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hey guy says they bring a new another video no welcome to a watching high rating spectator today we're focusing on Keanu so the new champion that has a terrible win rate a lot of people are confused of what does she actually do how do you do anything on her and what I did was I went on a website that you can find like the high rating people in the game and I was like alright let's find someone who's decent at piano so of like you know actual rank this person is technically not number one Keanu but what made me want to go on this person as persons in master rating the other people in like diamond – diamond 3 so this guy is had a harder time playing Keanu because they're against better players so this guy might be the fourth or something best Keanu on e us right now but again they've have to play and pick up Keanu in master versus mid diamond so quite a big difference I think by the way in this game I've actually played versus quite a lot of the people in this game I recognize the names some of you might recognize them from my episodes and again when you'll you know we're literally watching a game in technically my high rating watch series in the rating that I'm in or the MMR that I'm in so yay anyway Keanu so you'll notice the first thing is it's Keanu top not Keanu mid this is something that I also think is where ki Anna's gonna end up I do not think she's strong enough to pull off midlane assassin I think the likes of Zed who's in mid lane right now or Talon was simply a better version of her so they're more likely just to be mid like if you're that type of players I want to play an ad assassin mid you probably just wouldn't play Keanu so I do think she's in top lane because she's got quite good dueling pressure so the first thing she goes for a nice Q gets all of it and you can see here look at the chunk difference and also that is a klepto man see Riven not even a full damage Riven and yet just Riven just smash the damage shot so far so again I don't know if that ribbons done a mistake I dunno some ribbons do klepto but in this type of matchup when you're against a squishy you know supposed to be assassin Keanu if I was this Riven I would definitely be going all-in not for klepto right so you also notice a corrupting potions start and if we just break down her runes she is running electrocute and you'll be able to see when I hover over electrocute meanwhile engage that mean sudden impact eyeball collection with relentless hunter which is the movement speed and then inspiration second magical Footwear biscuit delivery and she's going attack damage which adaptive damage adaptive damage and armor there you go so there's some trading going on Riven hits level three advantage Kiana getting quite low gonna be a perfect careful no jungle pressure right now gets a nice little bit of damage right at the end remember her main damage dealing I think you know ability is I believe the wall the wall Q is her execute if someone's below 50% health she'll be doing more damage to that person so will can just guarantee like there you go yeah alright so potential all in happening she gets us stealth adjust from the leaf so again this is okay this is really interesting so instead of going for the wall element this Keanu is focusing the Bush element or the brush element because that gives you the stealth so basically it's denying Riven trade back so she does damage and then she's stealth and then ribbon can't do anything so bits love you play by this Riven trying to base but you know staying around a bit too much you can see the the game in choke total for red team is going quite well and I will say obviously bit of a spoiler and you know this isn't gonna be a replay hopefully that Keanu does nothing is there oh nothing happened I specifically looked one that the Keanu is dealing the most damage in the game so just keep that in mind that this Keanu from right now her team's getting fed she eventually goes on good damage she eventually goes on to do the most damage in the game as a whole so how does she do that from this point no idea if I'm honest and that's what we're gonna try and find out so again her trades I haven't been too bad meanwhile Kindred's getting a couple kills a bi her trades haven't been bad at all but you'll notice that she's pretty much always everytime going for the bush element every single time because it just denies driven the trade back like every time so that's something already that I've noticed and already you guys can kind of go okay so that's how you trade with this champ because again I've played her a couple times and it's like I don't win trade meanwhile potential in happening boom she gets a solo kill on ribbon gets both flashes out but that was really nice and again the thing with the Keanu that I would always say would be potentially in the wing is if she gets ahead it's gonna be so hard to get rid of this champion often because her w gives her a little – he is AG little jump to you it's gonna be hard to get off you know get a rough you so if she does snowball I reckon she's gonna snowball quite well the thing is is most of the time I've she doesn't do great again her win rate you can't always go off win rates but her win rate is one of the lowest there's ever been of a new champion is I think it's like 43% in platinum and above that's very low again win rates aren't the thing that balances the game but they are a small indication of like if something's busted it'll have like a 60% win rate okay that thing just broke if something's really weak it will have a very bad win rate big and you could be careful with it because