAN: You put the tennis racket under your butt?
ANTHONY: Ye-aaah MEGAN: They’re gonna be distracted, obviously, but you just follow ’em, and eventually, he’s gonna hit a forehead. A forehand! MEGAN: C’mere! Hey!! ANTHONY: Lie down? MEGAN: No, no, man. C’mon, don’t lie down. Don’t give up. MEGAN: C’mon! Get on up! Let’s go!
ANTHONY: (keeps laughing) MEGAN: Let’s go, bud. Up we go! We gotta run some more forehands, okay? MEGAN: Alright! There we go, there we go! Ready? MEGAN: Are you done?
ANTHONY: (sighs) MEGAN: I think he learned a lot. And I think it’s one of those things, the next time we play it’s gonna be even better. MEGAN: (Voiceover) Anthony, can you say The BreakWomb? ANTHONY: NO!