GT Sport FIA Manufacturer Top 24 Race Season 2 Final Round

[Applause] ok everyone welcome back to another video on the channel so they were back on GT sport and we're back with the FIA manufacturers top 20 for final round in season 2 of the manufacturers championship you can see they're going onto the grid it was a standing staff for this grid obviously and p1t are lightning in this and this grid was pretty much made up of all the cars are faster in top speed like the Ferrari the Dodge Viper then this on the foredeck cetera these cars are all the more powerful cars down the straight line so pretty obviously we're gonna be at the front of the grid and also some of the best drivers on the game as well and we see therefore virus and the Clarins sinks there in the in the Corvette also would love a very strong car at this track and then obviously Kyle Jones in the for probably the strongest car for this track in terms of outright speed I don't reckon the fuel was probably the best knowing it's when you compare it to like the Corvette and real axis and there's better ability to save fuel is very p8 there the Lexus you can see a lot of these cars just pretty much a power grid you can see all the way down there into p9 so if I've just been cars that are really fast in a straight line and Joe is also the Jaguar very fast car in a straight line and then we get to some of the other doesn't not so fast in a straight line but still reasonably okay and the obviously the Evo p12 there and fab mascara fab and all down the 13th then Subaru Jamie reasonable job in that cars not probably the best car for this track and p4 team the old Corvette didn't explain that Corvette to be a little bit higher up with myself obviously in the Mercedes my qualified mum I did two laps first that was just the base up second I forgot a penalty miss down probably about P 1314 what her in round Jamie's lap I think but I wasn't too worried because I didn't expect to get into top 20 for a race to be brutally honest I had them practice for and really had their done a little bit of warm up before the nations raise the 24 rates I watched on TV stream and didn't expect to get the top 24 he said just entered it just in case it got in there and because you've got two files of bonus points so no matter why he was gonna be a win-win situation for me no matter where I came in this race so wasn't too worried about practicing too much just as long as I got the points obviously this season is all about just getting us rated licensed for the official season which I've now got anyway so season freeze the important one which we're going to concentrate on and hopefully from today onwards pretty much so started from a standing start and obviously traction control on the week is set and that's how I do my starts with the group free cars traction control all the week is set him and then just release it as you saw it hit in hi reg you're gonna see now go straight showing your weakest set Revit out max and I get it okay start then and take it off about now off there and then look at the action Bruce taking from doing that gives you the real real shoe forward in second gear imagining it and really good start going past them the Lexus on the right side but there's no point me diving up too far I just go down left hand side but this space breaks nicely early I don't want to hit any of these cars in front but this guy the driver ear this tanker drive just pushed straight through his disgusting Drive and really wasn't happy about that and I got five seconds I was decided to push it through not nice to see now this is a 24 Stars race and it's lap one watch how he does this he just goes through fruit he just pushes through he just barges straight for he's not bothered and no respect for other drivers in this racing lap one I didn't like that but not much I can do about it obviously you've got the five second party which is not why I wanted to get at the start of an eight lap race at LeMans obviously at this stage race it's not a massive issue but it could become an issue as we progress in the race up see you know if you if I pick up five more seconds in the next eight months I'm gonna have to start backing off and get rid of a penalty and that's not what we want to be doing that means races and you know that's what really well me up you know going into turn one doing that kind of move but looking at race now see everyone picking officer Kumar pick up the guys just gone through his lip shrink after the look now I couldn't really a progressive in just about my own mark had a little look on the inside decided to back out that not go for it wasn't worth the risk I didn't want to ruin my own race as well as this because I've got five second penalty you know if I tried to go for a move and I get off a penalty I'm enough to start back enough about the back of the grid this race eight laps obviously in the top twenty four is not the six laps that was in the third race and the strategy that we had to run to this race didn't really suit me say it was a one-stop strategy so a lot of fuel sable I know a lot people don't like this but this is the way that California run of these races they're making it so they're wants office is pretty much the way to go for this because the time to fuel up it's quite long and also did pit entry at this track was really it took a lot of time to do and the one-stop make more sense of your fire the one-stop strategy was definitely the fastest ways what what the racer think of all the top drivers didn't want I was going from one semester so you're gonna see a lot for your safe it straight away a very short you're really short shipping which does a pretty certa Mercedes because speed is a little bit higher up in the rev range it doesn't really pull very well low down at the gears as you can see there I decided to let you know there's no point be balancing our bodies I was trying to be quite a tactical straightaway you know letting drivers go through and then are just people pissed at you and say feel it was the safest