Grant Cardone Does a Live Training Session with His Sales Team

can I get rid of all this cup whatever's on here the chair what's on here man yeah yeah yeah come on come on see every minute turn it you thirsty what is all this rabbit is it this is old you can you can erase all of it it's old okay Gus what are we talking about today we're gonna do this once a week I'm gonna try to come in here once a week give you the added bonus a month for the period of time that you work here to get a little bit of GC okay all right what y'all want to talk about but it better be good something in Ron's with crash what do you think it is trash trash trash I swear to God did I tell you about the three garbage no I've never heard this y'all didn't hear about the three dudes picking up garbage in in what city what we in was Ryan yeah I was in a city the city was malta rhymes which revolved okay I didn't even know where Malta was true story okay we're outside this hotel we're walking back to the hotel we had been in the hotel that morning at the swimming pool to have breakfast all these rich people outside at the pool you know taking in going to the buffets having expressos deliver wine delivered I'm like these people don't even look like they're happy then we go out on the streets I'm walking back to the hotel we drop got dropped off out of a cab I said don't bring me all the way back to hotel I want to walk through the streets right walking through the streets me Elena and Ron Seco and there's these three dudes look just like you three guys except they were in they were in garbage uniform jumpsuits and they're doing this what are you doing throwing big freakin bags of garbage man all the scorpions on South Road and they're throwing in a truck okay laughing patting each other on the back was cool I said man those guys are happier than the people in the hotel one reach one reason they're working man dirty ass job everybody's look at him look at a terrible job happier than everybody at this one boy probably gonna go home that night and tell their wives how was today I was terrible because they'll forget that they were happiest when they were working with other people so that's why I work I don't work for the money okay I don't care what it is picking up making a bed it handling anything in the house man I work y'all see me work every day I want to work not doing it for the money I can't spend this money it's impossible may it be work spending like it'd be crazy I got I got I got to come up with something stupid okay cuz I'm working all the time man I'm working every angle so now what does that have to do with your call every day how many different angles are you working on that call you call no cell to god this he don't want that he's like what do I get out of that as soon as he hangs up with you he's buying ad dollars from somebody okay he's hiring someone what's he doing to run a business right now he wants to get more of his brand out in the marketplace he's selling some inventory or maybe he's buying inventory you're talking to him about one thing he's gonna listen to your bullshit for the while he has zero interesting you're trying to sell one thing so what are you gonna do in a call because you have no chance of getting his attention right now how many different things can you offer somebody on a telephone call hey man my name is grant I'm my name's Dave Roberts with Grant Cardone okay I'm calling you today because I have something you have to look at you have to look at this but not right now you don't have to look at it right now cuz you probably don't have time to look at it right now being that we didn't have an appointment for you to talk to me okay what is it man what is it what is he gonna say right here good I don't blame you dude how about this how about no money no contracts no monthly installments no cost to you ever and you make ten million dollars because I never hear you're still not it's make it a hundred million when do I get your attention no man I'm not interested listen to what I'm telling you what if half of what I'm telling you is true right now that'd be fifty big okay is this gonna work I have no idea but but I know this you can't be talking about carton University right now you can't be talking about training program right now okay because if what what if I offered him 100 million he's not talking to me I promise your card unused now I could get his attention so look we're still on the bootcamp right now right what's the problem with that bootcamp that's the problem it's fifty three days from now who in their right mind would give you five grand for something fifty three days from right now huh no I don't get help if you if you if you take my money for this bootcamp fifty three days into the future you do not there is no way your chances of getting him to give you five grand 10 grand or 15 grand or impossible why because you didn't solve the problem and the only reason anybody buys anything here's to solve a problem you have zero chance I don't care how much rapport you build how nice your how convincing your how much you sell card on you you did not solve a problem you have to figure out how to get this fifty three days in the future to solve problem now I could do that I'd be like dude look you're right here and you need a future okay grant put this event on so that the next 53 days dude you got something to look forward to now he's likely to give me the five grand okay fifty three days into