GT Sport – FIA Warm Up

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you but evening everyone FIA warm up have a little practice of bow for the rounds the nation's our manufacturer so we're gonna do that's how it's all grouped for every both rounds group four I haven't done anything I've done time trial quickly on both of these but not particularly great laps and just getting into the just trying to get used to the tracks because sync ain't quiet or whatever we call it is quite a track I'd very rarely do I've had to do a few laps just to read it my brain used to the track and the other track I know easily and then I only did about five laps on that one just to get familiar with that in Group four so we'll try and just get more familiar tonight would probably do more manufacturer practice because that's the harder track to learn out the two nations track is really easy it's not it's just such a simple track to learn we don't really mean to do much practice for nations is a simple no stopper I have no idea what set of strategies are gonna work for the manufacturers which we're going to do first got this set up already so if you want to join I've got it all set up ready to go you so we got yes t rated dry berating and berated sportsmanship to get in and six laps again not very long but it's quite a long track but it's got quite high fuel rate so everything's set up properly there I believe will create this now Rachel Williams donated 999 dollars through super chat happy Friday have a great weekend key thank you very much Rachel and I just saw your message before this called about your race great to see that thank you very much for donation as well I appreciate it your legends figure out why that's sounding that's why I'm foot I had set that works now all right so we're gonna create the lobby feel free to join its the B layout in Reverse if you want to search the track in group for as well oh my nose hay fever overload today you mean two minutes 19 to 20 but it's I think it would be more than two minutes 19 or a nose stop that's not right all right okay okay I'm with you yeah I thought you meant for a nose up yeah for a nose up prefaces two minutes 21 you mean I mean I wouldn't use fuel map to I'd do it a different way oh I wouldn't do it that way if I'm honest it'd be better it's better to use fuel map one for the streets and then just use maybe two or three for the corners that's how I would do it depends on your car you're in as well it all depends on your fuel consumption and what I some cars will not be able to do the no stopper and I'm not sure if my car is going to be able to do it very much depends on the car you're in really yeah racing with them how did you pull that one off I'll be fun for you anyway it's your medium tires I don't know him the Mustang in time trial adequate go it's got potential of about I think it will do a 16-5 I've done a 17-3 but I've not pushed it I think it will do a 16-5 if I push there a bit more it's not the strongest car but it feels ok I don't know what its gonna be like on fuel though that's the problem which I'm a bit worried about because I think it's quite aggressive on fuel let's just go back to the pits a minute I want to try sink I mean what do you mean by a best best car in config what do you mean by that but I don't really know what you mean by best car and config for each truck yeah Mike I don't think my carts gonna be able to do a no stopping you know I just got a bad feeling about this we'll see all right I have asked him Martin gt3 would I've used it in FIA but I'm not using that for this this is group 4 and this is FIA we're all stuck with the same car yeah I don't estimate this mmm I don't think this Mustang it's gonna be able to do it's not gonna be able to do a nose stopper no way I can tell by the the might like the laps remaining already it's just not gonna be possible even if I lift and come look at this yeah we ain't getting to go away over no supper we're gonna have to go aggressive on this oh well the joys that's better than for you're lonely for a savile up six laps this race and like to be fair Milla beast it's constantly changing which cars are good at track see it depends on tire wear fuel Bo P changes so it's not really something I think most people will have an opted a list off because every single update it can change you'll find that some cars become stronger some cars become weaker tire wear affects it all there's no like definitive list really is well it all depends on your driving style really I don't know how much fuel this is gonna use driving aggressive after leaving about 50% and see Oh God not a very good start I think that we're gonna be a bit off pace in this Mustang to be honest God it feels heavy in the online mode your time trial is much better for you there hmm [Applause] what do you have gonna take a while to you sister I think Oh Oh and they'd hit a wall ah maybe I should have gone a stadium further a bit longer there Oh God circling so it's using about 30% the laughing we'll have a little look in a minute what's up a little lock okay so we really will we're looking at 17 for qualifying I would think I will have to say fuel on our in Lapierre so that we do you know what I reckon it'll be quicker I know I'll be doing for this because this is gonna make more sense you get it I think it'll be quicker to burn your fuel down to about 85 percent we'll start off the lap do a flying lap exit go back to a full fuel better in your fuel do another flying lap of low fuel because the tracks quite long it'll be the best way to get to flying laps we've fought with them low it you can get rid of enough fuel in one in one out lap though I think that's the way to do it but now what I need to do is actually let's go back to the pits I want to test this for y'all out ya know the 86 is always strong around there I think it's in the top 10 the 86 is really good which is so it might not be the strongest in a straight line speed but because it carries a speed through the corners it comes out of them that much faster than a lot of other cars so it's trying to see if we can get a nose stopper to even work yeah I don't think it will I mean they were cold then and they it performed okay I think there are a lot of coasting through the corners here with this it's not gonna do it no the Mustang is not gonna do a no stopper I think it's fit pretty clear from this already it won't be able to do it with good enough pace anyway I mean I'm not even hardship than this this is like it's just way too off pace you'll have to be an aggressive I think it's gonna have to be aggressive approach with this car yeah I think it's gonna be all out to create a graph and change tires as well because the fresh sides are gonna be a big advantage towards the end as well it's got to be all-out attack for him I've gotta have a good qualifying though as well that's a problem don't think my car is the best for outright hot mopping pace Oh let's just see how this is going the fuels not going down too bad at the moment we might be able to do it I don't know it's this is a type of zone that's gonna kill the fuel that we're slipstream car Williams in quali I'll start probably