GeT_RiGhT's All Star Counter-Strike Team

what's going on guys Artie there you hear from Betway esports and joining with the legend himself Christopher get right Alison how you doing man I'm all good how are you yes very well thank you now you've done this before what we're gonna be doing today is we're gonna be talking over your all-star lineup of course 1.6 go any iteration of the game what we need to do is we need to try and keep at the eyes diverse as possible no 5 all perspire ideas whatever you know you can go with teammates you've had in the past that just try and keep it as diverse as possible so getting into the first one who are we gonna go with I don't need to given in description all right yeah so much praise no yeah super-good players simply good friend of mine I know him very well for 11 years now I know what I'm getting out of it like there's no debatable about that I will take Robin yeah and a face manager from before for people need to know he played with me a forest back in 1.6 in sk-gaming I thought he was I had a couple of in-game movies I've always enjoyed all of them but for different reasons and whatnot but I think that me arroba was similar in a lot of ways like how we think what we believe in a what so on we had a lot of fights as well but it's because we wanted to win so hello time to time I tried to a much possible I also kinda know his girlfriend wife I don't know they have kids and whatnot and since we met her as well in 1.6 so we go forest and Robin so if I can Swedish so far yeah about I'll take myself as more of a supported player as I will remove myself from the larger persistent yeah I always always loved to play with cold cold Sarah from Ebert it's a very good friend of mine I always hang out with the Brazilians also times of torment and I think it's a really nice guy and I had the opportunity to play AI all-star game with him in Shanghai yeah and I was just for a map but I really enjoyed playing with him yeah and that's a little short time of course was more for fun and whatnot but I like to pick his brain you know to see what his mentality somewhat done we had a lot of different discussions you've got a lot of respect to him as a paella all the players that you should take it's actually more for respect to Sigma being it's not really for players and whatnot because I prefer to play with people that I know and I actually liked and you know you're gonna be having a good teamwork but I guess you could play with the best things in the world but if you don't the chemistry I played also in teams where you didn't like each other yeah and I worked if I don't remember wrong but that's what I remember but I'm wearing two you know the chemistry the family feeling so what about the fifth player then to conclude your lineup well we need a sniper yes and if something is choose from yeah that's the thing but I'm gonna make Anders and lerpiss happy I'm gonna pick markeloff oh good champ once we say so one of six wedding was the best yeah that's also another at least back in 1.6 we're very close friend like to hang out with him rekt everyone yeah and I believe how I looked under the game should be played I think it would work like how we do you slow Stannis or what nothing I think it would work eventually like it's a pretty solid line of you guys themselves so we've got forest row ban yourself codes error a marker of like let's take those five players in their absolute fryer Oh drunk and they would do against the current of charlatans well the only problem is like that me and Cole we've been in occurs yeah so let's do like this then I remove myself though and I heard you know like a little bit more our supportive player and I mean Cole can't play without tacos yes pretty talking there yes that's why nots and they can be sure about it everything in Portuguese you see Michael standing there talking Russian with itself and robbing a forest is between Sweden so I'll do like that so talks are you reading my team but I'm not with you guys I've made a coach or whatever I'm sure he appreciates being you would seem nonetheless my name is Ben RGD this is being Gera thank you very much watching do make sure you do subscribe like the video thank you for watching and comment as well what you who would be in your top