way to do it and there that's how I my plan was here to try and use helping with each other basically to push a fare from to the front drivers at the moment no in piecing scene I was happy of that started be 18 or 19 I think it was so made some places up doing okay to ruin us I've got a nice that could be a little bit mad without the driver in front of the ones we can I go to left hand side and he just comes up move off so I go to the right side and again I'm so tempted to just focus on the inside but I decided to back out of it you see I can't risk it many penalties I've got for second day already this was obviously before the update for the new tire model and the further improvements have been made with the metal system I fitness now and the system doesn't play now even if it doesn't give you apparently it can still affect your safety rate so I kind of like that because even if people think you know if this contact made and there they they know they're not going to get up type of contact it can still affect their safety area that also can affect the decision whether you get shipped out the rug web they want that but in this race p16 I'm just trying to hold on to simply brilliant safety fuel this race was just all about the safe like the fury said dual of that camera quantum so whether some cars go through in there and flying pretty much as fast as they can Department for your samples going on I I knew that Mercedes one good thing about Mercedes was it's a tire went however LeMans just doesn't really use it much ty we're on the wall because it's mainly straights didn't start kicking him a little bit lap four but nothing drastic it wasn't enough to really affect the car you know for flap I did one practice rather doing this strategy because I did a practice from material lightning before and earlier in the night McLaren six was in there and he he went on their air that want stop stretchy had beat lightning and that's why we knew that one stop was definitely the way to go and he beats EE as well because it's a strategy made them say he'd go Candela because I think without him doing that I think lightning would have gone on to to subscribe to team but he was obviously going on the one song strategy as well because that and I knew that before the race but then and I wasn't sure if everyone would know that I did already tried that strategy but I felt like he'd lost too much time but I hadn't really tired the pitstop entry in that because I didn't really didn't have time to go through it and work at Albert that's where once something came into play was because the pitstop was just so long and you can see everyone now it's single file driving reason be ok no one's really making too many errors new 2012 24s and there's some really good drivers in this Lobby I'm doing okay at the moment Facebook Places up the Mercedes was pretty weak it you know we know that Mercedes straps a lot straight-line speed it's one of it's a week apart is lot is pretty much equal to the Porsche save the branagh returns with straight lines me but has really good traction and they're crimpable the tires obviously so if the tires don't wear out too much but it's over weaknesses fast corners and there's a lot of fuss corners and the lines so really didn't expect much go to dis track that's why I wasn't too worried about them how the street went it was just a case of getting their 2000 bonus points and then the triple points just to get them you know there were higher up on the leaderboard this season's not really relevant as far as I can tell in front from the rules season wanted to have no relevance at all all there then there therefore is just get your s license because to be in the top twenty four races in the visual system half now the s license why you've not going to be able so that's why it's only the top ten drivers that can actually compete for this title really in each manufacturer now though they've got top ten the season two if you didn't get top ten season two you can't get the top twenty four races there's no way of doing it and unless you've got in the top ten for your country of nations and got the estimates that way as you can see battling with one of the mascara drivers I think it was in India Indian food there in the BMW I just let it go because there was too much of a gap for me to counsel going from that so if you obviously I got do for your saving so I let him through just so I could then get back into his thinking behind it because I know the being blurry so fast car so it made more sense for me just let him pass get onto his lip stream and let him carry us forwards and I was it I was quite willing to work with him if he was gonna let me you know I'll to go past him and then bypassed I would quite willing to do this with any drivers in this race just to work together to push ourselves further up the grid that's quite a lot of us go out drivers in this reason also there was quite a few but mainly it wasn't really many at the top 10 there mainly enough airfare but back isn't seen picking the supreme up not deciding to make a move there because it wasn't really worthwhile and though that the best idea for myself now to make my fuel last which was really gonna be an issue because it's not the best guide no the Ferrari is very good at cygnets fuel I worked on that when I went the Ferrari in the air preseason the group free Ferrari is very good at saving fuel and should speed you could short shift it and it would keep accelerating really well so I knew that the Ferrari was able to want some strategy but I knew that for me to do it the Mercedes have gotta be very tactical and just use slippy dreams and just short shift as much as possible obviously I'd done the test run and the only way I got it to do it was by pretty much shift and as soon as the light showed up the air bar for your shift Barber I knew that it was possible but I didn't think it was gonna be a the fastest way when I did that test until we bit comes in the test run with McLaren and six you see everyone go through in