again they're having champions that have been busted with terrible winnings is there Jase all these champions have had terrible winner it's 46% 44% and they still get nerfed and that's why you can't always take when rates purely seriously alright so ribbons missing again I don't know this could be because of the klepto man see and let me know in the comments what do you think does this ribbon do clip differencing on purpose you know I really don't know but she's now missing for a while not really sure why you can see on the mini-map in the bottom right there kindred markers in there in the top River so that is likely gonna be something that is focused but there's ribbon returning to the lane so there is now a pretty big farm difference she gets the ice element there the river element which is the route so if you want to do again if you're getting ahead and you want to keep someone still to Auto Attack them then the ice element is quite good but yeah so already going for the bush elements is really good so there you go Wow so I Suliman into the ice element to route with an auto tackle then going into leaf element or bush element and then getting the stealth and there's no trade back okay really interesting so I'm not honestly learning quite a lot already about this champion now what I want to see what is the next move is how does she integrate her ultimate with her the rest of her kit so potential dive coming in this is question of but if she alts missus the old missus the old which is pretty big Riven maybe getting a double kill if they don't play it smart they're gonna re-engage after the tower grows dropped and they do kill the ribbon if you're wondering how did Kiana get Tarot grow they're corrupting potion the corrupting potion obviously giving a dot onto the ribbon and that would have led to getting tower aggro B and I believe the ultimate mist so that would have been even better if the ultimate hit but I don't think it did also will save you hear any you shouldn't hear any construction because my microphone is quite good and just listen to my voice but if you do hear any again our neighbors have had ongoing construction on their house for three months great neighbors literally they bought the new house they moved in I've changed everything it's a nice house so it's like so you can also see kindred is now marked the Kiana which could mean a couple things one generally you know are you gonna put your mark on the person you go for yes but what is more likely as if you've got to say when a kindred Kindred's mark was here so putting the mark on the Kiana makes sense because you're already in that general area it'd make Kiana maybe a bit nervous or whatever but Cain didn't kind of read that very well and voila and now for some reason if you notice a Lulu I don't know if they've ranged out or whatever but they they were here and yeah jinx is dead in a 2v1 so maybe the jinx was playing a little bit too far up she's still got a flash up maybe but yeah I don't know why there's a Lulu not in bot lane at all alright so leaf element again so bitter damaged no trade back for the ribbon she eats through kindred in the area again she did get marked she will maybe go down to has the stealth Lulu again in top lane and does get killed because again there's just three people top lane for some reason again Lulu is still top when her bot lanes getting so obviously also Malphite mid by the way remember this is like a master quality game and something like why is there a Malphite mid mouth what made generally is poop the higher rating you go but this guy I would if I had to guess and again my guess actually would be wrong because I just watched the saw his name I would've actually guessed he wasn't a mid laner that would actually be my guess but because like autofill to mid you're playing against a Zed malphite's good versus dead I guess but yeah you can see the Zed's have a really hard time and again by his name I'm I don't feel that sorry for him if I'm honest but yeah right so continuing in top plane ribbons gone Lulu is now back in the in botlane which we can see by the mini-map and things continue now Riven didn't get that kill which is good because if she got that kill again ribbons ribbon right she can always make a comeback I've had terrible ribbons of my teams or any enemy teams and in late-game they just get one big combo kill four people and like okay you're carrying the game now apparently it does happen Riven is just that type of champion for some reason I think we're hearing botlane noises by the way because I think I we just heard Nico ultimate and now she gets to kill so this kindred by the way is actually wrecking the cane that the kindred is just playing aggression you know agro aggression in the enemy jungle and again really keep in mind by the way this game is not looking good for red team keep in mind that I do these episodes and I know some people I always spoil up again that's the point of the episode that damage is good but the point of the episode is watching somebody do really well on the champion so again keep in mind that this clears Kiana gets fed as she does the most damage in the game from this her team is not doing great the Niko and the lux are doing alright but they're mid lane is half farm basically the Cain gets keeps getting killed to the jungle in the 1v1 so how does she translate this into wham bam thank you ma'am no idea and I will say I looked at the match history while they get routed and there's the combo so it's ice to root in to wool to execute damage and then when you're actually looking for high high level trades when the rim is at high health hold some back roots