welcome to Rick's corner brought to you by old-school labs the brand I have Trust and the only one I put my name to use my code Grayson 212 on the link below welcome to explore the man the myth the legend now on with the show alright welcome to Rick's corner today I have a guest who's a friend of mine who helped me through a couple of emergencies through surgeries in hospital and brought me some food and things a very nice moment Heidi Miller has a really good friend and I'm the first guy she met at Gold's Gym yes you are the very first day and we you're on that first bike I was and I must have looked really lost because you said hi I'm right and I was like hi and I was so overwhelmed by the dog with me right yes that's right and I was like can I pet your dog and then and that ain't what you went from there yeah and we've been friends ever since and I've seen you in your training where you just don't stop I mean you train hard yeah and it's you know for me it was its recent I just started working out three years ago yeah so this I lost 45 pounds weight training from me you were 45 pounds heavier I can't imagine you look the perfect body there's nobody in that gym better looking than her or anybody I've seen anywhere for that example she's got the best body the best person I had the prettiest woman I've ever seen and she's nice and so you can be how can you have everything you know yeah I know so when you started training did you have any clue what you were going to do with it or did you have a goal in life no no clue whatsoever all I knew was that that I didn't want to be fat anymore and I didn't want to be unhealthy I just I went to a boot camp actually um a friend of mine who had had three children also said oh well I thought you know I went to boot camp afterwards and it really got me back in shape and I thought like okay well I'm never doing that and I thought she can do it I can do it and it's I signed myself up for this boot camp and I was convinced that I would fail and I got there and I cried and literally tears like I can't do sit-ups I've had three c-sections do a push-up I get all these like hands like hands now just try just try just show up every day I try and I did and I started having fun and it wasn't even about the weight loss anymore it was about learning new skills and being there with her people and having something to do and I really did feel I started to realize like every time I would leave I felt accomplished well you know success comes in cans and failure comes in cans this is true so when you can't do something you've already failed and I don't like the word try people tell me I'm gonna try well if you're gonna try the means you're not gonna do it yeah because try it to me is fail you got to succeed you got to do it well you did a complete transformation you changed your whole diet and everything oh yeah that was a big big deal is that for me to realize that what I thought was eating healthy was not healthy I mean big salads with lots of dressing and croutons and but it's a salad but you know it's not really it really wasn't enough greens or vegetables for me you know everybody's body is different for me once I cut out sugar and any kind of wheat or really most cars yeah the weight just fell off and I started to realize I would go to restaurants and I would look at the menu and I would I really want that pasta but I think well how am I gonna feel after I eat that exactly and I was usually exhausted and just with our jacket bloated and so like I don't have a chicken you know and I thought well if I have a chicken then I can have the dessert afterwards and then I get so phone the chicken I wouldn't want the dessert I think like that too I mean I'll get pasta with something maybe a chicken parmesan or whatever and then it gets to the pasta I don't you guys just think I've lost my taste for it yeah and that's I think that's it yeah but I don't lose my taste for spumoni ice cream right well we know and then my daughter says I certain doesn't count because it melts oh this is a good point that's a good point so then you had a marathon yes yes so I I had run a marathon gosh eight years ago and it was one of those ones where I thought well that was going to be how I was gonna get in shape because I was gonna run so I got some book on running a marathon and I did it by myself and they give everything wrong I kind of skimmed the book and didn't really read it and I just started running and I i completely over trained for it i could run the 26 miles of the weekend before the race oh my god right yeah and then also i didn't realize that the importance of carbs when you're running so i was instead of like gummy bears and Twizzlers and tables and bananas things that you're supposed to eat when the race even Gatorade I wasn't pet touching I had packed myself with a little packet at nuts that's all yeah that's what I was gonna get me through the race so I didn't have anything I always carry a couple of nuts around which is great oh how did I get out oh my god but but so the worst part about it was it was in Hawaii so we had we had flown to Hawaii and I had packed the nuts in my water bottle before I left and so on the racer like mile 17 and I'm it's humid no Honolulu Marathon all over Diamond Head mile seven and then you run out to the highway and you come back and you run back over the giant Diamond Head at Mile 25 I was like so so I'm running mile 17 I take the nuts I put them in my mouth and I'll be off on my look and I had not dried the bottle so they were moldy oh my just taking a big no more like it was horrible but I finished the race I was delirious it was horrible and I was like begged my husband did never let me do that again no one is too young but they're right and of course Allan marathons coming up and I was like well okay maybe one more try and LA Marathon is a beautiful marathon and so I stayed kept my training up and two days before the marathon I got food poisoning so I I couldn't