G2 vs TL Highlights ALL GAMES | MSI 2019 Grand-final Day 8 | G2 Esports vs Team Liquid

did work and now Oriana I would say Jensen's number one signature pick is here in Game one of the final and with these last two lock-ins of the mid laners I don't think there is a play to be had it could be not gonna double you can see crunch they playing towards the back the slowest one they spit the answer run for the hills as TP comes in from hexed remember there is no extra kill to be had as caps looks for a bind finds damage and a double he's still taking the shot under the turret they go forcing the flash whatever now a safe recall that el Rico can be stopped there are Ward's in that brush great positioning that from coach a day to keep his ad carry alive there we go they're going on xmithie they know double thism there the flow is there on a tomcat you can eat it for a little bit but he's gonna be knocked up and here comes the TVs for everyone else they've gotta buy some time accorded a gonna die yet again no TV for doubled instead it's Swain here and the game plank as well the barrels clever there's no shame he's gonna flash back to safety means a lot more on perks and we now have the attempt for top lane a slow now comes the cage on top without flash no easy way out for impact trying to run now Ritter just yet but here comes a plate ultimate and they might just have the damage oh he's running for dear life the flat as soon as is able to gets it wonder knocks down news to get in position Nikko's is the level ahead and so him going down the bottom side for the countergank as well means there's no fight opportunity they find the opening first up good day Manziel the off on top the turret anklet Dampier turn around 5:02 gee too far away they won't have the numbers to do it per minute so helps guarantee it and the last outer pack comes through as the Dragons mix up immediately Lance and knock up and we're backed alive back to a dead tahm Kench looks like we're in the early game they would actually match Invictus gaming and a lot of these early skirmishes and they actually found themselves in a decent gold lead sounds like that they're losing just across the board you might be losing even more as the 4th flaking out on top lane here comes a diamond impact yet again demonic ascension but can they burn him down yes doublelift is there to turn around the first kill of the final but yakko's able to cleanly walk away get flash ultimate and the rest of g2 on nowhere else to answer them all Ghana doesn't have the teleport the Zyra kind of just come back to base keep the pressure on the next Drake has spawned very recently being a 5 minutes until marriage but the mid lane is already there to the best of defense just being shut down one kill picks up radio at 50 and look out for Jensen rude shock wave is not going to be enough they trade ones for the end of it all and now Yenko is able to lock the way off that kill yeah dad it's not over and wonders gonna find the one as well impact is some inhalation trying to get away from the slope he's got courage AJ but Yenko finds the knock-up now trying to theory him to safety pushed away but Nikki I'd find it again you look for the kill to support and they will get yet another it's 11 to 2 and G 2 cannot be soft G to find themselves for more kills as doublelift tries to get something back on the other side of the map 1000 gold bounty shut down that you just saw but then impact caught in his own jungle here midlane siege goes for yet another round and it's Team Liquid backing off living away free but they will submit knock down one now here comes Nikki together begin fighting several times a dozen comes in forged a great journalist safety wonder coming in the demonic ascension has a lot of damage available explodes it for one almost knocks 10×50 no death just yet if I could run away slowed down now by dad fires gonna come in damage it's super cheap they would make it a third they will not be something puts into the mid lane and the two to turn will fall takes bid these are barely getting the recall away but this is g2 pushing into the inhibitor turret g2 rip through Team Liquid in Game one only eighteen and a half minute and they find themselves another three kills they expose the base but they don't want the enzyme resource now for the is coming forward I have his flat no blast code it is unstealable and g2 earned through the magazine throughout this tournament and he is kangjei to do this game definitely has been an exceptional snowball here they are knocking at the doors grab the best that they can with impact slip which in the bottom lane as they blow now a fine for this misty will this be the engage they put their feathers down Nowruz shockwave on the three here comes the injured Mickey gets the first trying to run away the turf gonna drop but no champions of statcast very low but not that either in fact he being in and out of the backside here comes demon flare and it's a double kill already team looking pushed completely off double inhibitor gonna fall the Nexus soon to follow Baron buff on g2 all five members standing and they are on the Nexus turrets g2 s first international championship since 2011 could be coming in now one nigga turret falling they hope as game one of three could happen for them but they will back off 23 minutes in they will wait they will reset with more than