him into the river that was nice but when yeah so when they're both at high health this person is focusing the bush element when she's got the advantage she's taking the river element to root and then combining that with the wall element stops the ribbon and attracts so you can see this Riven might be getting a little bit frustrated really nice smooth play via the river might be getting slightly frustrated just flashes on the key ana and just you know flash for flash you know no kills or anything so you can kind of get that a little bit again bad play happening around here Kiana is going for a teleport as well as some here chiana's going for an all-in right now which is a bit questionable she will probably just go down yeah that was really weird so now is 1 & 2 pretty sure I didn't click the wrong replay by the way but like I was saying before that all happened I looked at this person's match history which some people may be like you know what's their match history like pretty much and what shouldn't be surprising they either get really fed or they feed like crazy like there's some performances that are like 12 and OH 18 and 1 and then other performances like 1 and 13 1 & 5 2 & 6 so it's like yeah that's kind of this champion at the moment is that people 1 are still working her out but I think that's the champion to be honest what she's always gonna be she's gonna be one of those high-risk high-reward champions and half the time you'll feed half the time you'll get fed but if you can get fed 55 percent of the time then your climb it's kind of like in people no boy boy that's boy boys play star boy boy is very all and he does kind of funny things he gets fed or he feeds like crazy he's always been like that some type of player he is meanwhile Zedd goes down again Malphite potentially going down niko picks up the kill a little bit of chaos there that's fine a lot of control Ward's in the same bush it's really weird to see and meet Kiana picks up both of them so again the Malphite build you can clearly see is not a pea Malfoy or at least not yet again I would have been very surprised if he went full ap Malphite in master rating you can see he's just playing tank Malphite mid just to deny the zed one of Zed's benefits and strengths is that he gets really strong in Lane and compete his opponent in Lane and this Malphite is just denying that really nice steal by Keanu there so II had no interest of actually killing the kindred that was a pure I'm stealing your read and see you later that was nice again denying a red buff from a jungler gives you XP gives you rebuff that's an all-round good situation now if you look at the comp and again how would I would I think about this comp and this game would turn around potentially again they've got elements of good teamfight but they've also got elements of getting owned in teamfights meanwhile kindred is did too getting that off she does use her alt nearly going down she could die if the the red team actually worked together any second because again if she wall element cues and hits the kindred that kindred will probably died because she's less than fifty percent of health etc Riven going aggressive again like I said earlier I do have a hint boiler you can feel a little bit of hint that this ribbons being a bit annoyed or this matchup so anytime that this ribbon sees an all-in potential Mickey Anna she's gonna probably go through it meanwhile now ribbon is diving that's very questionable dive happening and then she will get killed by the tower don't know why she did that dental ting gets killed straightaway but that might be enough Neko not close enough to get her ultimate off and things are looking a little bit messy and again when you're watching this replay and the funny thing is yet this is a master replay on us I'm watching this going god this isn't very good play it again yeah it's not an I've been in this rating very recently and it's not great rating like I know it's master and it's supposed to be either the peak or one of the peaks of League of Legends you know you're in the top two if your master because I you know was master of week ago you're in the top two thousand players on the US out of the millions that play like you thirty million or something that's on in US so you're a very good player but it's if you're still humans right you still play kind of met and that's something that I you know a lot of newer players or lower a players where you have to come to terms with and it's a confusing thing because the difference is again I've said it before is when it's master versus master people the game doesn't look that impressive what where the difference is and you'll never get that difference is if you threw a platinum player in this game then you'd see the difference it's the little things that aren't kind of hard to notice it's the little decisions why are they doing things the builds that they're doing the the lack of mistakes that goes on in general and then when a mistake happens they pounce on the mistake that's the kind of thing that makes high rating but it's sometimes hard to kind of show when it's high rating versus high rating because they kind of cancel each other out so yeah right so cannon looking for a big oh my god okay let's actually what we're gonna do folks is we're actually gonna go back in time because again this video is how old you and that's the point in this video we're gonna wait until this whole situation goes and then we're gonna rewind and we're gonna watch that slowly and see what the exact combo was okay let's watch that back alright we're gonna watch this back and we're gonna watch it in slow motion because I