our Ferrari behind me BMW in front and the BMW is actually not a bad car I think a lot of people aren't using it now but I think it's actually a better car than what the amount ever used in shows because I've seen some people do some really fast times in that as a super and stuff and it's just a little bit heavy etc but it's possible through really good acceleration and there I can tell we're following on Skaro then it's definitely a nice car but obviously now we've upped the new Ford which is pretty much turns group free cars as far as I can tell into a single make series now that's because before now the new the new GT 40 mm feels like this test car leads the group regards it's just so over power that it does confuse me how they've managed to get it so wrong I did a very good test at the new track for the qualifying session I did a little going with the Ford and they tried to see how close I could get to the third just the first sector in the Mercedes in the department now and I was nearly fat oh I think about half a second down on the floor Simon's insane speed as we see going into the corner this was such a human mistake I clipped the grass on the left-hand side and the car just drifted through luckily held the drift that didn't lose too much time but I've lost Oscar in this foods in the surgery which was really frustrating because he was how he was dragging me along quite nicely and now I've gotta use the Ferraris again and just drop a place down so down to be 18 a little bit this point for that and also picked up apparently there which took my pen away over six nearly to seven seconds which was little bit annoyed because it didn't gain in time and whether they can make a do something for that I am a no hunt and one of the grid gave the finger three daughters bought is something like that happened and didn't gain an advantage in the game to tell them through your previous lat it could tell whether you had gained then the advantages of people to give you any sort of slow down and whether they could incorporate that into GT sport it would kind of make sense because for that incident I lost two seconds and picked on but now look on the left hand side picking up a few back I can't really go for the Ferrari so fast on straight wasn't where frisk in night to the corner at home I'll make them out trying get past him in a safer place not just throwing up the inside there if he turns it I've got to be so careful now adds it really be cautious pretty much and with any contact with any car from now on to the end of the race because as soon as the pedal assists here the penalties at close to seven seconds and one more incident will put me into a situation where I've got to start backing off and Luther you don't want to be backing off the power at once it's one thing to ruin your race but even then p18 as we go past two cars have fouled away and they've had an issue and that's put me back up to be 16 so you know we could I thought I could still pick up some more points it because people about in the way of making mistakes and then back in to be 16 even with the drift that happened and obviously lost the slipstream up to that point the race is going on care that a reasonably okay racers pretty much as expected fuel safe and pick up the Centurions and then another cars out of panel and it looks like one of your SkyDrive he was Indian food something's happened there and then he had to back off as well now I'm up to P 14 so it was just getting better this age you're thinking there could be some good points a you know if I can get close to if I can hold on to a P 14 position I would have been really happy because Mercedes was probably along with me I would think the Renault at this track the air RSO one thing with a weakened cars in this race very much the whole grid was made up of the fastest cars at the game and that does show you that speed is important with this class because this is a manufacturer series it's the top cars within the championship and they're all very fast cars that with this should have been a Porsche in this as well but the driver that was driving the Porsche they didn't have his s rated license I think he will now have it for the official season but he did nothing for this and lauded his teammate so that's why I was able to I think along with the fact that I think a few drivers didn't turn them from the race – away from the forever reason that's how I managed to get in system I actually I did realize that they wouldn't be racing but they're still I was about two places down my finger from getting in this race so I mustered there must been two drivers that just didn't race it didn't bother doing it that's why I then look at the top 20 for a so I'll take that and see a lot of drivers pitting now I'm getting the lap free and this is what fortunately I would have liked a bit a bit further on for here but then I'm into p9 it's probably gonna change as we go through straight you see there one of the drivers gonna last TRL four hours I actually didn't expect him to be on the strategy over the two spot but he's on that strategy not necessarily the best strategy he's gonna call me probably gonna you know easily beat ourselves in this group because he's coming out already behind this and his next pit stop will be much shorter in terms of when I go in the pits I forgot to change my ties and fill up the car maximum but everything's going okay at this stage do it and freeze me well I made that one horrible error which air bumped my pedal me up obviously to seven seconds but I was doing a reasonable job with cars are much faster than this race of mine you know I've got the fryer in front I've got the BMW and the Lexus and they're not sure if there was a high up they in the race also which is really fast but then you know mainly cars are good that was very imperative Mercedes now I've just got really concentrate on not really getting involved with battles I couldn't really afford to battle drivers too much and you can see lifting off a little bit there I think up I just