hey we paid only 15 seconds so listen carefully our case is really profitable bots are polite and full of drive all these statistics and ever be like boys nice boobs guys who wrote this never mind it's stream Club a link in the description gives you 10% off on the first three cases so they might want to be split this really quickly which is gonna be huge problem with Jax there to take down twist the fact that they're even on catwalk that's an issue if you wanna go for that kind of a be split they're gonna try and do it anyway I don't know about this one for Team Liquid I'm an egg shutting down now for now they're gonna try and see if they can make that way up middle but they have been completely red right now I think you two know exactly what's coming there but it gonna be running in through the window through the door as well sharks gonna be taking down a kill and now the backup is here oh my god that was a very very quick flick coming out of Kenny early on yeah I set up in a good position for it there come the smokes for the cross Kenny counter Molotov out about 40 seconds on the clock so and that's smoke up there's gonna make life really miserable for them Kenny Kenny actually drop that grenade right down at us a little bit not nearly as much as looking like he's gonna get the kill anyway does get returned still a one on three as Nath picks up two big headshots there for at least one of them was lucky now and he's not even gonna get a chance now for the triple be vacating that part of the map look at the pushing top of dark though nitro he could have got caught he probably should have got caught then does he want to go for it again this could be giving up a lot in fact shots gonna have the perfect timing now they're up in the middle but Lucky's gonna be there with the off shutting down Stewie to smoke us up but that kill for lucky is so massive now thirty seconds on the clock and he's gonna have a couple of more bullets left he didn't go for the reload that's the bomb drop then shocks us in the corner to take down now I know that whole round was on such an edge that fight is freshly ii quite an offer doc that made the whole different obviously gonna be boosted maybe until he spots it just once there's no defense at this bombsight i don't know what g2 does they have the chance to pick up the AWP and just bail out and save all depends on what Jax can create from pit but lik would have to know that it's a long setup so I don't know if we'll get too much people although alesia's walking up he should be a just a free kill but don't want to lose anyone else now that would be kind of devastating if Nitra went down waiting for that long push and if he's really waiting for a long time such a lot of patience on naff down there twist to pick up the headshot and now now starting to turn the corner he wants to take them an out and just not let them save anything Jack's gonna be killed but now put into play easy tap and somehow still a turnaround a manic got a big painting overkill and he's got the mother song as well Stewie has to fight it he has to go into the fire and turning around with the defuse kit it's gonna be jack showing up with the orb oh why was the bomb being thrown he was dropping it to to nitro Stewie with the AWP so it's not a huge deal it didn't distract anything didn't cause him to get killed but it does give away the game a little bit they wanted that mid be split but it's a total an awkward peak from G to ensui he gets the benefit a little lucky in his favor but on the next still at the back of the bombsite if they use him all time to flush him out they would absolutely have to I think the head has been spotted yeah they do it the whole time and now shocks in CT small hiding fairly close to the bomb site you could tell that a nap is kind of aware now they definitely know the king of D AWP would be great if you could make it out with that one drop it over to somebody maybe drop a gun to lucky as well all they're not gonna happen we always just want to fight for the first five rounds pretty much no matter what and Kenny don't defend the bombsite just push up and find a way to flank Jax is so aggressive at the base of catwalk and yeah they're walking up long Alicia's got to be careful that Kenny s is covering them and now this is so dangerous there's gonna be so many angles for this retake very very quickly once this bomb gets planted I don't know if liquid will be able to read the time because Jax is about to turn the corner right now Stewie with that aw he's got a position himself but there's nowhere to go liquid have to take control of long this flight determines the round that's gotta jacks I don't think there's a way for liquid to get out of this so it's gonna get aggressive he does find that Stewie's inside the sights still but there is two Molotov Oh dad somehow I was not a kill on Kenny and that's gonna be a really big problem coming down and long again another flank even after they took out the first one Stewie holding the line right here how'd they take down shots didn't even look like it was anyone near him now he's got a bit of a chance he actually does a little bit more damage now the pistols out instead lucky gonna try and run him down but they can't make it Stewie what have you done look at this fast myth be split oh they almost just turned right into the aw but he's gonna hold the angle there's Kenny yes the smoke wasn't perfect a leash