GT Sport – FIA Nations Practice Redbull X2019

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] hello everyone so tonight FAA practice hope everyone's okay probably to everyone in the chat set this up now just a screenshot of the second four nations I'm not doing manufacturer for obvious reasons because it's a fuel saving racing the Fords terrible fuel so there's no point doing that one get these settings off rich start ten laps if ia practice a stir oh I'm just by I'm stuffing like I'm seven do you we're gonna have to put a power limit on this erm lobby as well once we get into the lobby just because it's obviously grx but you can only go the 2019 redbull if I see anyone in the 2014 I will just kick it because that's not what this lobbies for it's for the 2019 model we're practicing FIA set and so please mate just please respect the settings and we'll do that after I've noticed the power of the 2019 think we can use yeah it's only soft so yeah I'm Oona luckily there's no fuel-saving involved with nation tuscan though its flower race far as i can see that that's all okay we need to put that to public just make sure that this isn't yeah for so make sure we put this as online right there turn laps it's just a flat-out racist by looks of it yeah tire management a bit but I think it'll be just drive it aggressive just be a little bit cautious off your tires on the rears maybe short shift through some of the corners just to save there is a bit but over that they should be okay I would think I think that's all correct we just need to then get the settings once we're in the lobby so I'll create that now and then I'll change the settings for the power when we're in this if you want to join feel free to jump in the lobby in practice you you you yeah from peyer's he'll be like what we did this side then yeah we add minus four for the race for that and let's just get these settings of what this is let's just check it first so we won eight hundred and four horsepower with weight of six hundred and fifty but we will also check 804 six hundred and fifty eight hundred four 650 650 wasn't it you okay Mary how are you mean I'm gonna push the time trial on this tomorrow because I think I can go for the top three spots like see I'm not touching the super formula race now because I want to put all my effort into this now till when tomorrow's over with that's all okay okay so what changes to that make sure you're in the 2019 model just check we can go out of this car make sure we got it right and wondering if not too many people will be doing this but cute because of the Red Bull it's obviously a new car that's quite expensive so not everyone's probably bought it yet but if you having trouble finding the lobby let me know too might have to save these settings and let's just save these actually because I wasn't online when I created the lobby I was showing myself offline it might be saving it as kind of a private lobby which don't really want let me just know it's just over right that one hey there you go so let me know in the chat if you can find the lobby or not is it if you're struggling I might need to re redo the lobby yeah the EU should be good for this because a lot of the top drivers like this 2019 car so I'm expecting quite competitive races tomorrow here we got four let's just check everyone's and you thought yep to go I've not driven this yet we chat with you all at I we're on [Applause] oh let's go back yes he's open to all but that's why I need people just to check that the lobby is okay because I've not I don't know ever when I created the lobby I already up my self showing us offline but you just need to check you should be open to all but just if you can find it first it's open surfing you gotta be berated s R and C rated driver rating get these tires up to temperature I really like the way this car handles a lot that you've got to be careful on the throttle [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] UK and tommix are you me y'okay clean they're just gonna try a laugh before with your watch one over I'm gonna just drive around for a bit get used to the car on online sales [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I just go get used to this guy that we think would be much faster than that one when we use server oh the back up up trying to see how much you can push it through there compared to the super formula car that was just really bad driving let's go back to bits I need that song to go down so I can let some air in here go in home a half eight don't go off an hour more well 40 minutes another [Applause] for the rear you gonna be so patient on the Frog it's gonna take a bit to get used this car again because we've been driving the super formula the super formula is faster than this guy it's got more grip more downforce so it's a lot easier to get on the power which is really weird because this is supposed to be like a no-rules kind of racer I do that it's like the two valve 19 model that's the literally got less downforce but still it should be beat in a room super formal around the racetrack in my opinion I mean he's supposed to be an out-and-out racecar we've like all the technology that's banned but part be a super formula car hit back through that [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] kind