the future he wants you to have something to look forward to when you have something to look forward to you're more motivated you're more creative and you get things done you have something to look forward to what do you have to look forward to right now nothing that's why you're not motivated that's why you're not making money that's not why you're not creative okay you need something in the future that's one reason you just solved the problem you put a future there for another thing you could do is this hey for the next fifty three days grant wants to give you card on University for free right now starting today literally i'ma start sighs I'm gonna count for you right now in fact why don't I just set it up what's your first name last name email address what do you what do you need all that for I'm sitting in an accountant for you right now son you're on the phone with the corporate guy hey dude first name last name email address what were you there for I'm setting up an account for you boy yeah I'm giving him card on you would you give the guy card on you right now mmm hey I'm calling grant cardone coming to call yourself an account for you right now I don't need to explain the freaking thing to him I need to set the guy put in account right see I just what I'm doing is I'm taking the future and pulling it to me right you're talking to him I'm not talking to it Memorial Day dude I want to give all your people this program for today to watch one program the only thing JJ right now every car dealer in this country they're concerned about one thing this is the biggest selling day of the year you're like I can't get him on the phone yeah you could you can get on the phone you just not solving his problem you know so so if you're in but if you lived in Boston maybe you're like hey I'm calling you cuz I'm from Boston dude and I got some leads for you didn't want to come see your freakin inflated go real Oh cuz I know you got one out there right now then he probably spent fifteen hundred bucks on for one day right so look you got to figure out what the problem is right just trying to hire people you're trying to sell more cars you're trying to follow what what's your problem you don't have the phone calls you do not need to sell all the court on you right all I'm doing is giving him another another problem right now oh man karlie news 15 on her videos just got tests with it he's like shit man we tried that before man they didn't watch it how many times have you heard that all you did was give my problem you gave him a problem you didn't solve a problem right oh now I got it now to keep track of something you just gave him a problem you didn't solve the problem you understand we were we were going to the Rock of Gibraltar we trapped we traveled like an hour and a half to go from from Marbella to to Gibraltar Gibraltar is a country jungle I remember that song says the rock is gonna fall on us they were talking about the Rock of Gibraltar because it's 1,400 feet in the air it separates Spain then there's the Rock of Gibraltar then there's Africa the rocket Gibraltar sits nine miles across from Africa ok literally sand from the Sahara dark desert blows across the now man miles and he ends up on the coast of Spain true story ok so we go to the Rock of Gibraltar it's owned by the British it's Spain Spain's this big country Portugal's next to it ok and then there's this little rock 30,000 people live on this little rock called Gibraltar the English owned it Winston Churchill went there he put monkeys on the island he liked the monkey so much I like these monkeys so much we're gonna bring some Orion he put monkeys on the island and said as long as the monkeys are alive the Brits will own the rock so they feed the freaking monkeys they keep the monkeys their true story so we went there to see the damn monkeys I get in line to go up to this thing that's gonna bring me to see the monkeys if they told me you're dangerous and I said how long the wait but now it's over an hour to wait I said shit Elena let's get out of here we spent two hours driving there solve a problem dude guy walks up hey man how about I take you in a van how about we do that bro what yes how long is the band ride he's gonna put me in his private truck I said how long is it three hours said no way dude 30 minutes is all I want in your truck well man I don't care how much it is do I don't want three hours can you bring me up show me a monkey and get me the hell out of here see he thought the longer he gave me the more money he could get the truth is men the less time I spend in that truck the more money I'll tell you so how many times are you trying to oh we got this and we got this and we got this and got guys like dude I was done it follow up okay so you guys got to figure out what problem can you solve for a guy what is it you telling me man if I had 50 deals I could deliver to you about five o'clock today you wouldn't talk to me you guys got to come up with a bigger stress like a gun so that at least if he hangs up on you you can call back tomorrow say hey I'm the guy that promised you 50 deals yesterday did you get him no you didn't because you didn't give me the time mr Barnett now you were busy yesterday man I can't promise I can get you 50 today but I can get you half of that how about 25 okay will you give me five minutes then you got to find out what its problem is what problem are you gonna solve what problem you're hearing these people