finally takes him down that puts so much pressure on Nath and Stewie an upper B though Alicia's low HP and he cannot be the point of attack he's got to just watch for the flank Molotov on the Almanac it's burning him he's gonna burn alive now they have the entrance in and now Alicia's position gets powerful yeah this is not a perfect Molotov to be throwing at that point in time a leash one kill here in the middle would do it then they would probably be winning the round right away G to all of the money invested into this round they need to make this work get out with that ten five and still maintain a pretty good lead but and I've gotta go check the middle instead they're all gonna try and retake from the other side of look at who's sneaking in from behind the leash even low on health he wants to see that they win this round Oh timing it's just so good taking down Kenny and lucky and Jackson's got nothing left oh yeah first half really came a came off then creeps on them it's what I mentioned you can't ever kind of just go to sleep you have to keep fighting the entire half you mentioned what's a good score for g2 and it's like well team liquids gonna find a way to come back into this and almost on the verge of tying it up at these pistol rounds have been tough for them throughout this event twists gonna get that first shot he's sticking around going for more but the p250 is so powerful a great trade and how the a bombsight his opens – he's gonna creep in early look at the choice made by Kenny he's saying actually I don't want to fight for long I want to hold me I'll make sure no one's gonna come catwalk that's a lot of information to play off off they know there's someone down in pitch dewy sneaking in silenced with a USP running up with a headshot and he's gonna get one but Kenny and lucky great for the returns nap is gonna pick up one more but that bomb is already ticking for quite a while now and Kenny finding a hard time and now he's alone down here they do have a kid on a leash but there's nap defusing for 10 seconds Kenny can he make the jump he's got pretty much watch chops and his all most happened the really really powerful Pete twist is gonna go right into it he heard the footsteps where did he get involved in the action that puts pressure on nap he's got to go forward and he goes forward into that back tent so it does work might roastery on a leash away from the action they're gonna see if a leash can create anything on catwalk he's got the first headshot and it go four more three flashbangs and two kits to work with for Team Liquid if they want to commit here there's a Molotov they're unlucky as well and they have no smokes to put it out so tell my god that's another really great kill three so these shots are the hitting on the liquid side are just so absurd but they don't have the health really to take this fight it is a bit of a bonus round for them you saw that with the UMP with the FAMAS out on long and I would say even though nitro is doing a fair bit of damage it actually is gonna help them out a lot that's still not gonna get close to winning this round twelve to nine liquid a lot of traction Lee's gonna continue and they just get crushed down the middle now I mean I could just stay alive down here that grenade is gonna give it away and I think that might be the end all Lee's turning around somehow does not win the fight I am confused he's even gotten a fan support which is which is funny he jumps up and actually negates the fact that he's got a teammate there but now the offers in position this is winnable it is winnable think if this bomb down it is shocks and KS as well they almost didn't throw it far enough and now they have to wait a bit longer there's gonna be a double push down long and a single guy on catwalk let's see how this plays out g2 if they want a chance at winning this map this round would be a big one to do it and Kenny the leg shot is not gonna do it stewey jumping right on top of the crosshair and now it's on Shox they have a Molotov form as well so if he stays here it's gonna get pretty hot tries to go for the fight but misses the chance and forced into the second one against nap and but no one that long liquids not worried about long whatsoever twisting Stewie and nitro all three them gonna crunch on mid but the B hit is where it's coming in and no one's inside the site she's easily rotate back in Stu he's gonna get there there's an AWP on math that's catwalk look at sharks with that very late look inside of middle and soon as they lose that nitro is trying his best they through a lot damaged but again shocks he's so late in middle that anyone trying to trim too much it's probably gonna get caught actually he might be hunting for them now and that would be amazing waiting for them to come through luck he's now swung over the core flashbangs twist Goes Down it's old map and he's not gonna get the follow-up kilt Eagles out Kenny's low but he's got the kill and they've got the up now round number 27 ladies and gentlemen this game I mean liquid have they've looked rock-solid after a bit of a shaky start it just looks so good and really feels like g2 they have to consecutively come up with some sort of a miracle here Stewie oh I don't know how he wasn't watching that he was the only PD fan er he musta been looking away at the wrong time le he's charging in behind the flashbang and he is still gonna get shot down and look at that