eat anything started Friday night didn't keep anything down or drinking and I said just answer me mine I got to the starting line and of course it rained it was the worst rather they've ever had and I mean it's 17 miles before I called my husband so just pick me up I'm not gonna do it and so it was this constant thing of like I need to make this successful for me and so two years ago I ran in LA and it was huge and successful and I had a blast and you put any time restrictions on it I went out and ran had a good time and I really did have a blast so this January when I was treating treating myself craving my friend Viva we just started running she kind of said oh hey this friend is running a half marathon I could never do that and I was like course you could what are you talking about you've got no injuries you're of course you could do that she's like okay should we do LA and I said yeah it's in four weeks let's do it it says she thought those guys were gone we're still pulling leaves out there so she she was such a sport and we trained we treated we did six and miles and then 12 miles and then we did the 13.1 that's a lot of work and then the marathon we ran the marathon together she sprinted the last two miles and she says since she got her medal and she finished she had run a marathon – by training ten and a half weeks everything and didn't think she could do it she didn't and my favorite part is we have a video I'm holding you know we're running across a micron balancer and we're running and and we crossed a bit of mine she said is it done and I was against Todd you did it and then they put this and she's sobbing it was so beautiful it was really so much probably one of the highlights of my life were you hitting the weights at the same time yes yeah I I was also at the same time I was actually training for the Gold's Gym I saw you coming over you're really depleted me yeah I I was very polluted yeah so rather than choose one of the other I decided to do both so I had gained a bunch of weight not I'm not too much but it I got all kind of unhealthy or Christmas holiday purposefully so that I could get my four pictures for the Gold's Gym challenge and then lose as much as possible and gain as much muscle mass in 12 weeks and so I was able to successfully do that at the same time so you gained weight to lose weight ya gain fat to lose fat and and gain muscle yeah yeah I basically was pretty sedentary in January and December yeah the reminds me of a story because when when Joe Weider was alive and ken Waller and Oliver's at the beach he'd use Ken for his ads for losing weight yeah he would go out and drink two or three milkshakes and sick his belly out and take a photo in the next door you put the one after all that where he was actually already in shape yeah and they thought he lost all that weight through one of joeys products and it was just yeah oh yeah absolutely I mean I did do as much as I can to make that beginning photo book yeah horrendous I didn't wear makeup and I wore baby so that was that I knew would fit me at the end we're a little too small for me at the beginning like a mugshot building a little bit I'm kind of a sour face look at these and I am yeah I definitely got a little tan for the last one you know do a bit yeah and you've worked with a few trainers at schools yeah I have yeah is it's been really nice event I've been able to I love working with traders cause I always wanted something from you so I I personally think that if you're going to be working with a trainer you have to keep growing as a person and so I'll see people who work with trainers for years and ends on end and and they don't really ride it's not changing they fall into a rut oh I see it all the time yeah and I I always wanna encourage those people it's I mean especially relationship so I can understand why people would feel safe and that but me I like to I like to train in different gyms I like to Train like I like hiking I like I like a bunch of different athletics but I also like to see how they will do stuff yeah because there's a lot of trainers that I've seen that they just do everything wrong they have no clue on what they're doing with these people and I thought you get paid for this well and you feel like if it's my job to motivate my client yes well you're training people now yeah okay so exactly so within this everything I actually lost all the weight and people started asking me to train them and I thought well I'm gonna hurt them I want to know what I'm doing so I went back and got my training certification and then just posted the picture of me with my certificate and within three days I had a fully booked roster and oh my god that's awesome yeah but you know what you're doing anyway through trial and error right but I did actually learn a lot from that Nasim course about stability and about about how to train somebody from zero to two you know he's a fully functional yeah skeletal muscle yeah but you know when you're training somebody and you teach them something cause it's extreme people in the ring I trained him in the gym I always learned something by actually talking to them right exactly I really whatever I already knew but I always learn something new by talking to them about it right isn't it funny how that happens yeah and then another thing that I I've just recently got a position as a trainer I'm one of the world's first biohacking trainers now then what's that mean biohacking is a way where you take technology and it's all measurable and data-driven so we can see how certain exercises affect the body so this facility called upgrade labs has all of these modalities they call them and each one does a certain thing for instance we have the cryo chamber we know what a cryo chamber is right and it's it's the cold therapy and also boost endorphins it helps me tap that increase metabolism it helps actually depression anxiety it I do it every day when I go in there it goes to a negative 220 