have what's the biggest problems you hear follow-up closing what else prospecting okay what else finding good people okay what else huh turnover that's finding people right people is it they say an accountability okay are they saying sales of my sales process sucks and they didn't really say that okay let's take these six problems what do all of them say to two of these that you guys say dude there's a 99% chance he's gonna say that's a damn problem for me prospecting okay prospecting guarantee you peoples on that list 100 percent of all people you talk to have a people problem okay when's the last time he you guys pitched the personality stuff personality programs okay 129 dollars per test we'll give you unlimited numbers $129 per person we will give you as many as you want up to infinity free including the program your are paying for some kind of personality testing right now I guarantee you the guy is he's paying for some kind of testing right now what do you pay for a test right now $69 how many you do a year 80 good I'll pay for all of them give you a card on you for free you get card on you for free you get the follow up for free the prospecting for free the closing for free to negotiate you for free the follow up system for free you get all that for free you pay nine ninety-five a month nine ninety-five a month or 1300 most you can give me possibly 1,900 depending on how many people yeah you could pay me 2,400 but I doubt it'd be that much and I'm gonna give you all the tests you want for free okay one can I use some five minutes your time you don't want that how about this how about I do all your follow up for you I do it for you they don't do it anymore I do every one of your followers for you day one day two day three day four day five and I'll give you everything else grants ever created for free do I have his attention yeah for the next call maybe so so you guys can't pick this whole list of stuff to talk about you got a fine man you got to find something find two or three things that is a problem he's paying companies to send cookies out right now chair right yeah what do they pay for the cookies you got my phone yeah yeah he's paying something anybody anybody doesn't know what they're paying for follow-up somebody has to make the pump for their phone calls for y'all don't know huh how can you talk to these people man ask JJ what he's paying for phone calls to follow-up or Scott Morgan what do you think they're paying Jarrett they're paying $1 call and it hey look you need to make another call after this when the guy hangs up on you cuz it's not interested just calling me man 10 more San Jose team just need it load up make another call this is his problems right here every company you call follow-ups a problem we definitely know they're not prospecting I don't even know if they want to he's just gonna buy another ad see I don't think prospects you think talk over them I know that's a problem hey man what's going on dude that's good it's good I got a question sure which one of these are the biggest problem for you follow up closing time listen which one of these is the biggest problem for you follow up closing prospecting turn over people accountability or sales process turn over turn over with me turnover would also be any people okay dude that's awesome dude if I could solve that problem for you what would it be worth what's a lot mean to you what's a lot mean to you sir give me a number give me a number pick a number sir pick a number pick a number sir pick a number sir Sir can can you pick a number can you tell me what it would be worth if you picked a number thank you sir thank you sir thank you he just told you dude you just did a survey hey I talked to one of the most successful car dealers in the country said it's worth $1,000 a head if he could stop his turnover by the way that's the same guy we reduced their turnover about how much he's got 1200 employees at that other place 400 people were turning we reduced that by $90,000 a year bang bang shebang you want to talk to me now oh you don't call you back tomorrow when you come to your senses bitch and go to your freakin college and call back and say do that tote don't do it don't do the beef okay we don't need that no we don't need that I can do that you can't do that okay I can do that right don't do that okay we will fire you if you do that I will waste you I'll personally come out here and waste you so you see I asked him by the way I didn't go down why Road I don't want to have a conversation with this dude right now dude I'm trying to drop a hook in this guy that's my buddy he hadn't signed on a deal guarantee you right now he's thinking about turnover I'll bet you he calls me within 24 hours and says give me start on that damn program you got whatever it is when I was with JJ the first time how long did I how long it take me to close him I didn't show him everything we got bang bang bang bang bang how many of you could do this hey let me ask you a question before we hang up what's your biggest problem follow-up closing prospect you turn over people I dropped the last two I wouldn't even add these man I wouldn't need to and these get to this shorter not longer which is your biggest problem okay everybody follow me out here what's your biggest problem anybody try it what is it follow-up closing prospecting turnover people I don't know yes well well well it's probably it's probably follow up into damn people man what's the biggest