Gordon Ramsay Punches The Blue Team’s Undercooked Salmon | Season 16 Ep. 4 | HELL’S KITCHEN

ANNOUNCER: It’s 45 minutes
into dinner service. GORDON RAMSAY:
It’s not even pink. It’s raw! ANNOUNCER: And Coop has
delivered under-cooked salmon. GORDON RAMSAY: It’s raw! ANNOUNCER: Creating another
delay for the 12 top. I’ve got a table
of pregnant ladies out there now that don’t
like hanging around, feeling uncomfortable in restaurants. The baby’s hungry. Yeah. At this pace, one of them’s
going to give birth soon. Do you need me to come over
there and cook that fish? No. I lost my job to come out here. I go home to no job. So it’s time to buckle down
and [bleep] fight back. ANNOUNCER: While
Coop tries to recover quickly from the
mishap with the salmon, back in the red kitchen– Walking with garnish for
Wellington and salmon. ANNOUNCER: Gia is
finally delivering garnish for the 12 top. GORDON RAMSAY: Green beans. That one’s burnt. Ladies. So I’ve got three beans,
four beans– I’ve got four and a half beans per portion. I [inaudible] enough. Sorry, chef. You can’t even
cook green beans? Gia’s sinking tonight like the
Titanic on a cold winter’s day. Hey, and you’re
not even listening. I am very much so listening. OK, well, let me just tell
you something in plain English. They’re saturated in butter. They’re overcooked,
and you’re missing about one and a half portions.