trying slipstream someone them out you want to try and slipstream an RC F or an Jack will probably be good to slipstream no ice still we haven't even done tulips and it's gonna be on the free lap not gonna do six laps no way it's a pit lane not much of a loss here though that's the thing like the Toyota 86 is not going to be able to do the DOS opera these four words are really hot they're very emphysema fuel it's not gonna do it well this is gonna be a bit of a awkward race to say the least I think it's gonna be a few cars that will be doing this so it's not just gonna be my car only I think there's gonna be more than one or two guards they're gonna have to go 100% aggressive that last there's no way look even with that we've have reached twenty twenty-one percent a lot we need to average is it fifteen needs to average about just on the we need to have about 18 to 19 percent a lap don't we 20 40 60 80 1 we need about 17% a lot but it's not gonna work not a chance with us we've got to go aggressive we have no option but the pit lane will take so long it'll be a bit screwed ear Fink I think we're gonna be quite screwed the pit lane loss is gonna be high that's a problem with filling up the car I don't know we'll have to find out in this race will will then we'll start a qualifying practice anyway oh let's just let people know I mean well oh well we'll do 13 minutes because it will let you go over the lime on it so we'll we'll just say no we say 12 minutes 30 just to make sure alright let's reset these times evening holy mate times 9 fuel what are they doing don't go out of the pits cuz they've got to put it back there you go let's go twelve minutes thirty qualifying and then we go how are you game of me good to see you so what we're gonna do we're gonna just burn that fuel away this is the strategy that's gonna be the best way to do this burn your fuel so that you start your lap on you want to be around 35% I think and then do one lap we've completely low fuel exit go back to the pits but fuel that I think that's the way to do it I think firestorm will do the same thing as well my evening no we won't get freelance in we're probably burning a bit too much for your lair we probably after you into second gear the way we're doing at the moment would probably be on 0% by the time we get to the end it's such a high rage rate of fuel burning we have to be careful I need to judge it okay that 20% is gone already this is crazy it's just God look how fast it's going down someone's just burned in fuelling the pits that's an unusual one or are they stuck in the pits but what is going on there better be careful here because we're burning too much fuel your good finger so if you're keeping up a bit more pace it might keep heat in the tires as well the lobby will probably be full by the way if you want to join I think it'll be for this because this is why this cars not good on fuel it's just Chris destroying the pure I've got to be I don't know how much it's gonna use now let's just try and drive aggressive and see what it we want about 35% I think I don't have I've used a bit too much air I need a cup you have to show chef that I think let's just say I think I've got enough 36 36 thats not badly Jojo silly Oh that wasn't too great through there Oh God um [Applause] my Maya there might be out to burn more feeling than I've done here that's the sea trap after a bit of time there though maybe it's about 30% whew let's have a little long yeah it's about 31 30 percent fuel should be fine but now we go back to Pitts and then we do the same thing again this is how we're gonna have to do this qualifying it's luck we now get a chance to do another lap and loaf you're completely alone ace isn't too far behind firestorm though that's quite encouraging laughs is far from great so would be low 17s hopefully by tripping out to get ya reason b-17 317 four by tomorrow hopefully and that should be good for a reasonable place in qualifying yeah well I've got to stop I can't I can't do it oh stop it'll be too slow for me it would be like the this is gonna be just like the dragon trail race a bit on fall chin up and again not much we can do about it I think there's gonna be more than one car that's gonna have to do this so so hopefully there'll be like a 50/50 divide between what people are gonna do on strategy yeah this is the reverse this is a better way of doing this one or naturally I like you're born as well but I do like this way on this this version so it's two runs completely low fuel this is the best way to do it burn your fuel all the way down and do two runs I need to put the light on any Macky I always keep forgetting to do that what he light do it has to be on qualifying let's get a bit more fuel so we won about 31 percent done without be perfect I think I think we only used about 29 to 30 percent on that lap so 31 percent should be fine it's just hard to judge it where to like go 42% yeah I'm trying to like it's difficult to judge what you use in because it's such a high rate I think this stat should be okay I think now let's just try and get some heat in these tires now – a short shift over here this is so hard to judge I should be okay let's just see we're on 32 yes this bottom I that I could have gotten the front of so much earlier them knocked out there as well this not as fast as the first sector on the lap before it doesn't feel as fast anyway I've made a few errors yeah we're attempt down [Applause] run a bit wide there as well move but this looks like it won't improve yeah back down there as well this is where we might be able to gain a bit of time if I I took it too to be easy for you there could have took a lot more speed again that's the corner I messed up before if I were to hook that up might have been out to get close to the rapper way off on that not as good that one but at least we know we can get we start the race I've just said when we start the race we start the race on twelve minutes thirty so I think fire someone's gonna go same strategy as meas Donna Bethell up there he's got down to a seventeen one so I a good lap seventeen three or four I think it's gonna be my ultimate but the Toyotas very strong air so I think fire songs got good pace air so I don't know what the pace will be you over this lip balm cars are not gonna be as strong as other cars I've been starting this race in five seconds everyone we start you you okay save me how are you I've seen you in the chat there yeah there's no stops not possible I've just realized that we're not going to try it we're gonna have to just drive it aggressive but we're gonna be in the pits for so long like if the ae86 is always good there but the 86 is gonna have issues with fuel as well I think it's good after red then not saw fit to get any speed out of it and that's gonna use its fuel lot so we're just have to do a little bit of short shifting but go for it I think oh I'll do something I'm gonna just shift about the four doesn't lose too much speed if you just shift a little bit early oh I've got the understeer not good there let's try and get back in that slipstream yeah we're in it that's good [Applause] are you massive bellend hey there goes a fuel