How California lawmakers are trying to allow college athletes to get paid

-SB 206 will give
our student athletes who go to college
in California the same right
that Olympic athletes have, which is the right to their
name, image, and likeness. -In a nutshell, what AB5 said is allow student athletes
to profit off their likeness. A professional athlete can sign
an endorsement deal with the local restaurant or a company
to use their likeness, you might say fame,
but their notoriety as who they are
to benefit off that. And currently collegiate
student athletes are prohibited to do this because they are classified
as armatures by the NCAA. -I feel like I have a little
credibility and knowledge about this —
-You do. -Because when I was
at the University of Florida, think my jersey was one of
the top-selling jerseys around the world. It was like, Kobe, LeBron, and then I was
right behind them. And I didn’t make a dollar
from it, but nor did I want to. Because I knew going into
college what it was all about. I knew going to Florida,
my dream school, where I wanted to go,
the passion for it. And if I could support my team,
support my college, support my university,
that’s what it’s all about. But now we’re changing it
from us, from we,
from my university, from being an alumni
where I care, which makes college football
and college sports special, to then, okay
it’s not about us, it’s not about we,
it’s just about me.