How to shoot a KNUCKLEBALL in football/soccer | Tutorial | HD

Yo guys,
welcome to our knuckleball tutorial. So for the run up I usually take 5 small steps backhands, and 2 bigger steps to the side. But if this doesn’t feel right for you.
Just do a run up you feel comfortable with. Okay,
if you want to hit the perfect knuckleball. You have to hit the ball slightly under the middle, to get as less spin as possible. You can make it easier by marking the centre of the ball out with a logo or something else that stands out. wich part of the
foot do you use? I personally prefer
to use the hardest part of my foot. For me it’s this part of my foot. If you hit the ball too much to the right you will create curve. If you hit the ball above the centre
you will create topspin. If you hit the ball too much under the middle
you will create a backspin effect. You will get the knuckleball effect
if you hit the ball slightly under the middle. For the knuckleball, you have to keep your
follow trough as short as possible. So you will get a short clean contact with the ball. Because of the short and clean contact with the ball
you will create a knuckleball effect.