Helmet Bro: The Animated Series – The Final Teemo | League of Legends Community Collab

*Carelessly thrown helmet* *Excited text appears* “Dude Names” *Helmet Bro Snoring Happily* *Explosion* “ENEMY QUADRA-KILL!” *Quickly exits Helmet House *Throws on his mobility boots* *ghost for added “quick”* #JustTeemoThings “Hup” Dat Ass *SWOOSH* “NANI?!” *Strongly Despairs* *Anger* *Teemo thinks to himself* “shit” *STRONG FIST* *Gone* “Wuuaaahhh” *Leaf Strong Whirlwind* *It was at this moment* *Teemo knew* *He Fucked Up* *Internal Screaming* *Helmet Bro Clearly Ripping Off Rock Lee* *Large Explosion* *Triumphantly Holding a Now Very Dead Satan* “Your team’s Nexus is about to explode.” *realization* *Furiously Patting Nexus* *EXPLODES* “Defeat* *Looks at defeat sign* “Helmet bro thinks” “But I killed Satan.” *Puts down body* *Assumes Fetal Position* *Is Defeated* *Crying and Minion Noises* *Slash slash* DOJO!