Gameplay: Inflatable Kiddie Pool | Team Yey Season 3 (With Eng Subs)

You’ll need full
concentration for this one. – Huh?
– Oh no. We have a kiddie pool right here. And it has floating ping-pong balls. What you’re going to do… you’re going to get ping-pong balls. Get as many ping-pong balls
as you can in one minute. The one with the most
ping-pong balls wins. – Okay!
– Alright! Let me guess… we’re going to use something to
get the ping-pong balls, right? That’s right, Erika. We’re going to use
these crucible tongs. But because we don’t have enough
crucible tongs for everyone, some have a different
kind of tongs to use. – Okay.
– That’s for cooking! Remember, guys… You only have one minute
to get ping-pong balls. Guys, you have to
get one ball at a time. If you get more than one, you’ll
be disqualified from the game. – Huh?!
– Really? – Two?
– Are you guys ready? Ready! In three, two, one… Go! One. This is hard. It’s slippery. – Hey!
– That’s one. Hey. Come on. Hey. Oops. It got away. I thought this would be easy. Same! Jinx! – Andrei.
– Jinx. Andrei, why are you so quiet? – Oh no.
– We really need to concentrate. My back’s starting to hurt. Oh no! Got it! Wait! Althea has 29 points! Yesha has… – 11.
– Why is it 24? 29… – How about Andrei?
– 33! Okay, 33. Erika has… 15! And JM has… – 48!
– Who’s JM? – He’s JM.
– How about Zyren? He got 30! I’ll put a zero here. The winner of our game is… – You!
– Me! The one in 2nd place is… Andrei! One ball for Andrei… …and two balls for me. Yay! – Congratulations!
– Yay! – Congratulations!