GOODWOOD Circuit UPDATE Confirmed for GT SPORT – May 30th!!

hi again guys and so a few weeks ago on the channel we discussed the news the I believe it was leaked news if I recall correctly of Goodwood Circuit not the Hill Climb but the circuit itself which is a relatively short track a similar kind of style and length to something like Brands Hatch would be coming to GT sport at some point in the future though I personally believe the Hill Climb is probably still going to come as well but maybe closer to the actual Goodwood Festival of Speed and of course they tuned on the channel because I'll be putting out more details about meeting me there as well as I said I'm gonna be there on the Saturday this year but that's for another time for this particular update though it's coming very soon as you saw from the title three days time if you're watching this on the day of release the 30th of May so we haven't got very long at all to wait now that's the great news of course a new track is always welcome especially a track that's never been featured in the franchise before the downside though is and a lot of people are going to be disappointed about this of course no cars there are no cars in this update now whether or not the track will be alone or there'll be the hill climb as well technically remains to be seen but it's unlikely I don't think the hill climb will be coming at the same time so we do have a new track of course tons of people are constantly saying in the comments here on the channel and elsewhere as well that we want more circuits focus more on the circuits maybe a little bit less on the cars well that is what they're doing this month other people will complain that there's no cars so of course you can never please everyone but at least it is something this month and that's it just a quick update of course I will feature the track when it arrives we'll have to see if any other features or updates or fixes to the game come along with it in particular I am hoping of course that they fix the ridiculous menu lag that the game still has since 1.38 but we'll have to see overall though that's it for this nose of course stick around on the channel for my coverage of the track to see what it's like and for now as always thanks for watching