of like this feels to me like a cross between a group to car and a super formula because it's a little bit risky on power but still got plenty of grip at the same time it's a weird one they're into the twenty-twos with fall fuel the qualifying is going to be into the twenty ones I think [Applause] let's just try and get some consistency around the truck now Oh Mario 90 donated one year of free super job thank you very much mate for the donation I appreciate it thank you very much you're a legend mate [Applause] I need to put my I'm got the right screen on there let's let this car go past a minute there you go that's that's on the right screen now Bing yep mess it up that car let's do a couple more laps and then we'll start off by fine session I'll remember ever I set it to ten laps or not I need to change that I didn't and super formula can do to any discard this would be a struggle to get in 20s it has to be a perfect lap in time trial you ain't getting this in in this in the 20s in the race not even in qualifying the P I think P 1 on the top 10 with this at the moment on in time trial sends is a 121 1 or so mário 90 donated another two euros researcher wrong button law actually wanted something else what thank you very much for donation ma I appreciate your alleging me thank you I'm trying to get used to that so coming out of that corner when the rears of science are going starting to feel tricky so we've definitely with the race conditions we're probably going to run this five to five to the rear of chem five to the front bias and it's gonna be a lot about looking after the rear tires this race go through ten laps with the same set of tires so it's definitely gonna be a case of looking after the race all the way through the race [Applause] Oh so risky for you there as well I think a lot of people are gonna die in this race [Applause] [Applause] definitely gonna have to start a short shift in it in the race just that just an omni em rear a bit [Applause] Mario 90 donated another five euros resue picture so don't cut your live stream because I'm in worth wish you good luck in Nations hopefully a decent result thank you very much mate yeah we're hoping to get a big result in this round but thank you very much for the donation may I appreciate it I'm looking that's why I've got my ratings back up a bit because I'm quite strong with this car so I think we can look for a top 5 in in top split hopefully in one of the races at least door gonna come down to qualifying really and try and not to make a mistake in the race but we've practice we should be right [Applause] we'll start the qualifying in a bit anyway all definitely gonna be a fuel burning qualifying though [Applause] or get off that cab let's start this em reset the times 12-minute quale go in here make sure I've got the laps at turn yet we'll put that down to six and we'll go back up to seven and we go to track so 12 minute quality and then we start the race the interests are now this is a whether it's worth just burning fuel flight a while then going for two flying lap so don't know [Applause] I think I'll do to lots of this because it's quite fast there in these laps of fuel burnings it does 90 miles per hour fair steer it's only taking like 2 minutes to do a lot through your burn if that's not bad then we'll do a base up and then we'll change the tires and Burnage anything uh-oh your sneeze ah a fever Oh mário 90 there isn't donate another 10 euro fruit superjock my boss finds me and asked what you're doing I said I'm video chatting with a friend from the UK and having tea he bought it you dodged a bullet there hey be careful you don't get yourself sacked mate but thank you very much for the donation I appreciate it you're a proper legend let's start this off the tyres are probably a bit cold there but no marbles I think we go to – free he's a good boss good job as well thank you very much though in the merrier [Applause] we need to check the people are in the right cars as well by the way [Applause] though if anyone's in the pits just have a little look and see what cars people are in just make sure they're in the 2019 wasn't a particularly great luck yeah and sorry John it's jumped in the stream yeah stop wasting fuel and each other you do realize that's the whole point of what I'm doing is wasting for your own purpose that's the whole point of what I'm doing [Applause] well they don't work without we got three minutes [Applause] highly unlikely to show up in the city [Applause] [Applause] alright so 56% fuel down they'll soak I'll be a bit lighter see you later Mary Romain thank you for popping in though you're a proper legend thank you very much so yeah I think we definitely see it lo 22s at least when it comes to loaf your room [Applause] yes I might be I don't know might not be a massively long stream tonight but I just want to do a few races on this really and get get up to speed on it [Applause] [Applause] I see some heat in the tires [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] okay now this girl feels so loose all the time it felt a lot more planted that side then yeah yeah it could be a lot we mess a lot sector of those though should be able to be that by quite a bit I would think I think we should be looking at 22 