a minute of bear in the flash reengage what a great kill for Mickey they find a second as well psyche they're gonna end the game the potential flank looking for another opportunity is she to pushing towards the bot side of the map with only 8 seconds left on this barren well that Baron has done plenty 3,000 gold sleep through that buff as double inhibitors are down and this bottom inhib will drop its turret at the very least team looks gonna back up and I find is this the engage is gonna be gratified for Jay David here comes the duck and here's the engage by wonder once again and they look for these kills a big charmer to knock over the backline it's already one kill make it a second as these team lipid members are falling fast and furious g2 eSports in commanding fashion will take Game one to the 2019 MSI finals Europe versus North America and g2 strikes first honesty of 30-day present earlier in the Olaf there is the pike we expect you to this point we are no longer surprised by a plain pike we are no longer surprised by top lane side well nothing to be surprised by this is a typical team liquid composition and if they don't get a lead early they don't win the game so he's feeling pretty confident about this one and confidence in the bottom – tufflips chunk down a 200 HP they'll find a sudden of thrash but yangko could go for big play another flight headed a flash knock up in court JJ will be knocked down for Yanko so second first blood of the match three out of Folsom Innisfail Oxford which means that Yankers could look for a potential fight once again ball Tanner now Jen's gotta be careful as well not gonna hit just yet but we know caps can try to find something looks for the Sun not getting it yet now the rest of squad is here three on three about brick is over the wall disulfide the g2 might win look at the yankles these flash listen Jensen is on the board but now it's worse for JJ he will be shut down as well as G to answer back and during this though they are gonna get a mountain dragon in exchange for an impact as you can see on the mini-map outside of them losing all that summit his ball was the fact that they go along to our plate stop it now it could be terrible for photos – ere they hit the Sun at first but here comes the knock up their trucks for JJ chief he comes in as Katz joins in they find the first they stop us buys time but the dragrope it's gonna be easy to jiggle around as perks by skill number two and G 2 up 4 to 1 now Jensen is here but he is very much our number dives in for a fight look at the crowded roster flash away now its impact on top and Team Liquid looking for a comeback kill but they cannot quite did finally pretty look it's one impact he's gonna find number two and he saves the bottom leg the longer they wait if Pike can find those kills he very quickly cuz they go flat for the first son but anemic rose in fact I'm gonna stay alive with Lansing Mills from but here comes respite hope runoff I submit his face but still will is activated Luke is landed but again this is the weak side of the map right now for Jeju because they committed two members to go kill impact yeah and I like this play from team that good Kobe because they could choose to keep the pressure up if they wanted to save even looking at the location of the Kali right now she's actually gone that bought this could be winnable right now wonder does not have an ultimate no damage has come through Jensen finds the kill on the push as you can see the clear difference between game 1 and game 2 Team Liquid did not concede as much in the early game they weren't losing all across the board and gang course we've got able to snowball kill after kill after kill so now they're transitioning into the mid game with a 1.5 k called V their cannon top is extremely strong and to liquid are actually the team that's in the better position before fighters and again we keep looking at this pennant top yet stronger right now demolished gone funny damage finding us turn onto the support but again the O comes across stopping TL pushes them back now whether it be an engaged he's exhausted he's taking a lot of damage impacts gonna try for the play sorry to burn the plaque but he can't get into the opposing lineup and will not find a single stun a clean disengage Virginia thinks that how each team execute upon these fights will be so crucial now this game plays guys need time to fizzle our labs that court date takes it burnt the funds get away from this one but that is still a critic crafted from enchanted crystal arrow as one for it does fall down the hook into a death day they've got a Burnham Johnny get the stopwatch off but not this way it's the one for one so far to the back line Jensen finds a second admit me as low for the team able to push forward Team Liquid lose the turret they win the fight now it's time for round two Jensen is low cannot find that kill it is cap who says he can get the kill and sends him back to lissandra it's 3v3 no in this fight as the channel comes in book for the bull G to get kill number three he will die the ACE for j2 to capitalize off and they were able to get down topside looking forecast he does have the Akali old under his wings we can get really really far keeping out comes into the squad look up at stamina get strength Jensen nearly picked up the killing the reinforcements are in a stopwatch burn