Go BTS on Nick’s BRAND-NEW Show ‘Knight Squad’ 🛡️ | Premieres Feb. 24th! | Nick

Hey guys, I’m Daniella Perkins from
Nickelodeon’s new show, Knight Squad, and I play Ciara… Slash, the princess. – It’s my dream to be a knight.
– And there it is. Drop the act, I know that ring
can transform you and that you’re the– – Princess?
– What he said. [laughing] What’s up, guys? I’m Owen,
I play Arc on Knight Squad. Arc is kind of a fun, funny,
energetic guy, he’s a little mischievous but really
he just cares about his friends and he cares about becoming a knight. Who’s ready to get their quest on? So basically in Knight School,
there are Squads. In the Phoenix Squad which is my Squad, there is Arc, Ciara,
Prudence and Warwick. I’m super fast with my feet! [sword clattering] I’m… I’m still working on my hands. And then the Kraken Squad
is Lilimar and Savannah. Hi, my name is Lilimar and I play Sage. Hi, my name’s Savannah
and I play Buttercup. – And we are in the Kraken Squad!
– We are in the Kraken Squad! I thought you were the Phoenix Squad,
not the Chicken Squad. [clucking] In this show those two squads
are always battling, or all the squads battle
but these two like, Lilimar’s character really doesn’t
like Ciara like, at all, we’re enemies! Have you guys figured out
what quest you’re gonna fail? Sage, you’re just jealous ’cause
our squad is lit now that we have Arc! Well the Phoenix Squad is obviously
the best squad at Knight School. We’re always going on quests
and adventures, fighting ogres. Come back here, you! Don’t break him, we need him! I love working on the set so much
because we have amazing costumes and we have fire, lots of magic
and the cast is just amazing, we’re all one big family and so
it’s so much fun coming to work every day and getting to see everyone. Looks like a knight? Well, close enough. We had an awesome day on set. Thank you guys so much
for checking out behind the scenes. We cannot wait for you guys to see it.