backed off just to let them through and how she got rid of a little bit we pedals everything maybe like a tip for two but I decided to back off and just let them throw them people passivity of those I couldn't risk going side by side because of obviously that lap will instantly with the tanker I think it was just pushing his way through with no respect he then give me a 5 seconds it's exactly five seconds to comment exactly what it was and but from then onwards you're on the backfoot that's the issue that I had in this race was just I had to be so careful because everyone will know how easy it is to pick up a penalty on this track from me for a corner car or you know even contact with Oh guys you got 24 other cars on this grid and in this race so there was no way I was getting involved with any battles like I've got a virus now behind us behind me so again he's on a different strategy than me so there was no point me holding him up he's on a two-stop strategy safety but these get he's changed his tie it's got fresh tires on he's in he's april's of Revis Carmack's that just look at the speed different stuff is straight with you forever that car he there was no point we fight in that near he's all he's one of the fastest drivers in the game so when he comes up I was just gonna pretty much lift off on the lane passing you change the future try and let him again because I've lost the secure the drivers in front just let him help me get back closer to that drivers up ahead for when I go to the pits it was the best people to me through seem insane he's picking up the stream getting faster and faster I can't really defend them against I'm gonna take my normal line through there but then stick over to the left-hand side let him through just let him down that inside lifted off thought was going to lift obviously down to two mixture just let him get ahead now just trying to hold on to his slipstream because he's got really aggressive in there and he's gonna catch them cars up in front so he can drag me along to them a little bit but just stay behind in fuel mixture to it'll help save some of my fuel and obviously because I fuel is getting very low easy only 3% for your left enough pocket to the end this luck to change the fuel so I didn't need to do something you're saving to make sure I got there without running out before even into the paper it may have you could have been dangerous you know if I run out just before it would have rapid the rain Tibet in position 12 I've seen that I'm gonna glue some of these positions as some of the cars behind me have pitted already and there were two sub strategy Bert see seems like I think about third that the grid was on the to stop strategy and pretty much the two thirds were going for the one-stop strategy and obviously had realized how long the main entrance was I just decided the safe way there it was a little bit safer also forgetting penalties it wasn't as easy if you're driving up and representing you backs in the car it's a lot easier to pick what penalties driving like that as you can see now all the top three drivers in the pit on lap before the shows you that this was the way to go see I think he actually might hit the wall then in front of me but looks like you got away if it going in with 2% for yours some drivers on 4% lining on 9% of a really good job there of his fuel obviously been saving fuel and slip streams and this is what I'm saying though there's just no way I could have got this Mercedes to drive at the speed that the top from the top front drivers were driving and saved him a fuel that other needs to save so I'm reasonably happy of how this race is going so far I'm in an okay position I'm gonna drop down after this pit so probably back down to P 18 or something like that but then the other drivers are then gonna pit again and I've got some cars around me I know I went in the pits pretty close when I decided to Matt to fuel up and there's no point being on the fuel in the mall because I want to be able to drive this as fast as I physically can't we've doing four months in p17 the MSX BR meets another car that's not going to be great at this track obviously it's not got massive amount straight-line speed it's more about this happening there is a similar car to the are isn't one my mom they're better through the corners and they are on the straight lines so now p16 Maris Garros advance and stuff on Z I think is a little bit too far ahead of me to pick up any subtree so again I've got to be quite tackle to go in there kind of let p18 get closer to me so that I can then use his limits it's harder to do I was trying to drive as fast as I could but save quite a bit of fuel so that he can just catch me off and then I can just pick up their symmetry because I I felt like if if I could work with a couple of cars and I could we could all get closer to that bow on the front which is got a good few cars in it and then you've got a chance of battling all together for maybe 30 whether all the cars wanted to do this was gonna be a different story but don't forget we all wanted to do that they were teachers wanted to battle their own race which is fair enough I was just trying to think tactically in there being possible if you get in a bad position out of this race see everyone's got and always I think though I'm not too sure if anyone actually finished this race with no pedigrees I'm not too sure it's possible we'll have another look as we go to the finishing line see if anyone's not got the red dot but more than likely that majority of people in this race is gonna have some soreness some form dependably so I doing the finishing line if we were close to any other drivers we might be able to make up some split places if we don't pick up too much penalties but obviously I've got a six second penalty to get rid of before so I've managed to go down from six point eight to six point two by just lifting they're near women that we're battling with cars I've just learned through if they're on my inside instead of bonfire River and so loses