think it's worth it because it'll help us kind of be like how did that happen alright so slowing it down really so down here is her spells she opens with ultimate and E directly at the same time then dub use auto attacks Q's and that's just one shot the kindred who didn't have a llama by the way Lulu has ultimate and yes so that that's the combo legit is ultimate in an e at the exact same time we'll watch it again just for the sake of it should be any second right here we go got a really slow it down this is the slow Kate wait Oh ultimately at the same time then W onto the wall and Q and that just one shots the kindred then she's got all spells are on cooldown so now would just be Auto attacking the Lulu and wait for it so auto attacks and I don't think she gets the kill cuz Keanu even though she's technically an auto attack champion she's very reliant on spells I meanwhile said it's getting alter done to the tower but there you go that is the combo so again Alt alt to me at the exact same time lands bouken damage at the same time the one thing that I didn't check out did she have an element on before she did the alt play I presume she did I'm not gonna go back again but I presume she already had an element while she altered and which then would have given the auto attack damage and all that good stuff so yeah okay so that that's the potential of Keanu again that was with a duskblade of draktharr Keanu and yeah I know it's kindred who's a squishy champion but that is a fed kindred who would have been higher you know higher XP than a normal kindred would be higher health bar and she just won bang des like holy alright so she is now potentially overstaying has to flash is gonna make her way out I presume can jump over that wall with the W and yeah she will live but yeah that was pretty crazy damage and there was not I don't think much they could have done about that gets a nice root if ribbon potentially overstays that that health by the way I think she might die they might be collapsing on her which they are will she be able to she stealth she is gonna probably go down all she goes through an all-in doesn't get anything yet if she gets the bush and gets the cue with the stealth but she got stunned couldn't pull it off writ like again she nearly killed two people so okay we're starting to see where the damage is coming from to be honest kindred walked straight into an eco she flashes you saw the flash animation but she does get caught you really weird stop watch don't know what that was about kindred nearly dead not dead yet though cuz no one's doing any damage double ultimate or Riven gets that those canes now in the backline they get a nice cue the Luxor's hit and some nice stuff and there's a kindred I think in there that no one is going for meanwhile Zed is dead again this is a 1 in 6 Z issue again the risk of playing ad assassins man they either get really fed or they generally feed right so Kane is are just going straight for that kill which will give it onto the jinx and boom double kill nice right so build again even though it's toppling Keanu by the way it does seem that you still do an assassin strike type play style so she did go dragged for that verse for the first she will most likely be going for you lose don't think you can take on that Malphite again again like we've said it's pure tank Malphite it's just kind of nuts you know Malphite he does a lot of damage surprisingly even as pure tank and that's why you just don't really need to go AP on him because the idea of a female fight maybe it's good in bronze and stuff like that cuz you'll be able to hit your ultimate these good like higher rating players can dodge the ultimate and then after that like what the hell you do is a penile fight but if your tank Malphite your damage is actually surprising across the board even without your ultimate because you can just stand in the middle of people with a son fire or whatever eventually yeah right teleport play coming this is very important because infernal dragon is very contested right now let's see what happens Malphite believe does have ultimate dragon is a about 3rd health he's gonna get poked now if he has to all away and defensively that's really good for Red Team you can see he is really holding as ultimate right now ultimate comes through really nice smite by the cane and Red Team honestly could just back out if they wanted to they don't have to continue the fight but they will Neko picks up the kill you can see Keanu right now was kind of zoning the enemy team while the ribbon was getting caught they could continue this right now mobi boots on two people on red team so it's very fast they can maybe pick a couple people here she's gonna go to the bush with the stealth gets one kill on the kindred she doesn't ultimate maybe she didn't she didn't have it up and they will continue the jinx is caught out and she has nowhere to go and nice zoning E and they will just go all in and back there we go that was a really nice turn so how is this game turning around people I hear people asking no I don't feel any way um mistakes make basically so yes the kindred got fed and that inner cane struggled but the cane still got like some kills in the early game this Zed is practically worthless but they don't need him in this game but is the bot lane you know the bot Lane two and seven jinx so they're their actual carry because remember it's mid lane Malphite tank you know he's not a carry it's Riven who can get cc'd and locked down like you just saw a kindred if she go goes all-in and doesn't be not able to do anything they can just get caught you know and that's what's happening so Malphite