How Tina Maze became a sports icon in Skiing | Legends Live On

She always had fabulous
technique. She had a natural
gift for gliding. Tina is the strongest yet the most fragile athlete
in modern downhill skiing. My career was like a
roller-coaster, I would say. There’ll never be anybody like
Tina, for the next 200 years. (LEGENDS LIVE ON) (CRNA NA KOROSKEM) Skiing
in Crna is a huge tradition. 3,000 people,
and it has nine Olympians. I wanted to be the next
champion who would bring that happiness in the village. My fans in Crna. Hello, how are you? (SONJA MAZE, TINA MAZE’S
MOTHER) Tina was a child with so many interests that you
don’t know what to pick up. We put Tina on skis
when she was three years old. This was the beginners’ slope. And that was the next step up. When you started taking your
first turns, we got some tree branches and painted them red
and blue, to use as gates. I could just tell you could go
far with it. (BLAZ JILEN,
TINA MAZE’S FIRST COACH) By the time she was 12 or 13, she was beating all
the other girls. After that, her race times
were even faster than the boys. She was very young, in a country that hadn’t
had many ski champions. Olympics are a great tradition. As a little girl, I was always
watching that sport fire. When that light turns on… (TURIN, 2006) In Torino, for me
it was a big disappointment. I wasn’t in good
shape at that time, mentally. She still lacked maturity. In Turin, she just wasn’t
mentally strong enough yet. (LADIES’ GIANT SLALOM) It was not going the way I
wanted to. I didn’t feel good. I didn’t see any sense
in skiing any more. I need somebody that
stimulates me the right way. Tina didn’t have any
self-confidence. We couldn’t understand
it in a girl like her, who had everything
needed to succeed. Why wasn’t she beating
all the other girls? It’s easy to say,
but the athlete has to be put in the right conditions
to make that happen. With Andrea, it really had
a great impact on me. Day by day,
I was getting better. It was getting stronger
also on the personal level. That’s where I fell in love
with him. The federation didn’t
support our relation and they didn’t want him
in the team, any more. And then I said,
“I will stop skiing now. “That’s it for me.” He asked me,
“Do you like your sport?” That was the main question
for me. Of course, I love it. And I would love
to use my talent, which was never used
the way it should be. I’m pretty impulsive,
so I said to her: “Let’s build a team
around you.” When they started working
together, in 2007, 2008, Tina was still
a giant slalom skier. It was Andrea Massi
who convinced Tina she could win in Super-G
and downhill. That was a very important
mental breakthrough for Tina. To work in five disciplines,
it came spontaneous. We were training, training. I didn’t stop believing
I could come back strong, and a lot of sacrifices. He made her the athlete
she is today. A versatile athlete that can
win on every kind of terrain, on every kind of snow,
in every skiing discipline. That’s the work
of Andrea Massi. (VANCOUVER, 2010) Being a leader of the nation
in Vancouver, it was for me very emotional. You need to show that
you are the right person. (LADIES’ SUPER G) That ski run was
corrugated iron, it was reinforced concrete,
it was super hard. And she proved she’d taken
it to the next level, that she could win speed events too. For me, risking a lot
in Super-G and making a medal there
was a huge step. Approval that I can
really be on that podium. (TINA WINS
how you felt on this run now. It’s more performance
than the other one. That’s great. Give me five ! In 2007, she asked
to try the skis, and we let her try the skis. Let’s see what’s going on! She pushed us to another limit. I’m really happy to continue
that relationship after the career. She has to developp
skis for women. She is now also ambassador
for our clothing apparel. She also has a really
good fashion eye, she has the instinct for great
colours and stuff like this. She could really ski. She had a great
touch on the snow, and a natural gift for gliding. She had beautiful craft. She had it all: the anatomy, the muscles, the technique and the mind-set. The greatest accomplishment
in Tina Maze’s career is her record point total
in the World Cup: 2414. It means she competed in
40 races over that winter, and scored an average
of 70 points in each race. As if she’d always come in
second. After that season when she
made 2,400 points, she was a legend. (SOCHI, 2014) (LADIES’ DOWNHILL FINAL RACE) The day before, I designed
a paper with the slope. I imagined everything before. I lived success, I would say, the day before already. (DOMINIQUE GISIN IS THE
I ever skied in my entire life. (WITH A TIME OF 1:41:57,
DOMINIQUE GISIN TAKES THE LEAD) When I was starting, I remember it was very warm. I was just gliding as much
as I could, leaving the skis, just going fast, fast… Coming into the last
big turn, I had the most trouble there, every training
as well on the racing day, I was not very precise. It’s still enough to let go
my skis, into the last pitch. She gets to the finish line, and I see “000”. And then it hits me… that we’re both in first! Both in first place, tied to
the hundredth of a second. I don’t know
if it’s ever happened before, in the history of the Games. We really enjoyed that moment
together. (THE NEXT DAY,
TINA WINS A SECOND GOLD MEDAL (IN GIANT SLALOM.) Winning that was… maximum! I believe that was
the highlight of my career. Winning two gold medals,
and then retiring. Couldn’t wish for more! I saw a big change
in Slovenian sport. As many flags as I saw after
that, I didn’t see before. She makes Slovenians happy! I think Tina’s the very best
skier. She’s my hero!