some of the penalties that way now you can see their periods in the sit room in the NSX so these drivers can start getting involved you are a scary slight and suppose built this guy building and in the Alexus which was my surprise that car was that far done because that cars for your saving is so good you can Shortridge that get good speed out of it it looked like he might have had some sort of issue in this race unless he went for it too so strategy I really don't know I'd be surprised if he did because pretty much never uses for just saves it away so what if it sprays the fumes of the tube structure maybe he was one of the drivers that we went past when he was in the gravel and we've been sitting so that'll be why he possibly losses and speed so let him free on the right hand side and then trying to just tuck him behind him and hoping that he can then drag me along to them over cars up ahead so this was a plant that's why I didn't find that too much I just saved save the fuel but intermission to let him pass and hope that he can drag me along these other cars and because even you know p18 I wasn't never safe with this position because it really wasn't what you can do it the slower cars in this truck it's all about power and it's all about em having your peak power a little bit lower down in the revs they're all air to ensure shift that's why the Lexus is very good at this track and also the Corvette the Corvette was probably the best track car you could get this drunk because you can just change guests pretty much straight away just shift shift shift and it will keep accelerating because of the way the torque is on the car as you see your cars going through there there and it's like behind me push it really hard not really gonna get past at this point of the track though there was a he put pressure arm but I was just trying to talk him behind that Lexus and just try and hold on to the slipstream I was really being cautious not to run too far wide on that corner a lot of drivers you'll see you're really far out why don't that there is way of kind of abusing the track limits on the corner by really really far away but you can't clip the apex of the corner if you do you've got to just completely miss evenings and then it won't give you a better way but I always tried my hardest to keep it that's in its limits pretty much all the time as you see go through that second that section for me was really good I'm really reasonably within the fourth through there as well you see the gap abundance of get ahead there the intersects and I like the flow of that last little section and I've gotten a river doing that it's done and the fourth and it also seems to work quite well in the Mercedes as well because probably because it's so stable the guy who really chalk it from right to left you're slow to beat and it just sticks to the ground so just trying to hold on to the Lexus in front of me use his slipstream and try and get the best result we can so far the race was going reasonably well so if I can't really complain it's just that penalty that hard from the start that's kind of gonna be a little bit of an issue or it could be an issue if I pick up any sort of penalties at all with this race because you the woman yo LeMans is known for his penalty so you don't want to be citing luck one way from the five-second penalty straight way maybe now that they've brought the new system in we're not all contact for a result why rather than they level two contacts op see they're gonna get rid of the severity of these now as well so where you used to still get the ten seconds in the five seconds I think they're reduced down to one on three seconds of Salah so maybe the penalties remaining players much of an influence still so hopefully it's never bigger improvement of what was already an improvement anyway if this race was done a few months ago this would have been a disaster but luckily there wasn't as I see getting the cemetery Gandalf Oscar and I for he was gonna work along with me but I think what possibly put him off of let work and skipper was the fact that the NSX tried Scott the inside there and I think you should break lay it tried to hold it round the outside which is a bit it seems a bit pointless because we were both just gonna lose time there and then I had to back out off the throttle just about getting back into his slipstream but I expected them just to let me through there talking the I mean whoever he couldn't because the NSX not too sure it would have made more sense just frost-free to work together and try and get ahead are obviously catching up to the cars in front you can see there's a group of cars not too far so if we would have worked together we possibly could have caught them off and we let me through that time I at the inside interview mixer – and then Hunter the straight interview mixer one I've got to just short you and this is where you're gonna see the difference between obviously certain cars when see I think now behind me the Oscar drivers safe and fuel but look at the speed picking up that symmetry was just gonna breathe past me not much I can do with the Mercedes it's not the fastest garden straight line so see the NSX also taking advantage so I've gotta let the NSX through as well he said or any other huge fruit the Lexus ops II don't know how he knew that happen to the dog think the other sex had a penalty so a bit of a risky move but he went straight for him and maybe should have went down the right because if if that pedal if that would have been contacts would laughter then I don't know what about that maybe it's because I'm wondering if if their cars flashing like flash and above us Cara's car it's flashing on and off I wonder if that means their cars gonna ghost because he seemed to know that his car would go said so that's interesting maybe air that's what meets the cars building goes so I forgot to change the latest Patrick do not know we need to test at 40 being seen that are seized up he actually in the pits so he obviously went for a Tucson