if you want to buy cheap and reliable MT go check out DVD J calm and use code witness for five percent of your purchase yo was googas witness to K back on in the air to k-19 my team another it's another God Squad update I know if it did one just a few days ago but this one's gonna be a lot quicker because we added a card that honestly it just breaks the frickin game now we're gonna build the squad we have a share we have two squads that we're gonna show you I'm gonna show you guys the squads that I you the squad that I use and also the 12 the 13 actually galaxy Opel squads I'm gonna fix this up now so we got the team that I'm going to use team witness and we have 13 opals which is the full galaxy opal lineup so team witness point guard Ben Simmons shooting guard boom go remember this so we've got Coby small Ford is pg then we have melo at the powerful which does work if you guys are wondering melo can play the passport for sure my backup point guard is Brandon Roy my backup shooting guard ears I'm pretty sure it's Luca my small Ford bang goes to Bob Pettit and this is where the new card comes in and it is the freakin unicorn himself kristaps porzingis this card is a freaking delete bro like seriously he's absolutely ridiculous I love this card like he's crazy good but we are actually gonna be doing an update on this because I just forgot something Pettit is gonna be going here and then our big man is going to be wilt then we're gonna have Milan then we're gonna have Trejo George I think we're gonna go George honestly I don't really not a huge fan of Trey so that is the squad right there or we're gonna be using but we also have one more card to pick up so we're adding the unicorn kristaps porzingis who is seriously this is his stats for a day galaxy opal like like the midis is insane the three-point shoot he is insane he gets sharp take over his he can dunk it is I in the 80s but he can't dunk it it's KP he can box out rebound he can defend he has limitless range in the Hall of Fame and deep range a toe which is crazy he's an absolute awesome card I love him we are going to tell me to a triple threat with him but like I said we have to buy the 13th opal first so when a jump over to the auction and as predicted I said this dude was going to be cheap and he is and it is James Harden like a hundred and seventy Cobra that is so cheap we're gonna pick up this from right here's or 30 contracts holy crap I'm overpaying for that I really don't want to pay for that one we can get one that's ending soon I'd like this one come on give me that one I would bid on that one hope you can pick him up 185 but I'll be back in under a minute guys to check out with his n so we just picked up James Harden for I think he's like 195 PK which is pretty decent for an opal of his stat man they're crazy good stats like for real so he is gonna go right there that's where I want James hard to go like I said his stats are crazy elapsed in the 99 he got a post fate of a 95 shot closer mid-range is in the 98 free throws 98 like this card is crazy 95 done plus he can pass he should have some read yes but some rebounding as well as this card is honestly crazy good so this is the lineup that I am owner this is this is a squad that we actually use with this hidden gem right here man the freakin unicorn himself I love that card now obviously the 13 opals lineup is pretty much just the same lineup except we're gonna be adding who goes there Miller he said we're gonna be getting really KP but the 13th opals point guard Brandon Roy we got James Harden then we got Luca then we'll God Pettitte wields and then we got these three dudes right there and that right there lizardom is our full galaxy Opel lineup but I mean apparently you can't even get into a game running 13 guy feels like the game cannot hold it or something like that I don't know if some that's not the actual squad that we run but we got it there you know 13 GIC opals but this is a squad right here gonna jump into a game of triple threat now with James Harden and kristaps porzingis so this is too quick trio we're gonna run hopefully we can catch a dub with these new cards oh here we go be good again this is what a pretty good team is got a pink diamond Roy he's an off ball okay peez gonna get a look at a three and he missed his first shot here's your pink diamond Roy a pink diamond mellow in biggsy pretty nice team I know what Simmons is doing so harden I don't know defensively how good he is yo you've got to get down boards penstemon guess this Felix is at least harden can you get himself with a layup bro we miss our first two shots KP taking it kicking it out to harden nuts 98 on the three ball what now I am seriously considering selling these dudes already Thank You Harding we get on the freakin board we'll see we need KP trailing for a three it's worth he has limitless that's what I love about this KP when he's running up the floor you can just give it to him he can pop it from the freakin logo for real good block harden let's get it KP up the courts winger to harden back to KP hello leaving Cape in he hits back-to-back threes KP has one of it it's like a slower version of Durant's release and we will know how it will God we're gonna have smooth Durant's releases how did he miss that that's how I see his release can harden get 100 it's way too contested oh my god three blocks for harden and we're gonna get a look at the three its movie he still hits that though yo they started slow these two dudes but they have seriously redeemed themselves will rebound KP one thing I want to try it with harden is his post fadeaway it's a 95 which is so solid get out of here Miller hidin right away does it matter if you're left-handed like would it be better if I went on the other side of the floor for that we'll try the post fade away from this side but I'm not even maybe it's gonna be smooth it that way yeah it's still kind of trash to be honest don't let him Punk you don't let him Punk you get that out of here let's go those good defense actually I didn't actually was that good defense it just worked Oh big fella I love your work man and KP as the sharpshooting take over which is so deadly with that all the found limitless range suits it with Brandon Roy and knocks down the mid-range cape he's got it you ain't gonna play D I'm gonna pull it pull the deep one KP oh my god right in BC's grill this is on a bit of a comeback but then you think James Harden wide open for three so yeah he ain't catching this dub we have that rebound give it up to him swing it to KP howdy we talkin big fella bro that sharpshooting takeover is not fair at this point that was our final game a triple threat turned up the best drop but we do have a diamond pack surely in five drops we can get that and that's alright alright I seriously hate getting bronze silver and gold play packs I hate having to go through and open all of those seriously and so annoying but hope you get that diamond pay if you don't in five drops then this is definitely rigged ok we're getting closer to it but while we're going guys this is the end of the video so I'll give this shout out of the video it goes to sin SIA Kimber I think that's how I pronounce your name I'm sorry if I got it wrong ok now I'm kind of scared that we're not gonna get the diamond pack I really want that bro 5 freakin attempts at it we have to get that pack I really want it oh my god we're getting close literally this is gonna be our last attempt at getting this freakin back please – Kay come on come on oh my god frickin drops man so annoying this is rigged this Christian thing is rigged but that is a new lineup guys the lineup that I will be running and that is the 13 galaxy opals lineups the new cards they came out honestly are so much better than I expected I didn't think James Harden and yeah I mean we're gonna be back to the galaxy opals they are both insane and kristaps / he's a ninety a pink diamond I mean that's a hidden galaxy opal hands down but I hope you all enjoyed this video everyone make sure you leave a like and subscribe and I'll catch you all in the next video it's been witnessed