and in goes can I try to turn around one four zero make it one for one if wonderous now static smithy trying to stay alive for the kills just come through fast and furious g2 and yet another teamfight and being like people only knock down an outer turret g2 will not be stopped this close to the championship things was so close between these two teague katzie's look for cosmic JJ he's gonna get that kill i pretty much guarantee it Brom running for his life but he's gonna fall as well double if drops about 2/3 reason enough now this mid turret gonna be taking a lot of damage now as well and seem liquid unable to defend that one and now the arrow comes in barely dodge away by Jen's not could have been a kill pick boys have the threat of a five man in the event that she out by the price another attempt right now is pretty good damage comes out of Cass but able to walk away not getting caught just yet waiting for what could be and engaged at a TL the stretch chunk lower and lower two more canna tops will knock it down and right now look at the bottom side and I stunned and wonder kites away now is this the attempt for impact they find a slow they find almost those dine-in yankles gonna bring the stop watch this divinity just that slicing up teamliquid and subtly it's 1 vs. the world and he cannot stop it a clean ace and even as fast as the last one G to look at a sub 30 minute win and there is single game away from your first ever MSI trophy G to the kings of Europe about to be that came to the world rose from your jungler and your support Jarvan and rekon will try and assist irelia and getting kills on to that syndra early on in the game you know we go bottom side doublelift has been left by himself here they go level 2 looking for the engage before today is around they gonna find the first attack I'm putting image their heads up quite a bit of space and the three men for the bridge but still does come through g2 esports on the board three games in a row first and once again g2 successfully shut down double it they are making this series impossible for him to play now caps is looking to fight chance and he's got ignite there's plenty damage out but they're the barrier will keep Jensen safe as caps walks away cleanly after winning trade the app both holding on to the summer spells yank goes passes over a ward so even though he comes mid lane Jensen said no his whereabouts acquitting setting up the counter all right trying to paint it for the play here comes the first time here comes the engage barrier pop flashing away will there be a stun can there be an answer kill for Team Liquid forcing one flash out now they need asunder the yankles are gonna find that with all the damage and Jensen will get on the board good you see and it is gonna be a flash pot of side double lip is dead they found the ignite they found the kill enough for today must run away there are no coolants just yet but they're gonna chase them down underneath this turret has to flash away from that feather this lovers duo smashing right now it's now under just out of range Vic Smith you stun cannot be caught out will walk away wishes flash down Smith you do what he can to try and help his lane is on the top side of the map but there's nothing you can do about the bottom side as yang coast is now looking for revenge against 654 the play in fact i7m power to heal he's not gonna go pop it just barely puts that in but Oh as to flash with two HP left on the health bar just walking out once again yang Coast is on a rampage throughout summoners rift top to bottom now he's still keeping up the dive on to its 50 lakhs Lord find some damage gonna flash in this night oh it's a couple second spot though impacts gonna stay alive now will there be a repeat heal will it be something else as the doc comes in survives the damage a caused it 100 puts the flag damage deals locations but the trying to hide away they still don't have the cooldown on syndra's old back up under my truck for the tempura here can trying the QE nice juice by capo will be hit a little bit less the Sun comes in he's got a lot of a player to play around with they find that first time they find somebody to tries it Jensen is the best mid laner in Europe maybe the best mid laner in the world look at these performances out looking at more than double it forcing them again to burn those sometimes a second they come back up team Liga's cannot buy an advantage and again in the top plane caps is everywhere this just afraid of what yankles could have done to him this is the lane going away to re-engage in the mid side they find a stun stop watch pops as well and will it be any kills for teal forced outside of the cage caps he will not go down without great maternal to make city booy apple fighting you got a return to the top side right now is one auto tackled to him and his gang coast is on the board of his first caps yet again witsand done 3-0 and three minutes and 10 seconds anything under that sets a world record for international best of five they've already taken down faker and SKT setting a record on the way to the first European titles of 2011 is a great way to cement g2 in history well the rib tale is going to help them along with that freak chart gets off on the secondary turret here and this might go down taken a lot of damage the hair will fall finally appointment one that TL can win the