How To Fire Up Motivation For Athletes

How To Fire Up Motivation For Athletes
I’m Craig Sigl, the mental toughness trainer. How do elite athletes find the motivation
to work as hard as they do to be the best at their sport? Well, you need to DIG DEEPER and find the
fire in your belly that drives you to be the first to show up, the last to leave, and the
energy to inspire your team to greatness. Some players tap into their anger when people
tell them they don’t have what it takes. The great one, Wayne Gretzky did that when
he said… “It’s kind of ironic when I broke in at 17,
I was told I was too small, too slow and I wouldn’t make the NHL.” How sweet would it feel to make those who
said you did not have what it takes to look like fools? Some players find motivation from a sense
of pride. Playing for your country’s national team
is a perfect example. You’re representing your whole country and
they look to you to show the world that pride. Doesn’t it get you excited thinking about
running or skating around at the end of a game waving your flag to thousands of screaming
fans chanting your country’s name after a win, hearing your country’s national anthem? Other players will do anything to feel the
thrill of triumph. Famous hockey coach Kevin Constantine said
about goalies: “Goaltending is a suffering position. Your equipment protects you from injury, but
not from pain, every time you go out there. And if you allow a goal, the red lights go
on for everyone to see. But you get to be a hero too.” And that’s what makes it ALL WORTH IT! There are countless stories of athletes who
were highly motivated to become a professional so that they could repay their parents or
family for all of the support that was given to them. Can you tap into that motivation? And let’s not forget the most obvious of
motivations…money! A college scholarship at some schools can
be worth ? of a million dollars these days. And yes, go ahead and dream of what it will
be like to be signing that professional contract…imagine yourself living where you want to live and
what you will do with all that money! If you want it bad enough, you can achieve
anything you want! Tap into YOUR motivation and think about it
every day to fuel you up to go for it with everything you’ve got. Go to to learn more
about how to dominate your sport and build unstoppable confidence.