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if control becomes unstable during play please perform this corrective procedure place the Wii Remote with Wii MotionPlus connected facedown on a stable surface no one nation correct no it's not working put the controller down like 1 times and I'm pretty sure it's still not working anybody hey everybody peeps here and welcome back to another hacking video today we're gonna be hacking one of my all-time favorite games don't judge me Wii Sports Resort Wii Sports Resort we sports resort resort resort we Sports Resort Wii Sports this is the one way Sports Resort that would suck there's 12 games in total which I figured was a little bit too much for one video so instead we're gonna be doing a 308 Sports Resort hacking videos for games for each there's 12 games in total so actually hold on this looks a little bit too normal we gotta fix it there we go and for those of you wondering no that is not too many Wii Sports Resort hacking videos it's not enough Wii Sports Resort hacking videos if anything so make sure you subscribe and turn on notifications so you don't miss those videos and go ahead and hit the like button if you want to see me do those videos even though I already said that I was gonna do those videos and am going to do those videos whether you click the like button or not so without further delay let's get into it first things first my me ordinarily he's just about the cutest thing ever if I do say so myself look at him stretching lounging around on the basketball court doing whatever this hip swaying thing is adorable this on the other hand well adorable isn't really a descriptor I would use I guess this version of me is pretty buff though at least I'm pretty sure that we me could beat up the real me if he wanted to oh nice I'm a character in arms now now I'm so messed up that you have to change the camera position just to fit it all on the screen am i flipping everyone off right now I'm pretty sure I'm flipping everyone off and now I can't even see myself I'm just gone oh wait there's my shoe at least I'm pretty sure that's what it is and last but certainly not least what is that oh my god what have I done what have I done let me just cover it up there and you need to censor this alright time for the first game in what better game to start with if they know we sports classic golf ahh a nice day of golf my face is gone for some reason but other than that everything looks pretty normal here what the heck oh geez that's not good that's not good somebody call a doctor God don't move it just leave it there just look just leave it look how teeny it is ha ha it's so cute look at it don't worry babe may be small but it works just fine all right again at this time I've got so much power now it's a hole in one for sure so no too big now I can't even hit it you can't hit it somebody get my ball a stool or something okay this is the first time we've hacked a game where you use knees and in turn the first time we've hacked a game where I can hack myself if you will I was having a lot of fun with it at first but starting to get a little bit I mean I wasn't expecting to have a crotch shot in today's video but here we are now I'm teeny with a big head it's the me I always wanted to be I'm gonna have to put some curve on it come on curve curve freaking thanks Rocky one of the things I was looking forward to the most with these videos is trying to play some of the games with the crazy corruption hacks can we successfully play golf with all this craziness going on let's find out I didn't mean to write that with a question mark but I did go oh geez little off a little bit off so I'm gonna need to aim pretty dang far to the left here BAM there we go it's still too far this though it's the wind it was the wind it wasn't mean was the wind I think I can do this it's tough but not impossible also the trees are kind of creeping me out a little bit man this is this is tough it's not impossible but it's definitely makes it a lot harder than it looks also I'm like chipping every putt I can't look hit it I can't hit I think it's because of the weird misalignment I like it's impossible to hit it soft and it just chips it I'm right back where I was before mid Yoho it seems so attainable but it's like impossible little touch little time you're gonna do it think you won't even register if I don't yes Oh seven points that that's good right that's a good score in golf right I can't see anything I landed somewhere ah not anywhere good I guess yeah I give up I think it's fair to say that I give up now okay Golf is down and up next we'll try frisbee I'm very excited for this one let's do it ah actually on second thought maybe we can just skip this one I mean who even likes the frickin frisbee game anyway am i right I said am i right how does that work exactly and my head is on the frisbee now this is somewhat of a theme for the rest of the video just spoiler alert bring my head back doggy bring it back come on ah good boy good boy can I have it back now then these head being on the frisbee is pretty freakin hilarious especially if you can get different angles of it Hey look at me look at me what I'm talking to you dougie Dax better Hey dang almost 15 years and the we still getting some of Nintendo's advertising budget I guess Just Dance 2019 sold pretty well oh look at dad the blimps getting bigger and smaller how cute I'm not really sure what the heck is going on with this hack to be honest right when I throw the frisbee the freaking dog Sprint's off so fast you can barely see him sometimes he catches it and you get a nice view of the sand and other times you get something amazing like this occasionally he even disappears and then randomly reappears just as the frisbee lands I'm pretty sure it's magic I can't even play I can't be properly I am 100% positive that it isn't possible to make a complete throw with all this garbage going down Oh what I threw it though I'm just throwing it in random directions trying to figure