How to Play Soccer : Dribbling Moves in Soccer for Beginners

Okay, let’s talk a little bit about one-on-one
Soccer. I’m going to teach you three moves. First, is the step-over, second is called
the Cruyff turn and third is the cut-back. Let’s start with the step-over. If you are
going at an opponent, I am going at Katy right here you want to make her, you want to deceive
her a little bit make her think we are going left, we’re gonna go right. How do we do
that? Dip the shoulder stepping over the ball past her. We are going to go full-speed here
so it’s one touch, dip and go. Okay, the second move is called the Cruyff turn. Katy
here is doing a good job she is denying me this area of the field and it is difficult
for me to go this way inside. All she has to do is have a foot out and she has got the
ball. So I’m going to use the space over here, I want to fake a shot or a pass by my
body’s moving forward my leg but I’m going to take my ankle turn it the ball is this
way and I’m moving that way. Here we have the Cruyff Turn, full speed. Third move is
called the cut-back. It is used to go inside your opponent when your opponent is over-playing
you outside. See Katy right here is a little nervous she is backing up so she doesn’t
want me to go this way so I’m going to fake going this way one touch here I fake a shot
cut back inside of her.