strategy and has made making that work he's obviously burn that fuel away short short for your top you can see also take three Adam hitting a pitot lightning takes the lead obviously line is now gonna do fuel saver so that's fairly interest I didn't nose up he had done it to some strategy but he's obviously managed to make it work somehow obviously with the extra speed they healed up with the fresh tires that ought to be able to use the full speed at iPod five which is an extremely fast car down the straights and probably one of the fastest cars I think in the natural straight life we stopped there with the most uncle that can see now it's a P 16 Webber is that's just gonna be a bunch of this one is now down but p6 date obviously some cars have still got a rare just pitted thinking on a fresh tires and probably gonna be able to catch myself up but doing okay in the recency I'm actually only at this point in the race under 20 seconds behind TR our line and so not doing a bad job at all really in the Mercedes and considering probably by lap one we were I was probably about 10 seconds behind listen for my mouth so not lost a massive amount of time and doing a reasonably good job even with that massive slide it shows you how competitive this race was really there that is the gap at this stage on lap 7th only very short couple to the leaders and they're not too far off but it really wasn't I didn't even know that when I race it everybody just looking at it now seeing up close if it was but I've actually lost the symptoms of the gun that drives up from you see is Jamie daggers pumped because I had to lift off because as I went through that corner you saw it I picked up a pedal and for the slightest little pot just most of just to eject her off it didn't really gave me any time but it give me a five second panel which put me over ten seconds and I had to back off and again I run wide through that morning gonna see it again now it's gonna go over ten seconds so I have to lift because if I don't live it will start increasing so I have to get rid of that again just got it over the ten seconds and this is a frustrating thing because without that pedal here on lap one I wouldn't be in this situation now it's a little bit annoying that you know that's two lifts I've had to do there mainly because of the James Jamie probably was just gonna cut with anyway he had fresh tires on for fuel and maybe I should have gone more than win again I couldn't work out why I got up and I got a little bit of a real loose and held it and maybe the rear when it it whipped out a bit went over the track limits and give me another pillow heads and back off again so in the space of one lap about to back off three times and it lost me about four or five seconds you can see on the doubt up now 23 sir I was only about 18 so it must be about four or five seconds just on that little stretch of road and again I was really wound up in this stage went into the corner with this sensory break to lay into the gravel so lost even more position so pretty much a disaster laughs you know I was annoyed but it wasn't really that bad because I was always gonna pick up anything even more points than any other Mercedes driver in this race because no one else was in the top twenty four race so now down to p21 what they really I was really up the reason I was a bit for shame was because I was dry I drove well enough without near that kind of insight I would have been around p40 badly though I think I would have been battlin between P 13 14 15 and that's what the positions I would have been battling for but now I'm down and to p21 through not really a form of my own you going into turn one you don't expect something from the back of the grid just to dive through like that and I expected everyone to be really respectful me a top 24 race I think it would be recorded by some other youtubers that work I expected to be a bit more respect to this race birth clearly and I should the video expected that there's always gonna be that one driver just doesn't care wants to just go through it with grace in that one quite funny he's the drivers now in p22 so that tactic clearly didn't work for him through his own race property as well as my kind of room my race because I think without that five-second penalty I wouldn't have got to the stage again the 10-second penalties and having to lift all the time but now come up to the final lap you can see main aim now is to battle with this Renault I've seen the Renault again love a car that is not really gonna be a strong pilots track it's got no straight-line speed and uses a lot of fuel so it's the only work I really have a battle with now the other cars have never been forever head we're not gonna be able to catch up with them lest they make a mistake as the Renault is the fastest at what and also our Skaro indie food into the pits and flakies run out of fuel or I don't know what happened there participating right at the end and that's put me up to compete 20th now I think there that was the Oscars now last and that being the reso he's not from the best of receiver least a lot finish in life that see it that's the main thing to take from this but like I say I think I had the race plan the race strategy was gone well I think had the strategy to get myself at least into the top 15 a finger between P 12 and 15 would have been in an expected result from this but it's obviously not going to be and again just being careful not to run wide on my Horner it's so strict the limits on this track on comparing to my recent on I racing you can get away with so much more on this track that you can GT spa think about you've got a race on I racing on this track and you'll see the difference in the track limits or so much fast around the mourners and you don't think about internally and it feels a little more enjoyable but I would like them to loosen it a little bit the limits on surf corners maybe not wall corners but just as a few situations which I think are a little bit too extreme which you know you can't