How I Get 20+ Kill Games In Fortnite! (Fortnite Battle Royale Tips)

Hey what is going on guys, in this video today
we’re gonna be going over what I do to get 20+ kill games in Fortnite. At least in my opinion, getting a 20+ kill
game is maybe the single most difficult thing to accomplish in public match Fortnite. Not only does it require a pretty large amount
of general Fortnite skill, but it also requires a very specific playstyle, and to be honest,
a solid amount of luck as well. So if you’re a player that’s always wanted
to get a 20+ kill game this video is for you, and even if you’re a player that doesn’t feel
20+ kills is something you could realistically achieve, I still that think me going through
the thought process of what you would need to should be interesting and hopefully somewhat
helpful. So, without further ado, let’s get right into
it. Alright, so one of the first things that I
see as almost a necessity of getting a 20+ kill game nowadays, is that you practically
need to be playing a squads game mode. And there’s basically 2 different reasons
for that. The more obvious one, is that it’s easier
to get kills in bunches in a game mode with teams primarily comprised of 3 or 4 players
each. The way I always like to highlight how that
makes sense, is by looking at it in terms of total interactions needed to get 20 kills. In a game mode like solos for example, you’re
going to need to win roughly 20 different interactions with enemies, since each interaction
is going to be against an average of 1 player. Sure there will be times you can 3rd party
2 people fighting and pick up 2, or maybe even 3 kills in 1 interaction, but that’s
kinda rare. With squads though, and to a lesser degree
duos even, you can get 20+ kills with significantly less total interactions. Now, is it way easier to kill a solo player
than a team of 3 or 4, absolutely I don’t think there’s any debate about that. But when you’re going for 20+ kills, your
hardest fight isn’t really even against the enemies, it’s gonna be your fight against
the clock, and we’ll probably get into more detail about what that means a little later
in this video. The other reason that squads is by far the
best game mode for getting 20+ kill games, is because it’s definitely the game mode with
the weakest skill based matchmaking. Now, I don’t wanna make you think that “oh
if you play squads everybody is horrible” it still definitely has a decent amount of
skill based matchmaking, but it’s nowhere near as strong as what you’ll experience in
duos and especially solos. I mean public match solos at high skill levels
are basically played like a competitive game with everybody boxing up like it’s the world
cup, while squads feels a lot more fast paced with people actually pushing and playing aggressive. And that’s exactly what you’re gonna need
if you want to get a 20+ kill game. The next aspect of getting a 20+ kill game
that’s super important, is that you need to be confident in all your fortnite mechanics. That may sound like something that’s kinda
self-explanatory, but let me explain it further. When you’re going for 20+ kills in a single
game, you simply can’t turn down any type of fight. And in Fortnite due to features like building
and editing, there are so many different types of fights, so you better be super comfortable
with all of them. Here’s the truth about 20+ kill games that
makes them kinda frustrating, even if you gave me aimbot and god mode for let’s say
5 games, in at least 1 or 2 of those matches, I still wouldn’t be able to get 20+ kills. With the hypothetical aimbot and god-mode
combination, obviously I’d be able to easily kill everybody I ran into. But in some matches I wouldn’t even see 20
total enemies. I mean even if you just closely watch some
of the 17 or 18 kill gameplays I upload on my channel, that’s what happens in a lot of
those that prevents them from being 20+s. But let me get back on track with why it’s
so necessary to be confident in ALL your mechanics when going for these super high kill games. When you’re playing super aggressive and getting
into so many fights, there really is a lot of truth to that cliche saying “you’re only
as strong as your weakest link.” Let’s say you’re a player that’s really confident
in your aim, really confident in your editing, but not super confident in your building. You obviously know the basics and you’re not
a bad builder by any stretch of the imagination, but when you run into these cracked out creative
guys in regular games they seem to beat you to high ground every time. And on the rare occasion you do get it, they
do some super flashy re-take that makes your head spin. If you were playing normally or just going
for a more reasonable amount of kills say 10-15, you could choose to disengage, and
just not take the fight when you see it’s an insane builder. But if you watch the games that I get 20+
kills in, or gameplay of any player that gets 20+ kills in a game, you’ll be hard pressed
to find even one example of them just straight up avoiding a fight. And that’s because they’re confident that
they can win every single: aim battle, high ground build battle, box edit fight, 50/50
shotgun fight, pretty much any kind of unique situation you could think of. But the next tip I want to emphasize here,
is that even though you’re going to have to play ridiculously aggressive, that doesn’t
mean you want to play stupid. Even though you can almost never afford to
just straight up avoid or run from a fight, you don’t need to playing at a thousand miles
per hour at all times. Because it’s really as simple as this, no
matter how good you’re doing in a game, dying is always a threat to ruin your chance at
20+ kills. There are plenty of times in the 20+ kill
games that I get where a certain fight I’m in is looking kinda rough, so I’ll box up
for maybe 10-20 seconds, calm myself, think of the next move, and then go out and execute
it. Also one thing that you never wanna disregard
no matter how aggressive and crazy you’re playing is healing. One of the biggest positives of going for
these high kill games is that since you’re hopefully getting a lot of kills, you’re very
likely to have a really stacked inventory. That doesn’t only mean that you’re likely
to have a weapon advantage over the majority of players you fight, which is definitely
another thing to think about, but you’re also gonna have a lot of the shield on you at most
times. So you gotta make sure that you don’t get
flustered and out of sorts in these crazy fights, and any time you take damage, quickly
drink your mini shields or big shields. And the final aspect of getting 20+ kill games
that I want to cover in this video that gets super underrated in terms of importance, is
being able to predict rotations from remaining players. The beginning of really high kill games doesn’t
require all that much thought honestly, you just land at whatever town looks like it’s
gonna be the most populated, loot a house, and then start pushing every enemy you see. If you are able to execute that strategy well,
there are gonna be times where you’re gonna walk away from your starting town with something
like 8-10 kills. And that kinda lulls some players into a false
sense of security where they feel like they got a 20+ kill game in the bag. But with how spread apart a lot of the points
of interest are on the map, and the fact that players tend to play pretty slowly due to
the lack of mobility, you’ll be shocked how fast players will die out if you guess wrong
when trying to predict where enemies are going to be. And I kid you not, literally about 30 minutes
before I started recording this video, I had a game where I landed frenzy farm and got
12 kill in the first 3 or 4 minutes of the game. In my mind I was like “oh man this is gonna
be an easy 20 no doubt in my mind, and honestly I should be shooting for 25 here.” Well I got terrible storm luck, really struggled
to find enemies rotating, and got a few kills stolen, and it resulted in a 15 kill win,
so in the first 3 or 4 minutes of the match I got 12 kills, and in the final 15 minutes
or so I got 3. So let that be a lesson to you, even though
early game is incredibly important because it gives you a great opportunity to pick up
a lot of kills quickly, the rest of the game is just as important. And sadly as much as I wish I could tell you
a surefire strategy to predict rotations, it’s going to be totally different on a game
to game basis. As you play more and more games, specifically
ones where you’re going for a lot of kills, you’ll start to recognize patterns in rotations
that will really help you. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and
if you watched the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment
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a 20+ kill game in your Fortnite career, I’m actually really curious to see the responses? Be sure to leave a like, leave a comment,
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