saving enough to drive aggressive mouths that was better through there that time they'll be saving fuel as well I think it's interesting how much is that car just better on fuel than this hour I don't know because this this Mustang is pretty shite on fuel hmm [Applause] yeah he's got more fuel than me look at that my cars shy on fuel I was fueling the 326 is better on fuel than the cheaper man that shows that this car is let's just give us our fuel to push but her songs maybe I shouldn't have put that fuel him I'm thinking that was a mistake I wanted to go really aggressive all sorry that was a mistake I should have put a little bit less in to get out ahead of these all that looks aggressive don't break through there oh Jesus okay so I can push aggressive now though some of them calm now I think you've got a save on the first then you have to really otherwise you'll be in the pits for too long well she kind of need to do a bit of fuel-saving through the corners to just keep the front tires alive the Mustang kills it mixture to will save you won't lose too much speed by go in a mixture too but it will save a little bit of fuel through them corners [Applause] he firestorms done the same thing save fuel and then he's gone aggressive on the fuel so he's pushing now he's just gonna push away from us but then the eight-six is a very much the one of the bad cars around there that mistake when we were in a slipstream cost me because if I could have just sat in a slipstream saving fuel might have worked with the milestone my hibachi overfilled the way I currently work this out yeah I've overfilled as well so that's just my fault but really have I put too much fuel him way too much feel I think I for about 10% yeah what about 10% too much for your line have I done that I swear I tried to get it to 90% 30 each lap I must have put more than 90% in I don't get it don't have a look what I put in at the pit stop because I thought it was 90% the judging for 30% each lap rewind the stream and see in fire songs bend it somewhere he just lost a massive amount of time okay so I I made the mistake of the foot way too much fueling so uh we'd be a bit further up the field than what we are now the fire something bender that's why we're a four point whatever seconds behind I pinned it again do you reckon he didn't put ah I reckon he's not changed tires in the pit stop it's possible and I've overfilled so I reckon his tyres have gone how much fuel I find out Syria one Ethier now that would have cost me about two three seconds in the pit stop 97 did I go to put my t7 in what that's it well let's work it out though remember that 97% we'll see what I end up on at the finish then we know what we need to put in at the pit stop we're just divided we'll just take it off my car's not only lost time in the pits I'm also heavier than I should be at this point of the race which is going to give you more tire and saw a lap time as well the right there let's see what its gonna end on but I'll just say 11% so taking 11 percent off 97 so we want to put in 86 percent so when we put on lap three 86 percent should be perfect I'll say yeah 86 percent would be 85 86 percent will be spot-on but I'd rather go 86 just to make sure at least we know now so that was a few days but at that time is gonna get destroyed by the no stop as I think when we've got some cars that are good on fuel yeah yeah I don't think he I think that firestorm didn't change his tires I can't really tell I think he just pulled I think he acted it I don't think he probably even do it yeah it's not where for though for seconds you're gonna gain over a second a lap more than a second the lap especially the last lap you'll be about two seconds quicker though it's not worth not changing your ties for me I assume in the Toyota I'm not sure I don't know best for nations hard the jag is looking like the best over one lap but I think the front tires are gonna fade but then you want a car in top split you want a car that's gonna get you towards the front of the grid so between the RC F past possibly the IR RC F or the it'll probably be the RC F I I think of a race pace but I'm not sure about qualifying right so let's go again go straight back on qualify exactly the same 12 minutes 30 it just let people know I mean the genesis did that the Hat the hound they should be quite good round there I don't know yeah but there'll be there'll be some backing probably a bit though Ferrari in their form yeah he managed to keep up but I adds an extra Twilight 10% of fuel on and I also filled up too much to the pit stop so without that we would have been about four seconds fair of rock well I think the Heian they should be good I think you'll find on the with the very very top drivers they'll be well up there why is the stream picture quality low are you on it must be your sentence because it should be on 1080p is anyone else not got 1080p quality it's probably you need to refresh your stream and then set it to 1080p and not also probably but it's it's at 1080p I'll check on my preview now on YouTube yeah mines mines 1080p let's just check take it off alt oh it's on I've checked in trippy there is an option for 1080p you just need to take it off also oh what am I doing here let's pull us off okay I mean it'd be all well and good being 4k but my streams only 1080p so it won't make it this think about the fuel situation here and sat there just burning fuel reading that I wasn't even looking about was driving their how that how have I even got around the truck I was looked that last forty seconds was a blare don't give me seven table water oops should just have enough fuel laughing that was really poor through there then lost a lot of time I had to break really early because I ran wide yeah the same with the Mustang I can't do a no stopper the McGann and cars like that could be surprisingly good around there you know because of the no stopper and the fact that they good on tires as well it's a Lexus good there's well in our group for on fuel I don't know if it's still is on I it used to be it's not been a brilliant laughs but I can say you get into two like you're getting a banker and we've low fuel so it's probably the best way to do this not a great laugh that one hey let's go back and go again yeah the NSX should be able to know something could you if you shift really early on that car it does good fuel saving and it keeps reasonable speed the Jag will be if the joke can no stop this with good pace and that cars gonna be good as well kind of think what other cars will be gooder than those other Cayman the Caymans should be able to no stop it the Citroen who's got a Citroen if you've got a Citroen around there you're at you've you've won literally no you've won the race basically because you can start probably last and you will be so strong it can sit no stop on it with that arm of us so it can no stop and still be fast by some what about the sit that the Citroen should be good those shouldn't there but yeah there's no chance of this Mustang doing a no stop I mean I was saving fuel behind you before firestorm and the still came out with 80% less than you I presume you were saving fuel as well like that