ones really because that last sector was all for sly I literally was sliding through the whole sector this is all gonna be about my saving this race yeah the game doesn't give us a option so that's why the tops bit are constantly burning fuel in races they were starting this race in 30 seconds ah did I do the right set of gas the chef's think I know I might not have done I need to check oh yeah we did okay all Salaam there's 25 finished now let me just get through the first sector [Applause] it's all about tire saving now how you gave me I've just seen you there window you're not that late to be honest mate we've only been live for yield minutes something like that oh yeah you're both shy forgot about that but let's look after them rear tires now [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] think ranae's just in the sit still no thinking yeah it's just outside the 16 range early upshifting ii began just trying to look after them tires [Applause] again I'm just trying to short like short-shifted in the acceleration zones [Applause] oops [Applause] miss the gearchange you'd have heard that them hit the limiter let's give him the chance here back from the slipstream that although that could hair is tires really because he's gonna get so much dirtier on acceleration they'll make the rig I'm funny again yeah can see him in his mirror struggling with the rear so it's really bad news to be in the dirty air [Applause] all my Riyas but a bit funny then [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] whoa Eric [Applause] yeah it's a no stop of this [Applause] but one way you're gonna have to kind of look after your tyres a bit [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] okay so we're over two seconds our head [Applause] feel like I thought I'm doing okay on the tire wear at the moment oh that won't help it [Applause] oops that's a big error I have lost me over a second that what an idiot that was a silly I went into way too aggressive into a corner let's build that gap back up anyway [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] there we go we've nearly up three seconds again already so it looks like my tires in better condition than theirs because they seem to be suffering [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I have three point six let's just try and keep looking after the rear tires um oh hello need for me it's just rejoin the channel thank you for that Nathan I think he's probably already a member is probably the renew thing [Applause] I'll scary that [Applause] so important just getting first give early they're just second gears gonna kill the rear tires if you go in second to aggressively there [Applause] [Applause] I'm surprised wdp he's got better tires well I'm not because I'm going so much faster I formed I know maybe like I thought you'd be going catching up on me if you have better ties because he's the fast driver wdp bet she in this car he was pushing me in Cowell struts art Dania that we need so we can do this a lot faster than what we've done in so far we've made a few mistakes a lot of them in this corner here [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] laughs stop the tires feel pretty dead [Applause] so we need to aim for being at least four or five seconds quicker than this round of Donnie I think and we need to be I recommend being on the foot under 14 we should be aiming for 13 58 59 something like that offing that it won't be the winning pace for the top drivers but hopefully we can get an okay result Erik the wall donated to Euro free super sharp thank you mate I appreciate it you're a legend thank you me I appreciate that your legend thanks for the donation mate no say I'm soft tires for this this rope this round face looks okay we can get it fast alone OOP adrift so it's looking okay just got to get that pace under the 14-minute mark and then we good you're gonna skip it I think it's quite good weight repair it's flat out with just a bit of tire management really quite I don't mind races like that plus I like this car on track so we won't be skipping this one all right so again we'll go straight to our 12 minute qualifying end and then we do another race hopefully when I properly time child this as well will be a bit faster after tomorrow we've only done a run that it wasn't particularly great the lapid is I can go about four times faster I think three four times fast a lot of fun so far while their marbles are that's from it should don't you should develop during the race so look the more the cars go round the marbles will should increase so if you look now I don't know if there they are they're still so they tend to if you go over them they tend to give you very little grip yeah thank you for the donation mate I don't know why I got the message on the screen before the notification getting through but yeah thank you for that donation and yeah it's because like this corner is put in particular if you look out wide they'll pick up them like as the race goes on and then the more people drive round the more marbles will be on the outside so it just gives you a little bit of a loss of grip if you go on them as well the thanks for the donation make proper leijen thank you try a different way of doing this this time in a risk just like one