out which direction will be acceptable oh man I'm getting somewhere I'm getting somewhere so close I'm so close to having something guy didn't do it I couldn't get a point I've been trying this for like 20 minutes I thought I had it it's always guy what did I do I don't think that's gonna count though yeah I really don't think it's cop you could have caught that you could have cut that I mean I was flowing free slaughter right on the edge but I got it can I finally quit now for his beach home all right time for some archery boys hey well this looks normal look I've done a lot of hacking videos okay give me a break this stuff doesn't write itself replacing your Me's head with other objects has been funny every time so far but I'm pretty sure this one takes the cake and it's especially good when you get a bull's eye replay we hae funnily enough the game is actually consistent so you can only have your head on one arrow at a time but if the first arrow has your head you can then use the next two arrows to shoot yourself in the six to see I may have only gotten two points there but as you can clearly see I hit it exactly what I was aiming for that's worth more than points in my book I actually don't have as much stuff for archery which I'm okay with because out of all the games archery was the one I wanted to try the most with the corruption hacking stuff so let's give it a shot we might need more than one shot though actually so this first corruption code basically already mastered I'm just a Wii Sports Resort master it's not a big deal or anything that one in cat no it ain't can I didn't need use my head's just up there now oh yeah wait a second it just did just go straight up into the air hit just go straight up in the air no matter where I shoot it alright looking looking ready here we go something like that alright how did I hit right there alright aim higher to the but it's in the ground again look it's right there alright try again ain't it it's still in the ground we're not aiming to make it not in the ground well that one went underground holy crap it seems like no matter what I do if with it misaligned like this I just shoot it straight into the ground somewhere oh my god oh my god holy crap this is definitely gonna be doable fire okay it's a just a little off to the right just a little bit one one yeah alright let's see if we can beat the high score of one I don't know if I could shoot you further up into this Oh three all right I'm gonna beat three going for freakin gold it 1 2 3 to 4 this time we're gettin eight and we're gonna look good while doing it Oh woah he's going the opposite direction this time sorry my bag on baby eight man like I ain't total it's a new record archery done hey the last one I have for today is cycling cycling is usually one of the games I avoid when playing Wii Sports Resort I guess I just don't find it all that fun but I do have some fun hacks for it in fact one in particular I'm very excited about will probably save that one for the end up first there's a hack that makes your bike incredibly long it also seems to make you bounce around a lot and I'm not 100% sure why you see this sometimes with other wheel hacks I have to I think the game's physics doesn't always know what to do with it the wheels position is moved but the physics of the wheel stays the same so you hit the ground and awkwardly just kind of do stuff stuff happens you know this next hack is a little hard to explain I think it might be easier if I just show it to you [Applause] Oh gonna be sick I feel like I'm on a freaking tire swing or something here's a hack that we see in just about every hacking video the moon jump unfortunately in this game it's not that great though because it just kind of stops you in your tracks I thought maybe I could do some sick jumps but you completely lose all momentum the second you start sailing upward another classic code that definitely does work well though is barrel roll a surge oh gosh Star Plus 64 here alright I've turned on all the corruption codes let's race wait what the race ended instantly we finished in 0 minutes and 0 seconds and still somehow came in last place ok we may have to turn the corruptions down a tiny bit for this one cycling with slightly less corruptions than that first time go guy this looks so weird I can't see anything no idea I'm doing so good first place ok Oh No I deserve this I deserve this ah man you lose that's really bad I add that oh what the heck is wrong with me oh my god mistake we need sand now I'm just gonna drive off the cliff we're getting kind of close to the end of the video now and I know what some of you are thinking peeps you said you'd share your favorite hack at the end well I didn't forget sometimes I look up into the sky and I think wow what freedom oh Sh I could fly up in skies all the birds flying people I can fly I'll follow you down I can fly by the power beside I you as you could fly like me but you can't find cause you can't do because I don't keep you in a bike like me and you can jump to speed this ti I swear that I will and I can find any time Dante lined up they said it couldn't fly the islands and I did it this sir couldn't well sure that's the only thing they said I could do and then I decided that I could could fly into the volcano and I did that too and I ran out of ideas for things to do pretty much so I'm gonna drop myself in a lava three two one drop oh yeah not when I did not see that coming I did not see that coming that's the best hey everybody thanks so much for watching I'm gonna be a New Jersey gamer con this month July 26 to the 28th if you're in the area come and see me if you liked this video make sure to hit that like button and subscribe much appreciated you can check out some other hacking videos I've done here including the second way Sports Resort hacking video if it's finished and if you want to see even more of the crazy hacking stuff in action we played some on PV and jet you can check out archery I'll see you guys next time