this is why I don't like settings like this because you're basically you're giving certain cars like the guaranteed there's not much you can do it's frustrating really but I wish like they they need someone at polyphony who has a bit of a brain when it comes to picking these settings because I don't give it I don't understand what their logic is the problem is as well a lot of these cars are good on fuel are also good on tires which it's making them like EE overpower their it a bit now don't blame your mum I'll do it just for the fun of it just for what I say the fun but for the rage of it because we're probably end up raging but oh well it's just ah I like I want to race even if it's racing at the back of the grid I'll do it just for the sake of racing it he's got the BMW on fuel way too easy through there could have took a lot more speed through that's where I'm losing a lot of time should be a bit fast and laugh a bit of ice don't think he's as good as the laugh I did the first lap on the race we did before but should be better than the lap I've done for this race so far only a little bit [Applause] you understand this more sewing through there is not nice at all might be split two for the first reso so if we can get good results straight away from split two even if it's like a top ten or something we might just leave here that ah another 1780 but we can definitely get down to low 17 so we'll have to see how it goes tomorrow but I don't think this cars gonna be the strongest in qualifying and that's the problem if you start at MIT midway in the pack and your car's on fuel you've got a bit of a situation yeah it's weird because the pmw used to be so overpowered on fuel but then because everyone complained because it was it was too strong like you was basic you could do one stop pace and though stop pretty much any race because it was a bit of a bog within the fuel within the way the you revved it and it just kept maximum and speed pretty much no matter where you shifted and it was just massively over power but then they fixed it and made it a little bit too bad on for your they should have like knocked it back to like a the f-type a level I start this race now anyway you just uh so what do we need 86% in the pistol I could even go a bit shorter and do a bit if you're saving through the corners have to say let's just see what the difference is if we push a bit more but I think it's best to do a bit of saving for your really because you don't gain that much time from going flat-out you're not going to gain 3 seconds 4 seconds which you can in a pit in the piers I just think that if you've got caiman or anything like that and you raise the McGann came and Citroen NSX jag by the sounds of it you you you're basically screwed because they can those stop it probably quite quite well as well though he's trying to know his stopper I think in the my own baby behind I don't know if he's changed his mind with the know stuff or a lot I think he's like in-between what he's gonna do hard work it out of his face oops that's not good you don't want to do that there's no chance of this car doing in those stop of those and tell straight right the Mustang group for Karthus right through there the oops oh yeah you go to 85 are my oh you're in the pits for so long doing this let's just do a bit of fuel-saving in just come out of it early look how much we've lost 14 seconds 15 seconds probably by the time you go up to speed five seconds of laughs who needs a game it's not good for that and that's Weaver car that's like the high on day isn't good on fuel so cars like the Citroen the Jag yeah my sex they're gonna be about twenty seconds ahead at this phase it'll be so stupid I think it's gotta be like a one stopper for my car I can't do a no stop it gonna be too slow ah what a dick I should be able to go pretty much aggressive now no I did you'd be faster your shoes and mediums over six lap so the mediums are worth more than a second a lap so it only takes four seconds to change the tires so there's six seconds already not worth it I think he's gonna be screwed on this final up with tires as well and also this fuel is probably after I probably get the winner but I was well ahead going into the pits or something we had that mistake as well though so I look how much fuel saving they've got to do now their payrolls struggling big-time I don't have to do a bit of fuel saving on this lap but not as much as they will yeah I made a mistake though didn't I so and this hasn't been a great run if I'm honest you'll be able to get a lot a bit faster I've done this oh another mistake there that's what I'm talking about why am i driving so now I'm in the lead like if we have good dryer like that not a good but my top spit drivers doing a no stop that'd be so far up to feel the thing we can do it fire at least five seconds quick and what I've done it at least because we had two big mistakes I mean take five seconds of it so maybe we can get under it 14 20 might be able to get like a 14 19 a 14 18 but I'll be pushing it I think yeah there'd be there be gone like if you think of people like who's got a Lexus you got like Baptists and the lettuce lightening ain't gonna do this in his Subaru that's one thing who else I don't think caiman or green came in Jaguar 14:10 yeah well we ain't getting near 1410 it's just not even possible on a one stop I mean I can try a no stop now just to see how slow it will be just to show you how bad this car is on fuel which oh yeah before we start this qualifying let's just do think I want to see saying here with just let me show you saying compare it I don't know if they've patched it or not but it used to be over here on this but let's go to our fuel thing is with this kite you can just shift it around this point you shift like this and it doesn't lose much speed and it's got seven gears as well which means you can save a lot of fuel so which we won't even go in any fuel mixture sense we'll just do one meter short shift in it and look at the fuel already 5.2 and that will go up look at the difference between this car my must own this or no stop it easily I haven't even used the mixture changer a little bit of lift and caress with this and what mixture you should be okay also really good on handling this car yeah that's have a slipstream to do a nose dog yeah but who was the Mustang driver by the way firestorm look at this car if you look at this we haven't even used like two mixture we gonna do a no stop because you fuel will get bare as you go on we've only used 13% fuel so far this is so overpowered look at the hand he's got too too much so you won't even have to use fuel mixtures for this you'll just be able to do this race with the Citroen in what mixture because look dad on five laps left and we've done one lap already we weren't even bothered so yeah once you use our cars well I'm not really used to at the moment but that just shows you are strong in that car will be I expected that to be good though to be fair let's just try and low stop her in this let's just reset the lobby well just do 12 minute ish we'll just go over to slightly over 12 minutes on the Siebert yet because nobody used Citroen because