How To Make Rice Cakes – Cooking With Team Saxo Tinkoff’s Hannah Grant

We’re going to make rice cakes and to do
that I’ve taken out the different
things the different things that we need.
This is a very big portion so you can obviously tone it down to a making a home-sized
portion, but I’m making for eight guys. So we have a kilo of short grain rice
for, like, porridge then we have two tins of coconut
milk, a litre of apple juice and some water. I’m going to use more
water than is in this one but I’ll let you know about that. So that’s the base of the
rice cake and then these are the flavours, so we
have nice golden-yellow raisins, some soft dried apples and then brown sugar and we’re going to
season it with cinnamon. So it’s like a basic apple cinnamon
flavored cake. So first of all first time I add one litre of apple juice, one litre of water and the two tins of coconut milk. Then we
add the rice like that. And this is basically the base so this is what we start by cooking.
Usually I just kind of like get the rice wet in the liquid and I turn it on covered it with the universal lid, the tin foil,
bring it to the boil and then turn it down again. Give it a quick stir and then return it down to a
simmer I have 9 as my maximum so I’m going to
turn it down to 2, and just leave it and it takes care of
itself. Just stir it a bit, you’ve got to give it a bit
of attention so it doesn’t sit in the bottom and start burning so
once in a while you just want to check in on it. Cover it again and leave it. You want to reduce all
the liquid in it so it’s a nice firm mass that can sit
like a bar, so that’s what we’re waiting for now. This is kind of the texture you want to end
up with and since I want to cook it more I want to add some more water to it. Just remember you can always add more water, it’s harder to take it out once it’s in. So just gradually…the rice grains will
also change, depending on where you
buy them they’ll act differently so just, you know, keep an
eye on it. Alright, so we’ve looked at it and I gave it half a litre of
water before and it needs a little bit more so we’ll give it the other half. This is a nice porridge here now, this is too thick
for eating as porridge but for the rice bars you want it firmer, so just check to see there’s no core in it. This is pretty bland
right now. there’s no salt, no sugar, no nothing, so now we make it fun. Super nice,
like dried apple boats. You can also use cooked apple. Fresh apple will oxidise so you’ll
probably have to bake it first, but use any kind of dried fruit that you like. So again this is a pretty cool recipe
without measures, to your likings, you know? Let’s start with
that. You can add more later if you think
that’s necessary. Little bit of dried fruits, like that, and so I just give it a little pinch of salt just to bring out the flavour so that you also want a little bit of salt to to keep your liquids in when you’re on the
bike. So nice brown sugar, again, obviously this is your energy
source but this is also flavour, so start with 2-2.5
spoons of brown sugar and then basically you just fold it in. And then you can
add more if you like it or you can add less or keep it the way it is this is again up to you,
however you like it. This is pretty well mixed now, I’m just going to leave this there for a second. Then we taste it. And remember, with a thing like this you wanna make
it down a little more sweet than you like it when it’s warm because when
it cools down, the flavor is going to be a little less intense. I want to give it a
little bit more salt and for sure it needs some more sugar. This is a big
portion, you can cook a big portion and cool them and slice them and wrap them up in cling film in your fridge
and they’ll keep for four days or so. You can also freeze them,
so freeze them and then it’s easy to just take it
out two days before, put in the fridge, defrost and
then you have your own nice rice bars. You want to have a
tin of some kind this is just a classic oven tray with
cling film in it, you can use smaller containers, whatever
fits in your fridge just pour it in. As you can see I didn’t quite get it mixed quite enough but you can do the rest in the tin. I’ll just get a scraper for that, and every bit counts! So then just basically you can do the last bit of mixture
here sprinkle a little bit of cinnamon on it and
you just work it in there like this. So even it out like this and then you put it in the fridge. You might want to let it
cool down outside the fridge a little bit so you
don’t heat up everything else in your fridge, I’m going to put it in the freezer now
just to quickly cool it down and then move it into the fridge afterwards, because I have a big freezer. and then make sure it’s even so it doesn’t tilt all over. Basically the rice cake has cooled down a bit, I’ve cut it into strips like this and when it’s completely set tomorrow you lift out the strips and you
wrap them individually, leave those in the fridge for whenever
you need them and then you just cut the bars, size the bars you want, wrap those in paper
and you’re ready to go. You can also put them in the freezer,
take them out two days early and then you’re all set for a good ride. To not rush the rice cakes it’s
important that you do the whole procedure the day before, let them cool
down overnight to make sure you have a completely
firm rice cake that won’t leak out into your back
pocket! So do it the night before and then you’ll
have rice cakes for a whole month if you do a big portion like this.