Hey its getting bore lets play something ok lets play cricket hey bring all our gully friends kanna i brought our gully friends all of you form a line lets choose teams i want karthik no i want karthik ok lets see whos hand is big come here my hand is big so karthik will be on my side you can go now now its ur turn kanna i will also play you will come everytime late ok lets put him joker yahoo i will get two side batting two side bowling lets have a toss give the stone this is rough tis is soft i choose ruff we won the toss we will take batting go and bring wickets wickets have been fixed karthik stand here no i will stand there i will not stand here i will stand there only what for you i will stand there only as you wish go stand there lets go for batting bunny everytime you only bat first am captain man go for bowling in this over all sixes no fours got hit man its paining it doesn’t know how to bat than also he goes first now i should compulsory hit the ball come played very well sit down now over completed oh over completed ha just hit one bal you go i will hit where is bunty he went to home shit ok no problem you go and play everytime i will bat last no problem lets play give me bowling no give me give me no i will not give give to me i will bowl nicely take it what is that bowling he hit for the six again hit for the four bowl nicely bowled well know give to him