unless it's a fuel race it's not a strong but we didn't expect fuel to come into play this season but clearly I didn't change the settings what am i doing all agree all right let's go the Citroen that's not a fake cars a real car that I'm sure that's been used in the song think before I can't think what though it is definitely a car D has been driven in real life though you have to work but this would be the final test now with the no stopper and then we'll do a manufacture it as a nation steps sorry I want to know if the jack will survive on tires for the nations yeah but the Citroen concept car is a real car in real life if it was a richer can from Gran Turismo didn't it was it GT 5 it came from I need to put that light on and the minute is only I keep forgetting to do it in darker in this room I'm guessing people are not realizing that you can just do this for your burning and then get to lapse in on completely low fuel let's try and get this as in need to get that low 17 really but if it's gonna be hard lost a bit of time going wide their attempt for so maybe more oh no grip what's going on there why have you gotten so much done to see that was weird that's ruin not laugh but now I just understood that was just the way I took the corner fingers well I turned in a little bit too early revenue coming from a wide angle [Applause] I don't think the citrons four-wheel drive but I don't think it is I'm pretty sure it's not that would have been a low stop maybe not a low but it would have been a 17 anyway let's go back and try and beat that now so we go again this is definitely the best way to do this I think the Citron's mr as far as I remember although I'm not hundred percent sure but I think it's Mr but why she drink of I left the keys in the door again one second that much I don't think I did did I one second keys in the door again Oh needs a Fermi fuel should be able to get it quite lower thing because we got the OP Hill section that will lose use quite a lot fuel there's no stoppin now we're gonna we need to get in a slipstream and just abuse the slipstream basically yeah but the Audi TT is good on feel though though he will be able to it's one of the better cars on fuel consumption so we can't do that in the Mustang not not a 14-10 it won't be possible plus the Audi TTS quite strong round this tryout thing cos I remember in the last time it was on this racket won it I think I think he won it last time because it's really really strong and let's go I need a bit of gap here so he should be able to get pole as well and then doing the saw you're definitely not getting the 1410 with this car with no soccer I'm pretty sure that's all full through there I hate FF cars and I don't like I don't personally like them that's why you don't see me driving them I don't like on the stairs so FF cars do not suit me we're a bit off there but we can gain a bit of time through this corner [Applause] and all cars on the steer a bit more now than they used to but not not massively but the tt's weird because the t the Audi TT handles like it's not our FF car it handles really well so let's start this race anyway the TT he like kind of handles this is gonna be harder because I'm not gonna have a slipstream of unless someone else is getting who's reasonable it's gonna go for one stop Arthur George you need sort of a people and then oh stop really to judge this but yeah the TT handles more like it sir M fr car really the trophy is not an FF though the truth yeah McGann trophies mr they've always had talks there they add them by ages ago then we're gonna we're not going to talk too what mixture basically in this race and just see if we can do this I don't think it's gonna work but the came and bi and if he's in the came and that should be really strong because it came is really strong on those like Nosa phrases so look at this compare this to that sit room the sit room is on five laps over five laps of this to eat that is terrible how the hell are you supposed to get this to the end 20% of fuel use how this is just not how the hell you supposed to do it I need to probably use some slipstream it's terrible whew the sound just went then as well I mean they'll be aggressive why are they paying I thought they were saving fuel it's just so stupid this car don't polyphony create such really entertaining races I mean running around the mixture for in some car I mean what the hell this is so stupid this they obviously don't know their own settings on the game because the fact that some cars can run this in what mixture and then your other cars that literally can't get out of mixture two or three or four I feel is so low I don't even know if we're gonna make this yeah the 86 can I think it can do a load supper but it's probably faster doing a one stop er I think Oh boring this this cars just not got the speed to do this I think we're gonna be slower than the ones stopped by looks of this yeah that's the strategy run out of fuel I can already tell that this is going to be a slower strategy because of the the dal tourism going over here so they look at the way this cars catching up what's in that the Ferrari or the Lamborghini Oh see the Ferrari Oh harmony tell about is there's nothing I can do to fight that because that car is just so much better on fuel you watch me for the slippers this is this is just so not fun not going to make it Oh terrible time though look we can beat that with one stopper thank you we can be that one stopper ins I don't know if I'll do this you know it just doesn't seem where if they're in in this car I think then the nations might be a barrier my dear I just don't know how to do this and we could just do it we will just do it and we'll do em we'll race it but we'll just go for the one stop and just go for entertainment really see if we can overtake a few cars but on the back end of the grid literally like we did with the Ford GT even if we over take four or five cars coming back we might as well go for it well no the problem was though speech that there was no settings available for us to see when we chose for you you couldn't see that then the fuel mixture was gonna be this high I mean I didn't see any rounds at this high and also I didn't know it was this bad the Ford's in group 4 or group 3 I had no idea what the fuel mixture was the fuel was like in these cars I've never driven them before so I just I picked a car that I wanted to drive that I've never driven before that's why I picked it but it shouldn't be like this we shouldn't have situations where there's such a difference between fuel mixture that's just not not it's not like that in real life no way it with some cars be like able to do no stopper three seconds a lap faster than other cars wouldn't be a thing no you can use hards if you want but there's no point because when you feel saving yeah this round this terrible terrible for Ford crazy there's no point using hards if you're doing in Osaka you don't take enough tire wear out of them yeah yeah I don't really want it I don't like eat it like the a6 is great car but I'm not a fan of it exact us I'll probably use I don't know yeah this was the same situation as Dragon my dodgy braking afro