wrong but just burn the fuel down and do two flying laps [Applause] yeah yeah just ignore the fact that on the racing line because that's just polyphony in their logic I don't think they've got it like your song track I think is it um if I remember Blue Moon Bay infield is one of the worst route because it's literally they they're basically half on the racing line completely pawn within it and you have to really take a tight line through there [Applause] oh boy [Applause] wanna get this car as light as possible because this car will be so much faster with light fuel no you're just burn your tires off as well I mean you need to be moving as well to burn the most fuel because if you've got up the revs because if I just stay still so if I just like look at the revs the Reds will just drop you need the revs high so that you're using as much fuel as possible [Applause] it might just try one flying lap I'm really low fuel just to see how this is gonna surround five is six minutes so by the time kind of work this out me out now so [Applause] let's just it's eight that would be to seven minutes 30-ish yes it will drive round now just drive it aggressively going the just abused a bit more fuel then we'll peer and then we'll go for a lap with as low as low fuel as possible let's try it now one lap just one fly-in LeFort we're gonna risk it just to see what the I mean if we're making mistake obviously it's up but just see how it goes yeah it doesn't you bear more fuel by your break it like doing this so we put this is the most efficient way to get rid of fuel that we've come up with really then fuel until it's on porty and then i'll but here just starting temperature in the tires in a minute now we're good go [Applause] [Applause] yeah mess up corn up went in way too strong [Applause] this has been a total mess up luck now it will get p1 though oh my god why am I breaking so late there [Applause] [Applause] I was an awful up but judging our part that life was and we might even squeeze a 23-0 of even though it's terrible don't know yeah 23-0 we've a terrible up so definitely 22 fries 23 22 fries or 24 to force and are like shite lock [Applause] oh well we can beat that before fuel might be better just doing the fall for your runs and not risking it really you one fall for your run like you did in the first one and then burn for y'all I think they burn fuel on your out lap two out laps burning fuel then do a base lap here and then just go through that last lap that we're starting this in ten seconds you go let's try and see if we get this race pace a bit better long oh keyboards knocking everything over [Applause] ah seriously people come on what are they doing idiots that was just stupid driving like it's a practice lobby you don't need to be doing like that this is why I know it sounds mean but I think for some future FIA practices will be set in the lobbies quite strict because it I need to practice myself and this isn't really gonna be practice because now is to me a case of killing your tires for all this and you're not going to have people coming up against drivers like this in top spit I've also killed the rears already we have to do a 360 on the truck [Applause] I mean come on man you're never gonna stop the car that way [Applause] why is he in that car for a start bye no come on you're not even in the right car what are you doing why is he in here doing that it's not FIA practice why is he even in that car there's a reason why we're doing FAA practice it's for that car oh it's for the 2019 car and he's sat there in a super formula [Applause] never be in the lobby mate we need to check these lobbies from the start the race wild ooze after this anyone in the wrong part will just kick them out straightaway in the next race I think there's a novel I'm not actually up there in the wrong car [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Andrea's is so bad already [Applause] oops that's protein that was such a bad cornica lot there tie it there on the tire Turner I've lost motivation for this because oh I might even reset the lobby if it carries on to a stricter set in [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] more what the hell tires be killed there is the land watch this the rears had gone from that spinning starts I just will wait for next one now is there any good battles or something that looks like the best battle to watch let me message a machine [Applause] I try and get better qualifying in next time I have to say I'm tempted to redo the lobby with a bit stricter set is because we need to get practice with like the cleanroom if I do it I'll probably leave it as be for a driver eating an s4 tastier a tin or something like that just so they I don't mind people that are slower it's just I won't clean a drive just cleaner in a way but then again it'll probably still up on with no matter what though don't even know if there's much point let's just check him to know what let's just check everyone's in the right car as well in it's just that one person that's in the wrong one yeah super formulas faster than the ex 2019 you should it just shouldn't be in it though the faster car so I don't know why I said it's about 1.5 mm yeah probably about 1.4 to 1.5 seconds faster something like that it's FIA practice