Here's How Pro Player Eliminates 2 People in League of Legends… | Funny LoL Series #600

I mean you watched up it might reveal his location but the trying to hide away they still don't have the cooldown on centrist old back up under my truck for the tempura here you can try the QE nice Juke by cat but will be hit a little bit less the most fun comes in oak comes in as well he's got a lot of a play gonna play around with they find that first I'm actually smurfing on faker with my Katarina still able to keep the turrets up for long see I don't know if they're doing this I don't think they're gonna hit it with my loop you and see if the Luden's bounces it didn't bounce actually maybe it did I think it's yeah it's gone he was immediate to capitalize off and they were able to get the Alpha top side looking forecast he does have the Akali old under his wings look again really really far keeping out comes into the squad look up at stamina get strength Jensen nearly picked up the killing the reinforcements are in a stopwatch burn and in goes cannon tourniquet around one four zero they get on for one if wonder is now attic smithy trying to stay alive or the kills just come through fast and furious in here and being punished here's another look at the attempt at trying to write what has gone wrong here but they go right into three members another teleport is available or g2 they have caps once again wit oh my god we wait a second wait a second who knew is dead holy shit I fell for that they're fucking predict boys to Nathan no oh she's free just a figure and so is the jungle oh wait this guy's worth 700 gold oh my god they make this too easy oh shit he has flashed on me I'm so dead come on dad you want some you fucking once young everyone shut up I shall talk about it to me you can't do anything for them are you tapping there make something happen up here wait how did literally great oh my god why dude up a little bit a wave clear but they will submit and they will knock down one now here comes engaging again fighting several charms the done comes in forged a breeze go to the safety wonder coming in the demonic ascension has a lot of damage available explodes it for one almost knocks to the fifty no death just yet if I could run away slowed down now by cats I'm gonna come in shop every bit of damage it's super cheap too and make it a third they will not be stopped they push me to the mid lane and the tutu turret will fall of cats but people walk away not getting caught just yet waiting for what could be an engagement of TL the stretch chunk lower and lower two more cannon shots will knock it down and right now look at the bottom side and I stunned and wonder kites away now is this the attempt for impact they find it slow they find almost those Tynan yankles gonna bring the stopwatch this to be the teamfight and they go just that slicing up teamliquid and subtly it's 1 vs. the world and he cannot stop it a base is being seen they're being taken down right now cheats you unwilling to be stopped the tourists still in their eyes for this fly and g2 a pullback that's a big oh my gosh look at the fight they look for killed number four this might be an ace inside of the base inside of eighteen minutes this is what Peak League of Legends looks like and it comes from Europe a world record g2 eSports 3 in cold blood way around that I'm confident in my vision control nice try turn flash up we can jump a flash can I adopt a flash something listen absolutely absolutely safe city watch should i flash the level – it's a badge see you later kiddo everything alpha did I hit her I'm so confused oh okay geppu when Thomas phenom each the rhythm how many things on fire populace on space a little bit getting a little bit scared hey good morning boy what's up zero oh fuck hey we out here [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]