I'll saving for your mate had to do that yeah see that's the so titties using mixed one and getting to the end but how can you have that much of a difference between cars fuel well I couldn't even use mixture one that was mixture two and six all the way through the race doesn't I mean fuel multiplier is in play but still wouldn't be that much of a difference like no racing in real life has that much of a difference between fuel on lap time if it was it'd be opiate but there'd be a peak ours and change it it's just it's just too much this I mean I always thought that the Mustang was okay I'll feel but obviously not it's just a bit really I don't know we'll just do it for fun we've got zero zero percent chance of a good result in this one which frustrates me a bit just don't see what we're gonna be able to do let's load up these we'll do one quick practice at the m we'll do one quick practice on what you call it Nations that's all okay you go for quickly as well and then see this is a bit more fun this race by looks of it it's gonna be flat-out right to the end but at least is up for this race but I'll be back in a second yeah I think there's two spaces there on the bottom I don't know what car I'm gonna try first I'm gonna try the Lexus first let's see what that's like on tires I want to see what it competes against some other car is it who's in this lobby achieved you know what let's just try this first and just see what the tires a lot have a little warm-up with the f-type and they might change to thee when we do qualify them because this isn't qualify yes it's just a little warm-up not really driven this car much at all so I have no idea what you okay clean mate all this car feels really with I'm not I'm not even using that I don't like the feel of it compared to the Lexus I can tell already I know I should give it time but I don't care if this cars a slight bit slower in qualifying maybe I tempt what was that on the wrong tires M what's wrong with the tires the tires are correct help me it there there correct it's soft some mediums isn't it I forgot to change tires did I oh okay wait there let's try that then there are zones oh yeah it's on sports off I'll wait there why is it sports soft hey why is it saying sports haha why is it done that yeah though he's racing sauce obviously I just don't know why it was on that I must have done it wrong when I said yeah wonder why that car felt like let's change back to the jug dem oh I made me laugh a bit ah yeah now we're see now what it's like should be a bit bad enough I do love this truck though this is one of my favorite trucks ever added to the game that's not a real truck like a fictional truck such a good combination I love the flow of the truck the jokes really good through that corner the gear in suits it oh I wasn't even looking where the corner was them what car is up yeah you won't be probably won't be able to get past because of the speed of the jug look at that let's try and get a better room I think the lectures will be better for tires for this that's that's where I'm thinking all the lectures feels bare on that corner as well hey this won't be a very good luck because we didn't go over the salt line properly and let's try again I'm gonna go back in the lecture so I think the lecture suits me better we've also not really done much time trial on this oil probably time trial I'm I'm gonna put more effort into this son I am manufacturer really I don't know if they just concentrate on this one really rather than do it it's a hard one we might have one go manufacture and then just do and then just do the nation's I think not sure about this car see let's just get in the I think the Alexis will be better car for this for me anyway tire wear is all for this I'm though my theory is people are going to go Toyota because it will be a no stopper on that car I think with the Lexus and the jug it's gonna be a one stop the people are going to use the Toyota aren't they running wide there let's just try to see what the tire is like on the air Mar CF is that that that car sucks I mean it's good it's a good car sorry but I just don't like it doesn't suit me I just not sure if this car will doing no stuff that's the big issue compared to the Toyota yeah I could time trial the jack and get down but I don't like the feel of it I could probably get I think you can get the 23-0 I'd be able to with the Junkers 22 6 or 7 I think at the top time with the job or 8 it might be so I could probably get within two tents on this dis track of this truck is really simple but the Lexus will only be a attempt slower and I don't think it'd be much more than that and remember there's a difference between time Charle and online because online is a lot slower when you have a fuel on board they are the RF will be better on tight but I think people will use the Toyota 86 because that car will know we stopped it a lot better remember this is full fee all the way there in at the moment though some of the other people are doing low fuel probably on lower fuel a bit bare it's up there anyway tires oh look at that it's gonna be the – everyone's our guarantee fire songs in the Toyota because it's a Toyota race there's gonna be no point practicing with them cars I can tell already let's just have a look at the cars people are in there where's firestorm no he's in the f-type is he risking that see if the eighties I think the 86 is gonna be a better car for qualifier I feel like rate I think you're no stop it on the this is gonna be a real tricky one this what card you pick will start this let's start of qualifying anyway we'll test it out with mom race if if the RC F can do it do 11 minutes 30 quali it's gonna be interesting the 80 SATs don't know the problem is you've got a qualify hi open these races you're not gonna be able to overtake the LCF in your Toyota it'll be impossible you won't just won't be able to do it I haven't reset it well donkey yeah I saw I'm thinking the Lexus will be better throughout the whole race on tires and the Jagger Fink manufacture yeah the jug can those soft that really well apparently you can't do the same strategies we did for the manufacturer the other day yeah the problem of the 86 is oh it's gonna be slower in qualifying so in top split you starting at the back and then you've got our overtaking everyone so I probably wouldn't go with the 86 I mean it depends how good you can get with the 86 I'm just not sure about it I need a bit of space here for a lap I set this car go yeah it's really risky for qualifying 86 because it's not going to compete with the RC F or the Jag unless you can pick up a slipstream that could be a way of doing it just sitting in someone slipstream and just following them around then you'll be able to stay in the slipstream through the corners that'd be the thing with the Toyota might be worth a try did he just come out the pits in front of me I think he did [Applause] Valka mate you've swept out the pits just move over please but you've just come out the best move over now see receive why the people they're like ah missile Oh we have to go for a very slow bang kick of this lap won't be very good after that mercy ah for God's sake