a point is it's FIA practice so we don't want the cars that like that in this race it's supposed to be for people that want to practice from the channel not for people just to jump in in the wrong car have a little back on that lost contact with him a bit let's have a little look what the MP ones paces when he goes over the line now run a Fatburger not their inner manufacturers there's just no point they're in every Ford for the fuel consumption is terrible so we're just going to practice Nations yeah it could be a random that's what I mean I'd rather would it be saying FIA practice Oh unless he just didn't know like what the FIA car was but when everyone else is in one single cars kind of a giveaway isn't it yeah Lexus is probably good fingered for you for that track in combination but before GT is terrible I mean we won't do a few run through it and you see how bad is it it can't save the fuel basically one it looks like a beach you made a mistake yeah Fabro DM the Lexus in Group four I'm freeze really good on fuel board is the total opposite yeah I've got the M livery for that I've got the a Mercedes livery but someone made me a livery for my children me youtube channel so I'm what I'm using that for the race [Applause] Oh lobbies names FIA practice oh right it's a go again the practice qualifying I'm gonna do burn fuel base lap burn fuel flying up for me Anton right there sir but another qualifying let me actually wait there wait there we need to reset it anyway it's got the bog we need just change the air right let's just check it oh you need to get out like I for um I'm gonna start this again in a minute by the way people I'm just waiting to see what car people are in I want to make sure everyone's in the correct car and then I'll restart it for the qualifier and then I'll check again before we start the race [Applause] just put that in there just in case anyone thinks using the wrong one alright let's reset this and then we'll start qualifier with going back again right so qualifying starts now 12 minutes let's go so 12 minutes quite a fine then we start the race dead on 12 minutes if anyone sees anyone in the wrong car just let me know on in the chatting game and tell them tell them or and if they don't listen with a thanks Fabio if they don't listen we'll hit them it's a set of X 2019 only Oh [Applause] I want to be too close that car I don't barely feel for another lap I forgot go ahead if you put overlap a totally forgot what I'm doing here forgot that we're doing two like two burning fuel laps and then doing a base lot got about that long thanks to thee sir we should be okay if we get a good start because we get I think we get a 20 to three or four in qualifying I think maybe if we can hook it up of really low 22 and then if we can sight on top five we've got good chance of big points here if we don't get hit into turn one that is but hopefully top slip will be a not always cleaner but it it should be a bit more respectful hopefully also people in tops it do get a little bit aggressive sometimes so who knows how that will go but bother me they over to the left let them go through all you bend it big time Oh last thing if only this game at proper damage imagine that it'd be wasted they're out for the calm I think I'm gonna go in a minute so we all warm the tires up and not getting involved with all this traffic coming through or they burning fuel as well looks like they're burning fuel [Applause] let's go for a bass laughs and then we'll do the same burn fuel and go for that last fly in luck to be too patient on from no hope that wasn't good Eva [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I was again a messy into the left got all sideways not getting on the power properly yeah we can get well into the lower 22 the thing dollar up and if I hooked a laptop with low fuel it's gotta be a low 22 get out there wait go on a wreck that up [Applause] oops missed the apex this is where I lost a lot sign that corner there I got in the wrong gear it should have been on like in second a lot earlier accelerating laughing yeah lobby will probably be full [Applause] that mati so now we go for the load we need to hold I need to get a really good loan for your run just so I know what I need to aim for tomorrow I feel like it's got to be a 22 to 22 3 something like that for a decent romp don't get some temperature in the tires this time [Applause] [Applause] not judging me and timing right on these I really want to be getting rid of more fuel you got a minutes worth of fuel burning we could have done here I'm not judging it right ah gone ah what a twat I knew that I'd run wise and just try to keep the power down oh I wanted to Tesla hope fuel I don't believe it this is uh this is frustrating me this I need to get off you're running so I can see what I've gotta aim for that's just let's just double-check everyone's in the correct car right they've got to be watching Mattie I probably could possibly beat my luck there frustrated with myself for making these mistakes on this flow for your own or watch out down here oh it doesn't matter anyway they told me you know they might be out to get another laughing unto me Oh I need to burn more fuel and then burn actually hook could actually get over the line we've low fuel for