one everybody try that all the damn people suck here good man if I could solve that problem what would it be worked I mean what do you think it's worth I need a number man just give me a number give me any number pick a number guess any number he picks is gonna be more than 1,900 bucks a month you guys are weren't you working so hard to sell the deal man because you've got nothing to compare to any number he gives you will be more than we sell our product for programs free dude okay we're in how many companies right now 1200 1200 companies have our platform right now 1200 companies pay me every month on a contract to solve that one problem turnover when will you give me five minutes to look at what we can do for you or you just want to sign the contract why can't you just go for the close right now how about I send you the contract right now you decide what's your program do what's the program do stop turnover it stops to turnover son I'm gonna give you the follow-up for free two closing for free to prospecting for free I'm gonna give you the accountability for free it's just a dumb ass word I'm gonna give you the sales process free I'm gonna give you the phone's free the callbacks free I'm gonna give you the motivation free I'm gonna give you all that for free cuz you're probably not gonna use it anyway we're just gonna handle this one little tiny problem you've got my brother turn out and if it only works half the time is still better than what you do right you let me sing you the contract you wanna look at the whole program maybe he don't want to spend an hour and a half in the car you got show to you showing too much in his program he don't want to see that shit I do not want to see your a program I want to buy your program and get the results of it you just give me another problem man I got to go to the grocery store and go up and down the house that is a problem and Amazon will solve it because Publix is too committed to house because they want you in the store they think the longer you and the store do more often you're gonna buy the more likely you gonna run across in Donuts Dave but it's not true man it's not true more than more likely the chances you just don't even go there and that's why you got to get this first call efficient so he says hey he's not wasting my time right if you spend too much time in this first call bond that will tell you this Barnett doesn't want to hang up with him cuz he knows how hard it is to get him back second time he's like I'll never get him back on a second time right why would they want to get on a second time shit it took him so long oh he had to work to get off the first call he's like I'm never picking up a call from that guy again until what until Mike gains his respect again and the guy's like shit I can't believe this guy still calling me back that's why he picks it up the next time by the way the next time he picks up that phone it will not be because he wants to buy the product it'll be because he's like dude this guy don't quit ever now he's not buying this either he's just paying Mike some respect okay so you guys like this yeah so look just go one two three four five this one's you're gonna practice tomorrow morning the meeting yeah okay five things five reasons people buy a program follow up closing prospecting turnover people okay what's your biggest problem I don't know maybe we want to take may we wanted to take this too maybe I think I think they're gonna say people and then Commons maybe we have this people and phones okay what's your biggest problem follow up closing prospecting people or folks if I could solve one problem what would it be what's your biggest problem what's it worth if I can solve that one problem if he didn't have any of these problems you can't help it okay okay what'd you guys get out of this okay huh find the problem and find the problem itself don't solve all the problems oh you got to do a solve one problem nobody buys anything to solve all problems I never thought I'd buy one product is gonna solve every problem I got in my life solve one problem tell him what it's caused him do not ask him you're gonna in the conversation if you start asking people questions tell him what it's gonna cost what did the cookies cost we should know you guys should know man Elite elite elite sells cookies send out cards bullshit hey man how much those cookies cost what are you what does the car dealer pay for those cookies y'all send out to the people that didn't buy ya hey hey man what's those cookies costed y'all send out to customers that don't buy follow-up cause when you do a filing you pay for a follow-up service where does that cost yeah that's what I was talking about what if what a car dealers paid 20 bucks what per per call Burt per box yeah is that sold or unsold [Laughter] [Laughter] you must be on okay man hey bro thanks hey hey when you sign him back up for Cardone you bud yeah dude one I just what why don't I just email your thing and you sign it right now we'll worry about the money later yeah I'm not gonna charge you pay me later when you can afford to so look you can have fun with people if you have a big list and if you understand that you're gonna be calling these people more than once man like if you're relying on this one deal did you sound like it's just awful right you got a build you got to build a list in the beginning it's gonna be ugly cuz you don't know anybody they don't know you you haven't it's just it is