let's just burn fuel hmm so we're gonna go for one lap on low fuel I think yeah thinking Louis puts 86 to be good I might I mean depending on my Rea in it I don't know might be worth trying 86 and just getting as fast as you can with that and trying to get a slipstream and if you start from like the top two places you could pick up a win in that 86 you only because of the tire wear we're just gonna have to risk one lap and hopefully I don't bin it I need to do some time trial on this tomorrow though so I might not do a video tomorrow day I might just put some effort into this time trial just so I've got a bit more confident of this combination now we're not in the Mustang Alexis I fear it's gonna be a mixture of possibly Lexus jag and 2286 is you know I think if you're confident with the 86 that you can get Paul like say for example lightning did this you could probably still get polled in the 86 and then or top three and then he's gonna have such an advantage in the race with Tyra maybe I did two laps in here actually McGann really let me we have to keep an eye on these times because if that my guns fast I'm going that because one I liked handed on them again and to the tire where I'll have to keep an eye on that that how fast he is with that because I should be able to go at em for so Wow a couple attempts faster I can do two laps here [Applause] the only thing with amok them the my garden you or gets destroyed on the streets you you'll just be a sitting door you'll just get over taking it every single corner I mean straight line need a bit of gapless okay right let's go for this now a little bit early on the brakes a mom no dirty tire is now it's ruined that one hey we have to go again hopefully the tires will be a bit clean by the end of the street that we ruined that laughs massively all fall up three times down or am i doing I can't find any speed here we need to time trial this property to find the speed well I wanna do him oh well yes 17:15 one saw about 23 point six is fast Byam yes in there properly so top spit every guns got no chance against our let's just start this race anyway yeah the jugs I think the jug just better on fuel so you can sure if you short shift the juggler but you don't have to put as much fuel in the pits the McGann I mean sorry the Mustang was destroying the fuel in manufacturing like destroying it I need to practice this combination a bit to get get up to speed because I should be able to get post a firestorm around there because I do like this track but I might have to use that jug and practice with it a bit we'll have to see not a car I tend I've never really used it so because I'm in qualifying I'd be qualifying lusting that my gun is he's quite a fast driver and you can't afford to give up like five tenths in top slip you'll be so far behind you just can't do that top split it's all about qualifying if firestorm loses a slipstream without my garden that my guns got no chance all five songs gone wide there this is why I'm thinking of the soy 286 so if you can get a slipstream in qualifying because look how he's able to stay with him in qualify and that's why I mean maybe it could if you could pick up a sliver to me might be worth trying that my god I don't know it'd be so risky loan it's really interesting though this because I am tempted to try that them again because I love them a gun I'm quite good in it so I think you it might be worth for risk do I just risk it and see if I can pick a slipstream up because that guy is gonna be a lot stronger at the end of the race but as soon as he gets past the thing the Jaguar are safe we'll get back past on the straight that's the issue if he loses a slipstream we've got him the one mistake losing this issue and we know we can have him is without a system that cars gonna be so slow on the strays either Jack's got a bit more straight-line speed than this mar 7 [Applause] the junked tires are going to go a lot a little bit before this RCF as well I think he's got dirty tired they get in the slipstream come on I don't care if it's a pedal yeah what did the slipstream I think I've got away B I know you could be brought back over on line mistake there they went into deep well the tides are suffering there I think he's struggling vataj you know I am anyway ah bloody out my right front is dead this car is not gonna do it no he stopped her here not with me driving there well I still got to take the corner mate and gave you space well I'm killing my tires well my tie the dead it says you need to go on the mediums the problem is to that Magan though is look at this if I go defensive here I'm struggling with attires big-time I've been way too aggressive on him the way this is would it not be faster just to pit four tires and go again you don't need to put fuel I don't know he looks like he's gonna throw it up which is putting me off the corner you cut you've got to be alongside there you can't just dive in and that's losing me time every time because I don't trust that he's not gonna go for it like this this is not an overtaking opportunity here look at the car it's just I've got no grip on that corner that's what I think know if you want to just tight how long will I lose in the pits I mean it's not worth doing now but no we're not losing this week not losing that much to fire some now so maybe if I drove it a bit more sensibly we might catch him off of it we're catching him look so yeah he's struggling as well but that little bard a little bit of them that feud lot says lost me the chance because I think if we were closer to him he might be out he's got a fee he's looking at silly places though we're taking that's gonna cost him through that corner as well yeah he's back off there struggling with the tires of this car Oh God my tire manager has been pretty in this so we can do that bad [Applause] I'm losing time on that corner compared to the jug I think we've like a few more race practices I'll be able to get this much better I don't know firestorm has already done a few practices on art that is that first test of it [Applause] I'll start looking after them tires a bit more I've got no right front tire left Jesus let's see out it's too far back we're gonna lose time having to defend this now now you can't just you can't do that kind of move by just ruin the racemate you just what the was I that was just terrible but you can't just dive in like that and just he would have been like yo he would have probably gone off the track himself I've got damage now on the Flyers well yeah five some sides I felt like we were gaining a bit so but then we have to you're defensive on that last lap I'm trying to think if the toy oh it's all glass dunno whatever Kozik like what would the came and be like I know the came is not as good anymore trying to think of a car that's not so bad on tires that will be able to hold peso now the Lamborghini is not the fastest top-end not all the Lamborghinis one is slower than the Mustang slower than the Jaguar slower than the RCF slower than the I mean might have the highest gears but in terms of like acceleration – like on a track it will get beat by all them cars I think it's not one of the fastest I know that