Helmet Bro: The Animated Series – The Academy | League of Legends Community Collab

*Intro* *Subscribe plz* *Relax* *Bangable Ahri appears* *Dat phone* *Stalks the waifu* *Nidalee skin plz rito* *Dyrus appears* *Report jgl 0 gank top* *Types the x9 report* *Wants the double kill* *#fistoftribunal* *Darius full ms appears* *ded* *jk lel* *Flies* *Jgl finally cames* *Bad time increases* *Malphite supp m7 appears* *Not a lol game* *Malphite rework op* AN ALLY HAS BEEN SLAIN *Reminds the waifu* To remind your waifu on a giant robot… It fills you with DETERMINATION. *Booty appears* That Sailor moon reference tho… Star guardian powaaaaaaa!!!!! *Now on your shops buy 1350 RP* *>ftw no legendary* *Rages and onepunchs* *It’s super effective (Figthing>Iron)* */ff* *Snaps the hell out* *Bulling appears* *-1820rp* *Blitz sound on the distance* *SURPRISE, IM BACK* *Dunking* YOU HAVE BEEN SLAIN *The rigth video is dope*