ones because all my lap so far being full fuel no one stopped it's not possible you'll be way behind the pit stop takes like 17 seconds so if you go in the pits you putting yourself 17 seconds behind him you might be even if you're two laps two seconds a lap faster you're still going to finish the race seven seconds behind even if you were free seconds a lap faster you'd still then still be a what do second behind or whatever by the time you go in the pit so not not where if it all right let's start this race anyway at least we got poll we've a up so I just want to know what I can get when I hook a lamp up that's that's what's for sure you me you jumped it [Applause] now I break to really lay them because worried about getting hit [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] or native into there they're on the tires [Applause] still not cleaner don't feel they feel a bit like dirty [Applause] let's keep an eye on that gap now so the tide should be clean 2.1 seconds Marty should be really fast around there so this would be a good judge once we get going that life is so far face [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I was messy for that [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] as a really scruffy luck button and she see what that lap time was I'm expecting 23 6 something like that 23 7 that's awful lot [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Oh God that was a massive error nearly lost them now tops it will not do to him they might get 21:9 bar I'm really enjoying it I think I got a chance of over 20 to 1 I think like you know somebody that might get in the twenty ones but I've done 2284 for you but I don't think you're gonna get I think it'd have to be a perfect lap tier the 21 [Applause] it might it might there might be a few like top three might squeeze the 21 but I think you're 22 two will still be a top top five star in my opinion [Applause] you don't want a sip stream with this car [Applause] [Applause] no one will 116 with this car as far as I can tell I haven't been as kinda Mattias in this race I haven't really been looking after and that's why [Applause] [Applause] been really aggressive on these ties that they're way worse than they were before they're looking after the tides is gonna be really important [Applause] [Applause] but there is that they're feeling gone [Applause] [Applause] I think this has been a terrible run this I bet you with quite a bit slower than what we did it before we were 20 freeze for quite away I think before this one's nowhere near as fast [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] yeah I think that I really want to be faster than mercy though from honest this hasn't been a good run though we will judge at the end because I think we said we could get in the 13 minutes four will finish in time if we nailed it I've just not looked after the ties on this I've been driving a bit messy [Applause] what the hell I'll be some nice we'll have to break really early for this corner now I'll break on the bridge bill didn't nearly stop [Applause] care what them tires [Applause] that there's really lost me time then [Applause] I've killed the tires way too much still won but look at the time when we did it wasn't a zero free before or so that's slower than the one we did before with more practice so yeah we've gone slower than we did before though we need to get that under 14 minutes which I think we can do that was probably them that was a lot Messier that race he kept going wide on that corner and picking up dirt on the tires which was then brewing in the race place but they've one more race on this combo and then we're them and the stream of things I want to get the time as close to 14 flat as possible which I know I can do just got to drive it bare I I destroyed my tires and me I kept spitting the ribs and we kept going in the air running off why I didn't pick it up all the on the sides and then that was a messy race I think we can get it in the 1359 if we nail it but it's got to be a good run let's say I'm going in and try and get a better run in this home that was a bit their qualifying again 12 minutes and again try and get a good qualifying need to open and blinds in a minute as well now that the sun's gone down I am boiling now this cars go I like this car to go now there is no wind on this game [Applause] yeah that there's no there's none of that in GT sport you the only the only thing it simulates is when someone's in your slipstream so when someone's in the range of a slipstream so they're picking up your draft it just gives them less front downforce and less rear downforce as well [Applause] once these cards free I'm gonna open and blinds quickly and I laughter wait actually wait until I'm over ones are through yep is but there's nothing we can do because polyphony one let's change feeling qualifier but miss cog referred decent space yeah the time is noticeable when the cars empty burying it in tops of it yep very noticeable but it could be the difference between 15 places that's how bad it is in top split and that's I'm not practicing for this race I'm practicing for tops RIT tomorrow I mean there's a bit I know that in this it might not be necessary but I need to work out what the car is gonna feel like for tomorrow [Applause] nearly lost it there again [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] hey so now we've been fuel again and then go for that firing all wrong little mistakes and that lotto so I think a good like a base life a really good base up will be at 22.5 and then if we can get a twenty20 222 point a 20 point about twenty two point three I say twenty two point two that'll be a decent M low for your wrong super duties live on and daily races that's probably why we've only got 60 viewers but when when someone's doing daily races more people or watch that because it's daily racing it's more it's it's technically more like competition although we've probably got we've got Mattie and wdp and he falls quite fast as well in this Lobby so it's just one of them but I knew that once I saw the Super GT was going live but I knew that this like that I wouldn't get many viewers but it doesn't really bother me I would have been doing this anyway so I might as well as stream that I needed to practice this yeah we would get 200 if if if if we were streaming daily races or FIA this is an FIA practices is a big difference a lot of people don't really care about watching fi practice in general when we do FIA practices the most we have against 200 viewers so when super GT is live doing sport mode like daily races we're gonna lose 100 of em view straightaway yeah you get the got the that's not is for though that the box is because of the the amount of viewers he gets but because he's getting like thousand plus viewers he just gonna get constant spam within BOTS if this chat winner if we do FAA and we hit about six seven hundred viewers then it will start coming into our channel as well but there's not much you can do because it's like you keep banning them they keep coming back in you can't there's not much unless YouTube we're gonna do think about them which they really need to I'm pretty sure I've got a ban on links being posted in my stream that might be why they can't do your mind I think mod moderators can post a link but I don't know I don't know ever that would stop them on our I'm not sure I know that I've got I'm pretty sure that you can't post links in my stream unless I'm sure I've got it in the sense that there's no link to being able to vote for that simple reason really and also people that start linking their you know YouTube channels when they just want to jump in some random channel to get their channel views that's not a good thing to do if you're thinking of doing it all right let's start this laughs anyway didn't get the heat in the tires but it should be okay [Applause] that was bad for that [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] a mom gotta be a barrel up they shall give me something training for tomorrow yeah small like it so we need to be aiming for loads we might yeah theme 21 9s might be something to aim for now yeah we gotta rating for a 21-9 ooh – tempest and mati mm-hmm yeah it's weird they're not that far so these new ones he's X 2009 teens they're slower than the super formula car so they've not they've got quite low downforce though I think they've changed what how they want them to handle for this new model they want them to be a bit more a bit bit harder to drive let's start this race anyway so again try and look after the tires this time to remember to be just short shifting out some them callers and be a bit less that less aggressive on the down shifting [Applause] a clean start oh my god what's going on Oh tires are cold [Applause] he's in the slipstream I don't think you'd be close enough for a move by the end of the straight though no it's not gonna be [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] have some dirty air matting so horrible in these cars when you stop going someone in slipstream you lose so much downforce [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] missing the effect every time [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] buying a look after that that by going in third gear early going to save them rears for the end this time hobble them very nice that's a bit of time there [Applause] that was a horrible actually that's gonna kill the tires up that's not what I wanted to do [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Oh un them [Applause] was it horrible [Applause] ah no or women say it gave him the slip stream then that was my fault though silly mistake he's gonna struggle in that dirty eh that's a good thing especially through this corner [Applause] [Applause] a little bit too far back again [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] all the reason anyone then the real deciding to die again I've been way too aggressive [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] this is gonna be really he's gonna probably go for a move I think that was fair we think of my little notes but [Applause] my grades have gone the reasons I've gone that they've gone totally gone I've killed their ears we got their ears left I pushed too hard oh what a twat oh well we need to just look after we gotta be more careful with the tire wear I think it's so hard to not push when you've got someone like Matty behind you pushing the tires are just dead so you can't push these sides 100% you've got to be what we did in the