it's not bad but it's not the fastest in acceleration yes sir that's just faster also than the lumber art Isaac wow what am i doing I'm not even look I'm reading chart yeah I'm just know the GTRs not the fastest not an acceleration the Jagua is the Jag I think is in terms of once you hit fifth gear the jugular will all beat every single car I don't think there's many that will beat the Jag once you do like once you hit fifth gear the Jag is like the fastest there's nothing that gets nearer yeah I mean I don't know I think you'll lose too much times on the meat the sauce but then the mediums could come back a lot at the end and no I could try it might work I don't know we're in we're in group 4 so it could work in group 4 that that the split on the tires of mediums and then stops on the back but working group 4 because it works for me at Catalina what we did really well but this race is a more aggressive race and that one that was a fuel saving race hmm I just don't know no one stops not gonna work and it was clear from the race end you lose too much time did it on the field stop my gun could be worth a try if you can yeah he said sorry sorry I was just annoyed me when it was he was so far back when he went for the move it was it was pretty like it wasn't an overtaking opportunity and I think he took too much speed in anyway he wouldn't have even made the call no I don't think he doesn't my problem with the McGann the McGann will be worth trying if you can pick a slipstream off in qualifying in that's the only way that car we worth trying tires the Vantage no we don't need to worry about fuel on tires it's not gonna be fast enough either it's Eva the Toyota 86 or the mag um really it's a Magana Toyota is 6:00 p.m. we're not doing another race test anyway haven't got time um the missus is in work early in the morning she's just got home from a late night so I can't me do another race well I just don't know what to do here I'm just thinking what car like we'll be with the RCF I think it's better on tires in the jug but the jug can out qualify the RSF slightly but qualifying in the RCF is not going to be massively different to that jug you it's really interesting tires if the Cayman was better on tires because they kind of destroyed that car with a man updated just went week I'm gonna end that Lobby anyway good the lobby there no let's go and have a little look at the top 10 mm let's just end up there we're gonna have a little look at the top 10 leaderboard just to see who's let's see what cart if there's anything other than an RC F or a Jag in that top 10 let's have a look at my friends listen just see I think the Toyota 86 could be worth a shout if you can get in the slipstream because the other way around the Toyota 86 was strong we're on soft tires now which gets rid of that qualifying advance like it could you got the handling of you get the extra grip with the fr cars a vanilla RCF ass yeah f-type and RCF they look at our friends list I mean I only did a my lap I'll be able to be back we should be able to get the RC F around there in week our sea ice have a look at the top ten who's RC F Williams Jojo so we could probably get the RC F to a bow I don't know is it worth just going in the f-type in the f-type might be the way to go yeah I think I think the JQ is gonna be the way to go just purely because of qualifying and firestorm managed to get it to the end I might have to get used to that jugular tomorrow don't really like it but like the sound of it I'm just not very good with it the I wish I wish there was another uptick but the problem with that McGann we saw in that race gonna be so hard for the McGann to actually pass anyone cleanly because the only I'll have to dive and it'll probably end in penalties and disaster I think I'm gonna have to just practice with the Jagua tomorrow all the race the L RC F is better on tires but maybe for lower that like for lower splits I would say the RC F personally but for top split I think it's all about the f-type because the qualifying but I think I've got a livery for the Jag I'm pretty sure let me just see something let me just get in the let's just see if we've got a livery don't I'm sure I've got one on it I don't know though I know oh I did but obviously not well that's where there is one the check monkey knows in my Activity Feed let me just check it up god what am i doing where's my how do I get to my my activity biofloc isn't it alright let's click on that it's look at his gallery our livery Aaron's not great on tires it'll be better the thing is though the McLaren will will be better that you might not be the McLaren will be better than the RCF I think a little bit and also it uses a lot of fuel and also it's really really fast in the slipstream when it gets into seventh gear it can overtake the RC F but again you're gonna have to look for a qualify in qualifying you'll have to look for a tow you know take ages to find this I'm sure he dipped me a Jag you at some point I don't know though there's the Moscow and a sex did he do me one diddly-doo one on touch unteach maybe I'm just chatting absolute if I was sure you'd throw me there you go I see group free no it's a group free damn it looks good as well I want nothing the group for rap oh well now he only did me the group free I knew I had the Jag in something but you haven't got it in that one anyway you know we're gonna end the stream there tomorrow we go live for this FIA I need to get up to speed with that jag but I just feel like it's gonna it's just too aggressive on the ties that McGann would have been all over it would have beat us on outright pace if you can get a car that's good on tires just a little bit further up the grid I think and a car that can overtake like the macaron will be able to make moves it'll be able to get the slipstream and overtake the RCAF it might be worth for shell I don't know yeah you have to short shifty-eyed much part the McLaren obviously but it's still not very good on for your living if you shorts just it it'd be interesting I really don't know what I'm gonna go no idea but I'm gonna run the stream there because I need to get some sleep and then I'm gonna practice tomorrow and time trial you'll swear the car you see me doing better in as a car I'll end up using probably I'll see how it goes no idea I might have a word with a few other people and that's what car they're gonna use as well see if we can get some idea see if they lie to me anyway thank you everyone for coming industry make sure you click that like button I do appreciate it does help the stream helps the channel helps me grow of the channel grow and the algorithms everything so I do appreciate it massively if you click that like button also thank you everyone for just coming in and talking away in the chat I appreciate it all the activity and thank you for the donations as well and I'll see you all tomorrow for another stream where FIA we would probably do manufacturer just for the laugh of it even though we'll end up about 15 seconds behind but why not we'll just do it so I'll see you all soon have a great night everyone and have good FIA races as well if I don't see you before their night everyone