what it is man you got to pay the price dude like think about the insanity that's going through your head you're like I'm gonna come here and I'm gonna freak and make a bunch of money the first month okay good you ain't gonna make any money to second one because the first month you were lucky who do you think you are the you you're gonna be that one individual on this planet they didn't have to freak and pay the price stupid thinking man something something something something wrong when you get your you know something wrong with you to even think that you're gonna come here and get lucky or anywhere and get lucky pay the price man get your pitch down work your pitch out if you're new here you should be working on your pitch at night in the mornings in your head in the mirror otherwise you're just a dilettante and everybody's gonna know it they're gonna pay you like and they're gonna treat you like a punk they're gonna know has no clue what they're doing I expect more from one of Grand cardones people okay because that's that's the bard they're going to measure against if they know me so so you guys if you're new you should be like early late we can't Sundays like I I come back here on Sunday I'm lega and nobody working here on Sunday man you guys you guys are in a different place than I was when I was 35 years old then because I was there on Sundays make up phone I was making phone calls from someplace on a Sunday I didn't deserve the beat yet so all that travel I'm doing right now dude I'm working every city I go to don't even kid yourself don't think that I wasn't work in every place I went every place I went I just got bought wish I knew the language you know cuz I there's somebody here to work all right so five things man follow up closing prospecting people or phones which what what it what one thing you had the biggest problem good I'm gonna solve that problem for you give you the rest of my program for free okay let me sign you up right now well what do you mean you go in too fast man it's free dude I'm gonna give it to you Todd what's your last name which email address I'm a plug-in I just opened an account for you just assume the clothes man the other thing is you guys need to what program are they all listening to Todd yeah okay that's good but you ought to put them on a 21st century selling and think think I was talking to car dealers about how to get somebody to a car deal you just need to replace the car me talking to a guy about a car with Carlin University right because there's a lot of language in there where I'm talking to a one person one at a time don't you think that's a good program but you should listen to the second time a third time before don't try to listen to all the programs and you don't need to be in cart on you watching videos in the morning thinking you're gonna get caught up you you need to be listening all the time dude like all the time otherwise you're gonna start coming up with all this other stuff that nobody knows if Mike would this help you in a call then you just drill you just do this you just prove this out you say I'm gonna make sure this works this month I'm gonna make sure this works you got to go into it saying this is going to work five things most people tell us they're having problems with follow-up closing prospecting people or phones which one is it for you I don't know man just pick one pick one man pick one I'll solve the problem for you okay people what's that worth to you what's it cost you what's your turnover what do you mean when you say people I can't find the right people can't find the right people okay good let me solve that one problem for you can give you the rest of the program for free okay personality tests are 1:29 a person how many people's you are last year 400 400 times 129 $60,000 you don't pay the 60 grand I get you the people program you test everybody and I give you the rest of card on you you want to look at her you let me send you a contract dude I've been on the call for minutes not even four minutes it's only two reasons he won't do it right remember that only two reasons you won't do it sir you either not the right person or you don't think it's gonna work it's only two reasons you won't do it all right right price hadn't come up if he asked the price question he's a bar how much is this that's what you want him to ask I'm giving it to you man what's what I'm giving you the follow-up give you the closing giving you the price break and give you the motivation giving you the sales training giving you everything and I'm giving you the testing I'm giving it all to you man you can cancel what you have right now in personality test I'm giving you everything what's gonna cost me to Grandma I would just pick a number just like to Grandma I don't know how many people he has right now it doesn't matter if he tells me he's got 2,000 people that imma change it I'm gonna change the pricing okay I'm gonna give it two thousand for the first and then X right but you get it you get it I'm just trying to set a hook right now okay all right when we're gonna do this next time [Applause] people that understand my English [Laughter] whether it's black or it's white it don't matter it's green in the end when the production starts to the Quran I get happy I'm not saying cuz my productions going to the sky into the clouds I'm taking out the Sun I'm taking out Mars Elon Musk he's got nothing on me cuz I'm going to the moon and then to the stars you