How each member of the Democratic ‘Squad’ responded to Trump

-As we all know,
the recent tweets and words from the President
are simply a continuation of his racist
and xenophobic playbook. We cannot allow these hateful
actions by the President to distract us
from the critical work to hold
this administration accountable to the inhumane conditions
at the border, that is separating children
from their loved ones and caging them up in an
illegal, horrific condition. -I encourage the American people
and all of us, in this room and beyond,
to not take the bait. This is a disruptive distraction
from the issues of care, concern, and consequence
to the American people, that we were sent here
with a decisive mandate from our constituents
to work on. -This is the agenda
of white nationalists, whether it is happening
in chat rooms or it’s happening
on national TV, and now it’s reached
the White House garden. He would love nothing more
than to divide our country, based on race, religion,
gender, orientation, or immigration status, because this is the only way
he knows he can prevent
the solidarity of us working together across
all of our differences. -Weak minds and leaders
challenge loyalty to our country, in order to avoid challenging
and debating the policy. This President does not know
how to make the argument that Americans do
not deserve healthcare. He does not know how to defend
his policies, so what he does
is attack us personally. And that is what
this is all about. He can’t look a child
in the face, and he can’t look
all Americans in the face and justify why this country
is throwing them in cages. So, instead, he tells us
that I should go back to the great borough
of the Bronx and make it better,
and that’s what I’m here to do.