ACO Strummer caps is under the turret and he gets away with it – finally stunned a bit more damaging but he's still not dead he's still healing they might have the damage and finally he actually dies the man is mortal he can bleed but so can tiel's base it's already four turrets in 14 minutes so – now fools to play on the defense teleport coming in they also have a roam for Mickey in the river we're gonna play right now I wonder push the pot while I get the shield find something ghost on in comes Mickey wouldn't be a single kill yes in is on the board and can they get a little more this is the comeback TL need paternity Mason yankles coming up it will clear the wave they all back up but there's gonna be an engagement at was just a clone they find this low overall they go looking for Jensen put him in there but he's gonna be fine walking away looking a stun Henning predicts the flash actually gets done there but no kills be had instead the base is being seen they're being taken down right now g2 unwilling to be stopped the tourists still in their eyes for this fly and g2 a pullback that's a big time oh my gosh look at the fight they look for killed number four this might be an ace inside of the base inside of 18 minutes the main hitter will surely fall and G to rip through the hearts of Team Liquid a North American fans as they secure themselves in the top of the world there is no chance TL comes back from this there are already our Nexus turrets this is what peak League of Legends looks like and it comes from Europe a world record g2 eSports 3-0 2019 anyway for everyone to lift it together [Applause] G&G congratulations on winning the first msi trophy 42 and for era congratulations so tell me when the shoot for some beyond the perks that tinia not happen after the chase I myself went to your hotel all you guys here in the ATC to show possible contact og so anything that change hold up hi Mina after this msi and winning this trophy home where do you see yourself as rotating hurry service all these are going to Dhawan's repair perks sitting here how is she tonight a nose – down from her shoulder representing Xiao Zhang wen Qing conscious personal channel agency that has an update Samaritan when you come into the change show them second question goes to calves estimation in the previous interview you say that you not only want to be the champion but also the legend so what kind of player you'd like to be known or to be remembered as I mean obviously I want to win as much as possible right from day one when I joined EU it was not really looking good that that good internationally but I I hope that I and my team could become good enough that we could compete internationally and I just want to win as many trophies as we can what's our daughter young yeah come inside your home the statue female number that's how that's always do I walk away from home in the nudie oil me the side shoots you can't look and go too long yeah yes I go and yellow you will yank hoes I throw the second the third question goes in girls and I have to ask what does it mean to you to be able to be part of the g2 legacy and now winning the second major title for Europe yeah I mean I guess it just feels pretty good to be able to leave the trophy on international stage this year is my first time that I won't the split in Europe and I also want a trophy on international stage so I'm happy you know to be in the steam be a part of this team and just enjoy it well going on Halloween you know she had to do it I don't have an actual each ambitious at the campaign I'm going to higher education having the the auricle in you the connections that Cortese I found the true other change it when Jean attempt a casual – alone single you that quality sites on a lockdown the yucatan pay alright equity traditionally necessarily well woman don't that show wonder internship or national attention good MS I depend on tonight Honduran has natural appearance she doesn't closely and a solo Honduran do something they say you or the bad or it had us on that Michael you guys need some patience and cool sweet ha chittimaiu John Bates Amador since his chance okay next question goes to wander we can see that your consider one of the best top laner in the world especially like your large or huge champion ocean and we can see your top hike is so impressive so how did you prepare such kind of spicy picks for a Masai I think it just comes down to like my team being really creative and they be kind of support each other so if someone has an idea we are all like on board with it at this like almost instantly wears on other teams maybe they would be a bit more skeptical but on this team we are free to do like whatever we want when it comes our champion pool and I think that's like a big reason that we succeed as as much as we do with like the pocket picks birth she told you the woman that change they would do it I was sure that ours here Oh Judah woman that a su casa de we don't really suggest she is in holidays you're trying tell you what I saw those effects on hearts here womanist other entities yeah cannot your oh boy you guys seem that he who is in the ether no ha sir no coach is happy in a photo shoot and she consumed in the whole I don't go yojana you go chance you can see where could be aa non-computer automata pocket pics for atrocities yeah come on Coco she entered ah young