does get returned kill on the thingy Keanu does go down but they will probably pick up a couple more people not sure that they're gonna be able to kill this Malphite because he's very tanky so they probably should just make their way out but I can only ko comes but again they should probably just run because that is a fairly strong kindred and they probably don't want to fight that so again overall pretty good but this also is a great example of white you know Zed not not great when he gets behind and if he gets counted and that's why you'll generally never blind pick a Zed alright so Kindred's in the area throws our ultimate down Nico should get in the middle of that because there's no way the enemy team leave stopwatch by the by the Kindred malfoy getting another kill again jinkx rocket so this is the annoying thing is that kindred yeah she's okay at carrying but she there's positives and negatives to kindred in carrying because a lot of time you're focusing on survival nice play by herb wool element misses are ultimate though which actually kills the Neko Zen might get himself a kill or ki Anna will die double kill for the ribbon and Zed picks it up in the end so again even though she's strong this key Anna she's so squishy that even like a ribbon who you know it's not bad in strength this game but she just dies like every teamfight I'd think this can has died because like you're just so squish you look at the health bar of a Zed Zed is thirteen thirteen hundred and thirty health whatever look at the key Anna but it would be interesting to see how spike similar or different the health bars are so that's taking the red you can see there are spam question mark pings right now because they're his own team he's two and seven he should not be taking that blue sorry shouldn't he's not very strong in this game but he did it anyway so again the key Anna's got 1627 health and that's why she just was she just bought a ruby crystal which would have helped but yeah not much health at all in comparison the ribbon has got if I can oh she's not in vision I can't click her yet malphite's got 2756 kindred has got 1,300 so we'll see like what she can do but again the teamfight oh here's the rhythm so they don't get the one shot they're struggling now but they all get him coming under knock ups they kill the Zed again which isn't surprising Keanu is backing away up there cane in the middle doing a lot of damage but goes down and this fights not looking too great they do pick up one kill they probably should keep going Kiana's quite low nevermind and they will just back away so who this game is pretty rough if they get a fantastic Nico by the way that could make the difference in this game you see a little bit of greediness maybe by this Kiana staying around let's see what she can do what is she actually aiming for here right so again very low health path enemy team you see is going aggressive in the territory so pops are you moose let's slow it down watch what's gonna happen so she finds the kindred in the back there's also a Lulu she goes in with a Q then another Q I think flashes gets herself aimed triple kill by a nice flank again very low health doesn't really matter it's just the Q damage so the Q damage is very high I think that's just a given and you know she doesn't get focused too much then what can the enemy team do jinx makes a mistake by flashing too late and she just gets one shot again that's a very weak jinx as well so this game so hilarious cuz it's kind of the tale of which weaker person could cost the team more you've got the enemy jinx who's feeding and you've got the Z on this team that's feeding and then Kindred's trying to carry and Kiana's trying to carry so you've got kind of two halves to it so Baron is now being done again there's technically not really a tank in a situation but you do have lux support level off her shields Riven going all-in does kill the Kiana again because she is quite squishy that doesn't do enough damage and they will probably pick up the Baron off good but no baron on the keyonna unfortunately nice so next dragon also worth noting is ocean ocean is a very underrated under Mia underrated dragon it's fantastic the region that it gives and you know it's not warm or quality but it's very good you know if you don't have any regen you're not buying life still you're not buying a read yet health regen as a whole wall mug and ocean can make the difference of having a fight having to back away and then going back in a few seconds later so they do get it Kane's going all-in which is a bit questionable whoa really nice Kane dodge and again this one I mean Webb milk Malphite isn't as great high rating because people can play like that they're they're smooth they can dodge the time things well and that meld fight literally that whole champion just got countered by Kane just timing his ultimate well that literally what has happened when when a champion can get counted like that so easily it's not great alright so enemy bot Lane getting a little bit caught keyonna pushes a gets a lot of damage Kane picks up the kill bow and again mount fight could be a problem this game just by how tanky is if he's in the middle and that he gets focused you know for some reason if red team decide to focus him instead stealth going for a bit of an engage probably decides against continuing camera keeps bugging out for summary zedd versus riven that's probably not gonna go well Keanu thinking about where to go does get some nice damage the Zed does kill the ribbon somehow and yes oh yeah the thing that I've kind of noticed with Keanu even though she's kind of like an all of this acid she's