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Hi to all twenty some, loyal subscribers. Join me for a practice of ours, but let’s start off with some words about the weekend. A part of our team performed in Dubai, here is a small teaser of it. With the remaining teammates, we did a show for Adidas streetball and for János Xantus high school, you can see some clips of them. That’s it for now. It’s worth keeping up with me, because we are going to play GAME OF FACE today. One of our contenders is Bálint Huszár. And his competitor is going to be…Huszár …ehh… something is wrong here. Leave, get out of the picture! Nobody is up for a challenge against Bálint? Alright, so we have a competitor, after all. Talán Tóth! Quickly, these are the rules of GAME OF FACE: The guys are showing some tricks after each other. If one fulfills his trick, the other has to do the same. If he cannot score, he will get a letter. If one of them collects the four letters as F.A.C.E. he loses. Alright, let’s start this. Watch this! So what’s going to be your first trick? Double (as two times) windmill. Well – okay, he got it. I don’t think he touched the rim. Shouldn’t count it, it was lame. I think it was good, so nobody gets any letters thus far. Inverse, between the legs, and dunk with the right. Let’s see it. Is that all? Let’s see the answer to that. From the outside to the inside. What was that? He should have done it like this? Okay, it remains 0-0. It was too clean, bruh, too clean. The next trick comes from Bálint again. Sorry, I lost connection. Bálint is going to dunk from a self kicked pass. Success! Talán just got an “F”, sure he got an “F”. So how are you trying to hit back? Getting the ball back from the top of the backboard, two handed slam dunk. Ehh, that sounds crazy. What is “from the top of the backboard”? I don’t know, maybe that’s why its going to be a failure. Talán’s trick wasn’t good, so its Bálint’s turn. I’m going to find a hard ball, so I can show you a really hard one. Bounce on the ground, in front of the trampoline of course, right there. then bounces to the backboard, and I dunk it home like no one has ever dunked before. I can sense, that Talán is about to get his second letter. He has some troubles. Now a superman, between the legs dunk. So superman, between the legs. That’s nice! And he couldn’t do it… oh this is another Bálint. No I’m the smaller one. I haven’t been able to do this that many times, but hopefully today. What’s the trick? I throw it up, it’s going to bounce on the ceiling twice, quickly, then the ball comes down, and I am going to catch it and dunk it. This isn’t how I planned it. I am just whispering…ATLANTIS! Atlantis, alright. We haven’t seen it for a while. A really hard trick, which Bálint cannot do, honestly. Let’s see what happens! Well – it went through the rim. It went in. He should have dunked it… Actually he dunked it, his arm touched the rim. You said the same during your Guinness record. Because it was a proper dunk, bruh. So what? I cannot do this…F! Next trick. Self-pass to the backboard, behind the back dunk. I’m scared! Almost there. How many letters you have? He is going home instead. Are you back again? I’m going to win this. What have you got? 360, between the legs. Very nice! Let’s have a look. Well ehh. So far, I’ve just played with him, you know. He thinks he can win. He is up 3-2, but… So this does not count? Bálint has “FA”, Talán has “FAC” and Bálint is next. I’m gonna do something funny. Around the head, dunk. Was that okay? This trick wouldn’t be good enough for a performance, though. You suffered enough for that. Life of a dog. What’s that? Where are you taking me, Kansas? Where are we going? Which locker did you choose? Get back to the court. Are you next? Come, here is the ball. He is going to miss it. Front flip dunk, Come’ on! Answer is coming. I think Bálint missed a flip dunk for the first time in his life. “FAC”! I guess we are going to have a winner in the next one. ‘Cause they are even. The one that gets the next one, wins the whole thing. Three times between the legs. Was that in? Was that in? He has raised the bar quite high with that. It got stuck! Bálint one, Talán zero. Thanks for watching and the winner is… where are you?! Come here! The winner is Bálint Huszár. He deserves a clap. UNBEATEN! Unbeaten! He is lying! All three of them are lying. We’d like to thank Mátyás Molnar for hosting. He was a hell of a host, but not as good as Gábor Gundel-Takács
(nr. 1. Hungarian TV host). Oh, sorry, he is better than, Gábor Gundel-Takács.