first race was pretty much perfect when we shifted between like second to third early and then third to fourth early that's what I've got to do in the race yeah we just killed the tires massively but at least we know we've got to do tomorrow I think we can do it when it comes to it our T's will be probably a lot better because I'm guessing he was not pushing as much yeah look because he didn't spin the rear he didn't wear out their ears ah what a nob I can't believe I did that yeah I killed them tires again I've got a sock I've got to do that tomorrow if ITIF you see me on line it open love easier because I'm practicing tire wear I won't be streaming probably it would just be tire wear practice no it's not not necessarily coast I'm down shifting to fast which is locking the diff as well something the Lightning always says you got to do so I've got a downshift slower but op ship the earlier out of these corners so I'm not spinning them off on the acceleration as well oh yeah I normally murder sighs but I know I can do a good tire if I just take it smoother I think when you've got someone behind you though it's harder to look after tires when you know someone's pushing you you end up making more mistakes he just ends up like pushing too hard and killing your tires oh my god I'm so hot that that will be with the thing for tomorrow as well trying not to like try not to give in to the pressure when someone's behind you you're gonna have to just really concentrate on your own race don't worry if someone's pushing you just just concentrate on the rear tire life oh yeah I'm gonna call it an end therefore the stream tonight anyway it was only a quick little two hour stream just to get a judge on what we've got to do tomorrow no I think we've got pace to get a good result luckily I've got good qualifying pace so qualifying if we hook it up and then just concentrate on race pace before that was my first what free race practices so hopefully tomorrow we can do a bit better with the M tire and also I'm gonna time trial it on time trial to get a bit more up to speed yeah I may have some open bobbies up tomorrow they won't be streamed so if you see them it'll probably be quite strict settings and we'll just I'll just be doing races just practicing tyre we're just trying to get the tire wear under control of em if you see them all that's what I'll be doing but we're gonna end this Lobby now thank you everyone for coming that I'll be in practicing it should be a good night I'm hoping we can have a good night tomorrow though 4m race pace the qualifying pace looks good let's see how it goes I see what gift car we get it can't be anything good bye look for them there's a p1 there is that yeah I mean I've my stuff about hundred of them yeah Oh tomorrow we need to aim for minimum 2.5 k points that's that's what the aim is minimum 2.5 so we're gonna do every mean if I get 2.4 we might take it because that will improve my score a little bit and at the moment I just want to keep improving the score so if we get 2.4 we might just take it but 2.4 being the minimum I'll take 4 points tomorrow anything less and then we go again 2 point 3 we go again so we could be there through the 7 what is it the 6 7 & 9 P and then what times are they six uh yet the six seven oh six eight and ten p.m. braces isn't it so yeah we could be streaming till 10:00 we hopefully don't get a good result straight away last time we were at this tracking group – I got a good result quite early on and we got a good qualifying and got a P 3 or 4 I think so we just left it hopefully we can do that again and then just have a bit of a chill stream do some open lobbies after but we'll see how it goes thank you everyone who came in the m being tonight I appreciate everyone coming in please make sure you give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed it it was just a little test to see what we've got to do tomorrow we now know that just about tires looking after the tires oh yeah thank you for all the donations and thank you for everyone who came in I appreciate it massively we'll see you tomorrow for FAA and hopefully pray for a good result so I hope you all have good FIA races as well hope you get some good points except for Marty because you'll probably be in my race but anyway because mater motty's like my one of my competitors at moment for the m second place in the nation so go out qualify everything score more than him that'll be the aim M Thomas as well we need to look out for as well if he's racing so I'll see you later mater as well I'll see you tomorrow in the FIA racer presume you are you doing top split or um how DD are looking are you in top split or are you a little bit lower I think I'm in top spirit that might actually put I shouldn't have robably done this I probably should have raced for split tuned and try to get like a two point seven two point eight K Lobby I'll be with about more chance of getting a win in that I'll be tops with 70k my rating is at the moment so I want to get a big score tomorrow so we're gonna try our hardest to get a two point six or two point five something like that yeah I'll see you all tomorrow night have a great night everyone and I'll see you tomorrow for a video and a stream hopefully so have a great day everyone night