degrees know I've been doing well they're amazing yeah and so that's so a recovery side with God and a red charger and some other really cool things and then we have a strength side which has some really cool modalities that have been used by NASA for years a lot of technology that in research that's been around for years that we've known about but now we've put it and user-friendly environment so we have a bike called Carol and she's AI and she's she learns you so you get on her and she the technology is such that it's 222nd Sprint's on Carol over eight minutes same as a 45-minute run Wow so that's how she the way it's it's a resistance training she learns you and how fast she can push you she's let you also have fun so she's telling you a story about how you're in the pen and it's all and you're walking to the wood and then oh my god there's a whiny teasing you're not to run run faster browser and then you you calm down and you breathe and so and then you run again and it's really motivating like that a lot yeah and over if you use it three to four times a week over four to six weeks you're it changes the way your body reacts to insulin so we have one setting on there that's you have eight I'm sorry 38 minutes prints and that one burns nine times as much fat as a regular 45-minute jog gotta come up with something new all the time yeah but like I said this technologies this is a information has been around for 30 years in tested in laboratories and we know that it works but now we have it yes where do you train are you trained people in a home or just out about a little bit of both I have a private training gym that I work out of B&B fitness and then I have I go to people's homes as well and then I also train people at Wright labs where is it upgrade labs it's in the Beverly Hilton Hotel oh that's nice over there it's top-notch it literally by the pool oh my god Oh wife in Beverly Hills um did you ever think in a million years would be doing this yeah no no no not at all no I completely sucked out it I am uh-huh actually that's a really good point wouldn't the first week that I was in LA I had moved from we had been living in Vienna and we had a friend that was on a TV show here no mr. Trek and he was great and we got to spend Christmas with this family and we went on hike on encuesta the day after Christmas and and with some of his neighbors who were with their trainer and they were like running up the hill and the trainer was just in such good shape and I could never I literally said I could never do that you know it's how do you do that it's amazing and I think I kind of will see it kind of sat in the back of my mind forever and so then when I actually saw that I could change people I helped people with this and nothing just helped with their fitness but everything in their lives their confidence you know their stress levels everything all figures into one deal yeah emotionally it's attached as well I find that what I train people they talk to me and they open up about things that are bothering them no just by doing that it would you know alleviate stress it's like being a hairdresser it is it is but but to be able to see them you know sometimes four times a week you really feel like a lot of it's therapy but in the most positive way because you're able to distract them with your kind of keeping their monkey brain kind of occupied while they're figuring stuff out so you're like come on let's do some you know some sit-ups and push-ups and their head is there the wheels are cranking ya know that if it helps you mentally it helps you physically yeah it you can't do one without there that when you go to the gym I mean I'm going through this thing right now and I go into night fill once I start my workout do something and leave I said well I'm sure glad I did this yeah can't imagine sitting home doing nothing Hey I just won't do that so people want to reach you and train with you what were they find you um the best way is Instagram the Heidi Muller method I didn't what method so the x-files no we were trying to figure out what to call it and all of my people are training more like clearly that's what this is and so we're laughing cuz I haven't actually put into words what the hiding my method is I I do in remote no in my head but I haven't like written it down yet I don't think any – it's just good like that it's pretty much just have fun and do it works for you and you know you know find your groove just find yeah yeah are you sure you sure have we want to thank you for taking time in this three hundred degree weather to come over here my pleasure I thought you hated me I am too we learned a lot about you and where to reach you in the train with you I know you're full right now is anybody you want to Train tiny how do you maneuver method on histogram and let her see you and talk to you and maybe she can help you out like she's done herself and everybody else that she's with cuz she's done a terrific job on herself that's for sure so probably thank you guys for watching Rex corner and we will see you all next time hope you enjoy the video brought to you by old-school labs use my discount code Grayson 12 on the blink below at old-school lab calm everyone now you can have the Gold's Gym logo drawn by me the artist Rick Grayson personalized and may not do and sign by me to frame and put on your gym wall or wherever you see fit to do so it's a piece of bodybuilding history it will never be duplicated again it's the largest selling icon t-shirt logo in the world and I'm the guy that drew it and I will draw it for you just go to my website Rick Jason calm and order there you can pay through PayPal and it'll be sent out right away and be sure to watch next corner for all the videos on bodybuilding nutrition fitness pro wrestling and anything that suits your interests as far as getting physically fit and being the best you can be from the golden era of body it's rigged racin please the equalizer baby see you next time