Gran Turismo Sport – What do you race for? | PS4

Turismo Sport, we go not one, I think three
steps forward. RICARDO SANCHEZ: You will be
able to represent a brand and represent your country, and then at the end of the year if you are one of the best FIA
GT Sports driver, you will be able to share the
same road with real professional
race drivers. LUCAS ORDONEZ: It’s all about
representing yourself around the world. JANN MARDENBOROUGH: I’m from
Cardiff, so it’s Wales. RICARDO SANCHEZ: Mexico is the
best. BRYAN HEITKOTTER: It doesn’t
matter where you’re from; in the end, if you’re fast,
you’re fast. JANN MARDENBOROUGH: Competing
against other nations, that’s a big deal, but also Manufacturer’s Cup is
quite good as well. People have got their favorites. If you’re in Australia, you have
your Holden people; you have your Ford people. It means a big deal to petrol
heads to know that what they drive and what they plane on has that potential to unlock
many doors. RICARDO SANCHEZ: You have real
people playing online, pressuring you from behind. BRYAN HEITKOTTER: The
competition aspect is going to really take off. It’s going to raise the
intensity level. LUCAS ORDONEZ: It will be like
real racing with live commentary, live streaming, real
prizes. It’s going to be crazy.