over on the other side shots but that'd be bumps that is open for the taking and then the next follow-up from Team liquid-liquid have seen this just wanted the pit they didn't even check that Alicia gets caught unawares and how much more do they want to dedicate twist right behind that smoke in the flight looking for Jack's Stewie's brought down low but look at MIT MIT is under attack no matter who wins that battle it's be once again to be the end game for g2 I'm having a stroke or something why is he having a mac-10 they have he's got 12,700 they're up the middle if this works then I guess he's just much more of a genius than I was expecting but now it's a four on four we've got over a minute left they're trying to see they get up the catwalk and get to that a bomb side bomb now being picked up by somebody else now for the leg shot is it gonna be quite an opiate twist on range another head shot comes in taking down shots and that grinds everything to a halt here for g2 I'm so confused and nobody peak they know Kenny still on the board nobody peek watch the cross twist the opposite in on it now twisted crossover he sees the jump he wants to get close to the bumps I can't get caught in the open now why do they want to swing Kenny misses an important shot lucky can't take that fight but twist is now found cover defending into this bombsite walls teammates come over to me on catwalk in nitro coming from CT spawn he's got an eight she lucky I think yeah oh we somehow lives with just a couple of health this might just be all uncanny turns around for it the flick is not going to be connecting and lucky he does not have the fight of help for this kind of a fight it's just not gonna be possible you're gonna make that a popular thing I'm gonna be playing oh lucky running right through almost catching Knights or the follow up it's just in the back of the line Stewie and he misses the struts trucks coming up the big hill if he hits that no one else can follow him they have to stay out of the smoke now elysian trying to flash his way through but that's gonna get shut down as well I'm an echo waiting down behind just poor grenades they can't do anything they just want a boost and they can't even get the boost to look over it's a good idea the noscope not gonna work thankfully and it's gonna be all the time ladies and gentlemen 15 15 between g2 and liquid on map number one yeah this I mean we taught about an impossible retake this should be this shouldn't be doable at all there are three people waiting on the other side a narrow choke point they have flash banks they can set it all up the flashbang there for Stewie is just perfect that hit poor people every single one of the tunnel couldn't see a single thing out 25 seconds and they get the headshot entry where's the rest of the backup they're not gonna be there in time nitro with a massive break at the last one two and shuts down the entire French lineup he was the only one left everything else had failed either way a five on four in this round for liquid as Jacques gets over aggressive it along but again it's grouped up buddy system Almanac is out mid using those smokes to lurk in towards CT spawn multiple players dropping maps gonna get a tag on one now it's a leash who's called the body's got the first spray transfer over the OGG is so good Kenny drops down they're both in spawn though where do you go from here you have no bomb you've given up all position and it's just almanac in a 1 vs. for them he's gonna go down to nitro this would be a huge crossfire ilish has to be honest inand Chuck towards catwalk but metros gonna be under so much pressure turning for a flashbang shocks is just gonna walk around it though he doesn't silently nitro somehow gets the kill almost braised through Sooey in the back of the pub site another frustrating another tough situation for him to deal with how do you manage your attention he must hit this shot immediately he's got it and the collateral that damage on the Kenny as well who's gotten off who does not want to be the aggressor to take over the bombsite and that's it this time finally Stewie put he stuff to it and he's got a third in the round 18 rounds for Team Liquid in overtime of the B bomb site but if chalks goes down here this round is over oh he does win that fight that's huge almond I can stay in the beat balm said he's got the OP missed the shot that's the opportunity that needed a couple seconds to get a little bit closer utilities out Naaman I could do nothing and now g2 must fight through way back into this bomb site and that's gonna be nearly impossible sharks be very low on health Kenny asked him can we get a boost over see if we kept one kill in before anything else happens the bomb much-delayed is finally gonna be going down jacks with a very long flank all the way through t spawn how could they do this retaking B is just so tricky even when you have them an advantage grenade will do a little bit to Elise but this could be the end of the road here for g2 is to be shutting down Jack's getting a little bit of revenge and now three of us is four and spraying through a shock to pull it away from death and that time a really really quickly ticking down it's gonna be enough for the kill on Kenny leaving lucky and shocks and yeah they're gonna run all the way out here it'll be liquid picking up the first map on dust2 in overtime 19 to 15 they had to work for it though what a game