How can a pen and paper make you a better athlete?

How can a pen and paper make you a better athlete? well, for starters, by writing down how
good you actually want to be …and there’s nothing wrong with
thinking really BIG! Top athletes know it takes more than just
hard work to be the best They realise, that the more you
understand about how you get good, the more you will be motivated to work on the things that make the biggest difference. The best way to start, is by developing a
good plan and updating it every week. Make a big
list of all the skills you need to get good at
to achieve your goals. This might include techniques you need
to master, being strong and flexible or learning
how to perform your best in the big competitions. If you’re not
sure what will be important, think who you could ask… or where you could find out more! From your BIG list, choose the 4 things you need to FOCUS on most. These will depend on you and the sport you do. Then write down what you can work on during training…what you can work on at the beginning and end of training…. … and what you can do on your own. Because once you have a plan, it’s up to YOU to keep challenging yourself. Learning how to overcome tough challenges will also build your confidence and help you understand when the plan might need to change. And always remember, being the best also means working hard on your plan. So get a pen, get thinking and start planning how to get even better by downloading the ‘How to Plan for Success’ Guide from our website.