How to Do Training Drills | Badminton Lessons

Now I’d like to say a couple words about training
drills. One of the most common forms of training drills
is the multi-feed shuttle drill in which the coach holds a bunch of shuttles in one arm
and he uses the other arm to throw the shuttle across the net and the student obviously has
to try to retrieve it, all the while making sure the student turns to the center of the
court or his base after he hits it. Jeffrey’s going to show you how to hit these
shuttles. One important thing to note is that the coach
can vary the speed at which he’s throwing depending on the level of the student. He can also vary the direction in which he
throws the shuttle. A side variation of the multi-feed drill is
when the coach instead uses a racquet instead of throwing the shuttle. This way he is able to hit the shuttle a little
bit further to the back so the student can cover more court. This is a little bit more advanced training,
and it’s a great workout. That’s your multi-feed drill.