also about poke more than pretty much every assassin in the game so good damage by kindred will get herself killed by the range cue so yeah that's the kind of thing from watching this has made me notice is she's actually about poked a lot it's about your ranged Q whoa all in completely one shots the jinx I don't think the jinx is fully paying attention she reacted very slow and I think kindred might have just left conceding the match again speaking of someone in this rating generally yeah rate quitters are very common in this rating because people you know are very emotionally attached to winning or losing they can't deal with losing and once the game is like we're losing they just need they just straight-up leave the game it's very annoying yeah not overstaying does get herself killed again so even though it's been a good performance you know she hasn't died eight times that is a high amount of deaths but yeah that's fine so we'll be interesting to see if the Kindra comes back it doesn't take away from the Keanu or the you know the rest of the commentary but yeah rage quits or in abundance in high rating in the u.s. of it honestly and I don't mean to be a debbie downer here but high rating in the u.s. is a awful place to play League of Legends like as for an actual video game where you're talking about how fun it is it's not fun it just isn't the toxicity level the rage quits the one tricks that you know you either get banned out and then troll one tricks in general the mountain duo queue that happens the funneling that still goes on it's just lore and that's why like sometimes this is a bit draining you know when you're in that kind of rating bracket so build wise again talking about it is a full assassin build so again even though she's top lane she's doing the full assassin build which includes all the lethality items and they're not Black Cleaver she is going straight for the armor penetration item so not the healing reduction armor pen she is all about the enemy team can build some armor if they want to but it will not affect this Keanu so she pops her edge of night she pops her youmu she's gonna go all in that see what she does she jumps over the I presume nope she decides against it so again without my lethality and everything that the Amish read that this key Anna's got by the way the Malphite really won't be that tanky for her like gee he just won't be the only thing that would make the difference is the health bar of Malphite will be a bit too high maybe for camera cause she doesn't do much health damage she does just high damage too squishy people ultimate coming in Lux gets caught she doesn't go down yet she's on use it this isn't probably looking too good for her she gets caught by the Malphite ultimate so again still gonna be careful boy I think Lux did have some yes Lux had flash there she didn't flash it Kindred's bag by the way so that was either a rage quit and she'd the game didn't end when she thought it would or it was just a DC or again some people do an alt f4 and they just do it out of rage and then reconnect all in on to the jinx she just disappears ultimate comes through the ultimate surround that gets two of them in the ultimate kindred flashes with their ultimate neko ultimate on top of the tinted Altima and they just absolutely shred threading everything Riven won't go down in the end Neko is really looking for it I think Endor Malphite survived of that way because again he is pretty tanky and that will be the game so this game was pretty good I'm not doesn't even end right now again from memory this game should have gone on longer but maybe it didn't so there's a little bit of Defense not too much though and the game will go down okay yeah I might be thinking of a different game but still I remember vividly this piano did the most damage in this game by quite a bit actually which was surprising but then when you go back into what I was saying earlier this assassin and how you play the Sasson so just to kind of give a you know TLDR in when you're in top plane and you're a high health you go Bush element priority because then they can't trade back with you you just do damage and stealth they can't trade back when then you're there below 50% health you open with the river element to route them then you double you into the wall element to get a free W hit which is the the more damage when they're below 50% health so that's how you do laning phase generally and then the ultimate combo is generally ultimately at the same time or to attack W water attack Q W or something like that and then that person just one shot but then all its poke you know champion is a melee technically assassin but why this Keanu ended up probably doing the most damage in the game is the poke that she was dealing it's the constant w cues from the elements it that adds up you know 300 damage here 300 damage there you can do a quick 500 damage in two seconds every 10 seconds like that's how this champion can deal a lot so it's poking and it's not all inning until they're probably about a third health so if you see a key on a try and do what a Zed can do like a Zed can alt somebody at 100% health and kill them Keanu can't do that without ultimate without a great situation so in lane phase it's about poking them and about kind of using the bush element with the stealth so they can't trade back with you that's how you play qiyama hopefully you guys enjoyed this if you are gonna give it a go go play Keanu with like this new knowledge and let the comets know how did it go for you that would be kind of interesting yeah if you guys enjoy throw a like on it throw subscribe and I'll see you guys next time