always help because like they're you kind of want to go to the curb because the curbs they're the events that go you want to hear but sometimes if you go a little too far right it will give you that pen on me in there like I've got picking up the city now from that Brando he's obviously knows I'm coming across from the street I think he wasn't gonna battle anyway little Mikey for his hazards on so I think he's doing what I was doing just trying to see if we work together to cut the drivers up a fuller picture we're getting very close to P 18 there and mascara monsoon I've seen that Citroen and another Carla's clearly popping to great in this track the red knob see struggling with fuel as well probably wanted to let me myself through so that he could pick up the century midseason for my field looks please the ball in this stage it says there 12% few or less so that should I was thinking that should be an officer but I decided to land back through there because this is a final apple and didn't really want to be in the lead at this stage I wanted to get past the red of now this is where I wanted to get back pass and Rena and then try and hold him off to the end the one incident beat that run on track and you know before the finish line I knew I had to lift off before the finish line anyway I wanted to just try and at least not finish without battling to the end I wanted to pursue and so again picking up this suit looks like he's let me through there this is where I wanted to Pascal that mean this is the safest place to get overtake da laughing the next opportunity is before the really fast round corner and that's not always the easiest place for overtake and so I go into fuel saving now because I'm gonna try and just Rev it out a little bit harder now on this limped part straight just try and defend against some of the way trying to see if I can pick up that save dream also from the car um but just just to tempt away from picking off but you see now in one mixture and I'm just gonna rev it a little bit more than what I was before not change against so early that red nose people of the city but you see he's not really picking it fast enough he is gaining on me gaining gaining gaining it's getting closer but he's too far back to really make it move the other low looked but he wasn't able to do and the Brenner is very fast really fast through these corners but it's not a place you can actually make you an overtake for and also his next opportunity is gonna be in one of the chicane wherever you'll be able to block now and go through that central actually a blue sector so my personal best because obviously I had somebody instance on the overlap throughout and liftoff and made the mistakes in the gravel again he got really close free there but no way you can make it move and it looks like you've pretty much given up on that now as I come into the finishing line I'm in p90 network but I've got to back off and get rid of that penalty I think a lot of other cars are gonna have penalties to get rid of the car in front of me hasn't got I don't think he's got rid of this so I start getting rid of mine straightaway pretty much ready let's go get rid of his got a long way to go eat rid of all that penalty nearly 90 seconds and just about managed to finish out at the hour so on it looks like you had a bit more penalties than me to give it off so P 19 out of 24 drivers could have been worse but it should have been better really I think if you look at Skype Ockman I was battling with him and also p12 I had once agent Jamie oh if I could have held on to his slipstream I think it would've been hard on to you in about speed but I think anywhere from P 12 11 12 13 14 15 is where I really should have been placing and if I wouldn't have made one mistakes on my behalf but you can see 4300 faithful points I can't complain and it could have been a lot better obviously but you know the issue was that lap one picking up that penalty really did affect my race because you didn't have to drive more cautious all the way through and then I had to start lifting on straights letting cars pass because I was over ten second penalty and it just turned into a bit of disaster but not too worried still got my s license and season freeze the season where we really need to concentrate and try and get the results in so hope you enjoyed the video and will be back with obviously all season 3 soon and I'll see some daily races not too sure how we're gonna do these daily races now with them being weekly I'm a little bit disappointed that they've done it like this because I think it's a good idea I agree with the weekly races if they're gonna add more races in and give us some endurance races and more variety but keeping free races on there I can only imagine our bar that's gonna be if we have a situation where we've got an oval and another track that I don't like it's gonna be a case of not know not wanting to do any races you know a whole week of an oval I can't imagine our boring that would be but we'll see if they can add more options in there give us more races they need to do something because I don't think too many people are gonna be happy of racing some of these trucks for a whole week and I understand some people's view that it's benefits good for them because they can't get on all the time that's fine but that's why we need more variety then because there are other drivers that want to race different you know race every day and to race the same truck every day in the same series it gets a bit boring you know I think you can go down like an iRacing root but not to the extremes of Ireson I think just five or six different races for the week is fine that would be fine you at least you could race a different race at least every day then and then you've got the FIA FIA races to split up and anyway I hope you enjoyed the video make sure you subscribe to the channel if you haven't already subscribed hit that notification button so you don't miss any future videos and I'll be back very soon thanks again for watching