man eyes are going yellow and although she Mickey because I win this year you waiting here have another gentleman your quandary into it how I show it had a no hi Don John sets a high GPA drama and question goes to miki so it's like the point of focus at the last moment in the last game well in the last game we were just kind of expecting them to pull out something weird but they kind of went with some standard stuff that they usually play so we're really confident even from draft that we're gonna win so yeah and then everything went according to plan in early game as well so I was just kind of smooth sailing you see that do if I win actually I've seen see this gender that you kind of hold me I'm actually saying you know host no want me I she's not gonna need hammer or something that's and see a fair amount that's all I can hear one another Sherman Joliette I'm an Italian sure perhaps so the Katherine Costa grabs race all this pee campaign ideas came from in this international tournaments you guys are so creative and intelligent oh no cake hand out Jesus Lou Dorian those who fit on a Honda you're talking either now let me sounds without telling you man the Taoiseach pee pee though Charlie those are lies are you not either I don't have any a piece service can understand okay all those kind of pecan bands came from in this tournament because you're so creative and intelligent yeah that's one over said that he was very creative in itself that means the constantly come every day with a pic orders could work this could work usually it's like retro but like a pic pipe top from somewhere works really well so just a daily work of sitting through what can actually work and it's the best thing playing with them so it's very easy for me in draft gerontological Trimble and Oh Charlie Sheen CW qualifications so I'm say she decides I am gonna change and I show to you my concept and Colin element is on our site – 100 material composed of ship and amassed Ida MVP Ito Sherman song Josiah MEP detention take a town Shonda poor daughter – Eliza she Sangha oh no shit don't worry wait cuddle sure geez who don't do that coughs total ghost cat hi Jess I know me a chick sorry I think have one tangy book how can now capture showdown but thank you hi oh my gosh I want one caps sheathing hollering down don't think I see no more go you should have stopped papa hidayet you know each is I wake have died over Joey Bhutan generally you can fix on your either sugar someone caps thirteen hello 40 yo shava shava showed up okay see that like that is show you for your all-time along in all kinds of international tournaments so at the special moment anything you'd like to say it's your father I want to thank my dad for always coming it feels good to finally bring back a trophy too many times I've come back from international tournaments or just from you with the loss and my dad and my family have to support me and they have to get me through this but this time we have to celebrate you the size you work so she's actually with – okay I'm gonna dodge on another straw with a cherry on with the 14th Oh in with your honor that just shows an angle coolly that Jade or Tony none gopanna you can jump a you know yeah I'm okay each teaching to tell you got ice in the shaker congratulations and thank you and also thank you pass – thank you new agey to attack negotiation create the unfollow them so they're into the photo shows your three woman eats only I'm only six year through the harshest amount can tie down the dishes ended up okay the next question I'd like to ask caps so teachers always trying new things and also pull out all kinds of spicy pigs so do you think g2 has changed the understanding of League of Legends or understanding of this matter so I mean I definitely think that a lot of people will take a lot of things from this tournament I think since worlds teams started pulling out a lot more things and peels something a lot more aggressive but from this I mean sigh especially I think people will go back to a lot more they have their own comfort pics try out the chairman's they're good at and just go with it no way she's sharing is yeah without cheating the whole ocean honey don't actually attach a semi semi converter tanker ocean woman can do no questions oh man gone wrong woman bitch out show for the change on ocean so Menkaure woman touch with the data Federation the audio sometimes evasive action legislation 21 caps seasonal cake handle that is re cited so for damn aside the quenching 200 mechanical heart attack Honda g2 side shaho coils Amanda Brianna caps after does a Maasai trophy what can we expect from t2 maybe the reef rival or the world's so we're gonna try our best I think something we are love to improve on we came into this tournament wanting to get our wrench against IG and we left with a zero to record against them yes so I think I think I geez team were looking to get revenge against against Wells and if we beat them then I'm sure we can beat anyone home an identity puts a face on the whole woman paint hammer just really an ally often their swords with a real woman they've got a to the halogen or McCabe's alright so how many rounds have a gender always you guys on the go can that's how about say okay thank you Cavs thank you [Applause] Thank You Thomas dg2 time – oh poor darling ito Isola Monte join your team [Applause] Oh [Applause]